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Knights of the Old Republic II -The Sith Lords (DEMO)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2

This is the Demo of the upcoming campaign Knights of the Old Republic 2- The Sith Lords.It includes 2 levels : The repairing mission of the Ebon Hawk and the first level in the Peragus Facility.


I would like you to review this campaign.Tell me please what I should change,add or remove from this campaign.
Also you can make comments here :
or contact me via msn (lordrevangr@hotmail.com) or e-mail (lordrevangr@gmail.com)


Special thanks to :
ThePunkGuy,Teh Homsar and Adv Steven for playtesting.
Blackmoon for the beautiful bitmap.
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Map Design5.0
Review of 'Knights of the Old Republic II -The Sith Lords (DEMO)'
by Sumo of Raven Studios

Playability: 5
Playability was excellent. Action elements like the worker droids, where the player had to run and shoot worked well. And the explosive droids, which were great, because they make the player panic, however you can use the traps on them aswell as shooting them. I also really liked how you have to find a blaster to begin with. Another aspect of the playability was exploration. Like any great RPG, the level was vast, and the player had lots of places to explore. Overall, it played like an excellent proffesionally made RPG, which is commendable to say it was made by one person. Allthough only a short taster, it left me wanting to play the rest of the level, and find out the fate of the characters.
One negative thing i did note however was the strange dark traps, it took me a while to work out what they represented, i.e. if they were lights flickering on and off, or some kind of laser wall (which would be strange if they were). Eventually you worked out how to work through them, and also how to trap the droids though, so this confusion was made up for.

Balance: 5
The balance was great for the demo, allthough the worker droids were easy if you ran and shot, i dont think it should be made harder (as it is only the demo) the explosive droids made it hard, but only if you stayed in the same place, therefore shoot and run tactics had to be used. Not really much to say about this other than it was great.

Creativity: 5
Highly creative, i think you are the only person ive seen use items like attack boosters, med packs and also force attacks so well all combined. Also, the taunt conversations, you hardly ever see (except of course the original KoTOR). The explosive droids also had a certain creativity about them, because i hardly ever see them in campaigns, and yet they work so well.

Map Design: 5
The map was both beautifull and cleverly arranged. Map copy was used very well throughout, and the corridors were never boring. The terminals and transmissions worked perfectly and looked great. The layout of the map had to be my favourite bit thought, it really conveyed the scale of this giant maze like facility that you had to escape from. Locked gates added to its non linearity and the long corridors were excellent for the 'run and shoot' tactic that had to be employed.

Story/Instructions: 5
The best part of the story, was the way the taunt based convos worked, and the fact that you had to investigate or 'tap' into it yourself, by asking questions relevant to what you want to know. This is especially good for someone who has never played any of the KoTor games as i want to find out as much of the back story as possible. The way that the story slowly unravelled as you explored more, and found more transmissions was also great. I absolutely loved the 'Charactor Bio', 'Journal' and 'Items' sections in the objective box, they worked very well, and gave the campaign a very proffesional feel. I dont think ive seen such excellent use of the objective box since Astro's 'Shadows of Lightning II'. The beggining scrawl/cutscene was very informative, whilst not being too wordy and boring. The timing was just right, it didnt leave me waiting for ages for some new text to appear like some of the old SCN Punk campaigns. My only criticism with the start is that the center allignment on the yellow sentences was slightly to the left, and I think that ruined it a bit, but not enough to knock a mark off.

Additional Comments:
An excellent RPG scenario, which left me wanting to play the full campaign like any good demo should.

[Edited on 07/31/06 @ 04:31 PM]

Darth Bandon
Map Design5.0
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Official Demo by Revan ( Lord_Revan )
Review by Darth Bandon

I was one of the first to write a review for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Official Demo when it first came out cause as you know I’m Revan’s proud brother. I really liked it a lot, but I was a bit disappointed by some bugs that were breaking the campaign especially about the force powers and taunt activating dialogues. Fortunately, Revan ( Member of Raven Studios ) decided to overhaul his campaign and give us this excellent piece of work. As soon as you start playing this campaign, you can tell that it was made by a member of Raven Studios. All aspects of the campaign are of the highest quality! It’s definitely a campaign worth playing. So, without further ado, here's my official review for Sith Lords Demo:

WARNING !!! May contain spoilers!

