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Tatooine Scum V2

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 6 and 2 computers
ok this is the second version of an RPG i never showed since it was my second map and althought the first tatooine scum rules in gameplay and its hell of fun it sucks in map desing, triggers are just to g damn simple and mos eisly looks like it was made by a first grader, so i prefer showing it on the right time so ill show my last creation and maybe the last i will ever have done, its flawed since again there where not much testers, i suck and hate working with AI defenetly, map design rules, gameply so so, glitches can be found on the local seven eleven (if u get the riddle) and honestly im way more in music (Pink Floyd, U2, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, etc.) and as a keyboardist and yes im quite a good one, than this , anyways u say my maps have everything u never seen, or at least some say that... well wanna see something u never seen in ur lives and probably will never see again? buy Pink Floyd Pulse DVD, and no im not a sold out, music to sh**y today, just buy it, trust me, anyways i know im talking to much non sense, so to the f***ing point, 6 players, teams preset, two computers, computer 7's civ is CIS as well as computer 8, i mean player 7 and 8 are comps ok? now, player 3 is baddies and must be republic, look i now im a jerk son of a ***** bastard and a book more, but for once i ask u rate this HONESTLY, there u go, enjoy, i hope...
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Darth Fett Wow Blainey. That is the worst written review I have EVER seen. You didn't even bother to delete the (insert analysis here). Go back to your cave you friggin' n00b.
PrivateClark wow, thats a messed up review...
Darth Fett
Map Design3.0
Alright, time for a real review!!!

Playability: 4
This scenario was very fun. It's action packed, and has you doing a variety of fighting, not just the same things over and over again. The places you must travel to are close together, so you don't have to make long, boring walks, which is good. Very fun, I truly enjoyed it.

Balance: 2
Balance lagged abit, as this scenario was so hard! Boss units were practically impossible to beat in singleplayer. I'm sure in multiplayer they're easier, but parts such as infiltrating Mos Eisley or destroying the Republic Prototype were excruciatingly hard, leaving me use Simon, a few of them, as they kept getting killed :(. Perhaps you could decrease the attack power for the boss units. The health is fine, but 125 attack power is...kind of overdoing it.

Creativity: 4
This scenario was very creative. You have a variety of jobs to do, and have to be the first bounty hunter to do them, so it's kind of like a race. Very creative. In order to improve the creativity, you could probably add some more trigger tricks, and a more in depth story.

Map Design: 3
The map, except for the Dune Sea, was an average of about a 4. Terrain mixing was good, and I loved the cliffs. However, the Dune Sea was very bland and boring, as there are very few units in it. Perhaps you could add more gaia units, and mix terrains more.

Story: 2
The story was...lagging a bit. It was very basic, but at least you had one. Lots of instructions in-game do help, however I did notice a bit of unformality in it, such as 'u' instead of 'you'. When writing instructions, you should try to be as formal as possible.

Well done Seaker! Although I usually grade a bit more harshly, I sympathize a bit for the n00biness that has plagued you. It was good, and I enjoyed it. Not a perfect score, there were some flaws, but definately not a 1. Nice work.

[Edited on 08/04/06 @ 11:52 AM]

File Author
thanks atlast ppl do make real reviews, and yes the story sucked, theres none besides the jobs you got to do lol, its flawed since i couldnt have the oportunity to see it in action online more than6 times to see the flaws and add what people wanted, and about the dune sea, hmmm... yeah i think itsw supposed to be a boring place and desolated one, maybe i should improve it, but if u find tosche station, not even u will love to be on the dune sea, but it will help u alot againts bosses, maybe ill fix this map and add more things i dunno.

and thanks for the good ppl that did care to support me, they are after me because some jackass called boobmshoo said i didnt make chaos fest back in zone, i busted my ass badly on making that one, i pissed off and showed him the real chaos fest the original one not the CC version, while i was explaining the map he fed with another guy so he could get uber units he snaped the game and said i was been beaten up, and some of his hookers like sysalis and blaney wont leave me alone since then.

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 02:19 PM]

doctorzongo Playability: 5
I thought it was pretty cool, and you didn't have all those little things to throw you off track.

Balance: 5
Everyone (including the host) had the same amount of hitpoints and stuff...

Creativity: 5
Very good. You did very good making all those diffirent quests.

Map Design: 5
Cool! How much time did you spend on making the map?

Story/Instructions: 5
Very simple. You had clear instructions... Kill someone. That's simple.
Good quests.

Additional Comments:

Now you know I'm rating this high cuz I was your friend on zone but i really do think you did a good job.
Also, I found a way to keep the Computer People from giving up so easily. Simply put they're personality to "None" and they don't do anything unless a trigger tells them too or an enemy walks up with a rifle.
I think you maps are the best.

[Retracted due to little content. - Bryl]

[Edited on 06/14/08 @ 06:19 AM]

File Author
i remember ya zango, thanks for review. i got banned beccuase a little problem in the forums
File Author
ummm... please rate, and mods another jerk has been picking on me again, i think it is sys in another tag name, i think u shall give him a virus instead of a ban :p
ColdenBlood Downloading now, ill give a review soon after a go at it :)
File Author
thanks alot man, few more things... does anyone know where SWGBCC moved for multiplayer gaming? thanks, other thing, edit the download on the AI place players 3, 7,and 8 to AI personality: none, that shall make things right
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This has a ever changing story that i can immerse myself in.

Balance: 5
The player has the right balance to combat the baddies.
Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5
Very good

Story/Instructions: 5
Extremely placed well

Additional Comments:
Love this scenario a lot

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Map Design4.0
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