MISSION I: The Ebon Hawk
The first chapter is an intro made up of a starting cut scene. It starts with the damaged Ebon Hawk and your hero named Neo Kenor in critical health and mental condition. You take control of an R2 astromech droid and you have to follow carefully your objectives to save Ebon Hawk and his crew. You will have to make many mini-missions like building power cores, walls and confronting with deadly security droids. A very good first impression, indeed.

MISSION II: Peragus Facility II
Chapter II starts with Neo Kenor in a kolto tank under treatment when suddenly he get awaken from a strange voice. You will first find a strange old woman, possibly a crew member of the Ebon Hawk. You will have a little discussion about many things like Revan’s fate, what exactly is the place you are etc. Then you will be able to explore a really big part of the facility ( at least 35-40 % of the whole facility ) and you will also meet your second member of your party, an imprisoned guy name Atton Rand. You will be able to access to many documents in many terminals along the map. You will also have to finish some missions to continue the whole plot. Revan has an amazing feel for map design and use of eye-candy, and manages to create some near perfect environments that makes you feel like playing the real Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Peragus facility mission! A really great shot from the infamous Raven Studios member.

When the first version of the Demo was ready a couple of months ago, I was pleased with it's exciting gameplay. However, there were a couple of bugs that rendered some dialogues impossible to complete or to start.. Fortunately, Revan decided to make some necessary adjustments. This final version is free of the bugs that hindered the beta version I firstly playtested, and retained the pleasant gameplay. Basically, you'll find this a nice campaign of high quality. Good gameplay, no bugs, annoyances and loopholes mean that the Demo really deserves a 5 for Playability.

We can be short about the balance: it's alright. There were no parts nor easy nor extremely difficult. Mission I was pretty easy but left me pleased. The Peragus mission was more difficult and that makes the demo even better in balance issues. It really deserves a 5 here.

Creativity, well I don’t really have anything to say here. Revan did have a couple of innovations when it comes to gameplay and trigger work. And his map design is definitely excellent. But I lot of times I felt that elements were too clearly borrowed from his previous campaign Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Most evident of this is in Peragus facility, where you use the taunt activating system for the dialogues, a thing really revolutionary but still the same with the old version. But, since it is good to use the best triggers you see, and since the campaign has enough of other unique features, I really decided to also give here a 5 again and not to deduct any points in this category.

Map design is obviously Revan's very strong point. He's a master with eye candy and terrain. He takes it over the top sometimes like in the Facility, but I kinda really like that. The damaged Ebon Hawk was great for sure but he definitely takes 5 for his map design in the Peragus Facility II. Excellent job bro!

This part was really a plus point in the older versions of the demo and the older Knights of the Old Republic campaign. The story is not something revolutionary cause it’s based in the official story of LucasArts game but the instructions were a very strong part. They were clear and excellent presented inside the game. It was a really good work from the creator. It also deserves a 5 here. Well done!

+ Great map design
+ Good gameplay
+ Nice trigger work especially in taunt activating dialogues

- Storyline could be better presented
- There were some minor bugs ( not really something important ) but they have to get corrected.

Well, as you can see, I had a lot of fun playtesting, playing and reviewing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Official demo and I think you'll have fun playing it too. Congratulations on a great demo Revan !!!

[Edited on 08/28/06 @ 11:42 AM]

Kael Storm
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
First level was perfect, but second level... With saying that in the beginning there was already a bug I think it's enough. After talking with Kreia, there was nothing I could do, I talked to her like 20 times, but the door didn't opened. And there was something else but I think that it competes the Map Design category.

Balance: 5
Battles were balanced, I found it challenging but not impossible.

Creativity: 5
First campaign about KOTOR II I see, it's hard to do so I think you deserve a 5 here.

Map Design: 3,5
Well... this was the worst part. First level was very good, but second was very strange. First of all, nothing had their names changed, second, the map looked more like an abandoned city rather than the Peragus Facility from the game, third (this is what I was going to put in playability) I found big troubles with the triggers: it began when I was first talking with Atton. While he (or I) was talking, the options of the computer terminals and other more apeared and I couldn't talk with him since if I send the taunt 3 (this is an example) it activated another triggger.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were clear, it's story what took you 1 point. I have played and won the game 3 times and I think I remember the story quite well. But you have made the hero don't know that he was a Jedi (something that's not true because at the beggining he is always getting angry because everybody calls him a Jedi).

Additional Comments:
This campaign is quite good, it have some errors, but it's still good. I'm really looking up for the complete version.

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