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Story of the oOo Knights and Super_Jedi7

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 15
Game I made long time ago...Play as jedi......guess it sucked alot.
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File Author
I beg of all you ..(gets on kness and begs)Plse plse plse give me a review if you play this no mater how good or bad it is
Darth Fett
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
Truly, I am surprised I managed to finish this campaign. I wanted to quit within minutes of it starting, but I played it out. It was terrible. Every level was the same thing, walk the entire freaking map unopposed, then fight a few enemies, and tada, you win. Not to mention that, but the fights were extremely easy. Also, the background sounds were excessively annoying, and I muted the sounds, as it was the same *beeping* or *buzzing* over and over and over again.

Balance: 1
There was no balance in this campaign. You either move through a map unopposed with four super powerful jedi and defeat regular sith or regular troopers, or you use two decimators and an infinite supply of constantly respawning Dark Troopers to fight a few hundred clones.

Creativity: 1
I seriously don't see any creativity here. The maps had no eyecandy, every level was the same bloody thing, walk through a huge map and fight one or two enemies in a location you must search the whole map to find, then read horribly written dialogue and then advance to the next level. You said there was some health pack and force shield? I never found one, you never explained how to use these powers, and I don't think the AI file that you put in the .zip was the one you would use for such a trick. This campaign was very boring, not creative at all.

Map Design: 1
You did better, I saw one or two gaia objects throughout the entire game, and the fortress was on a hill, W00T. But still, there was no terrain mixing, absolutely no gaia objects, except maybe one or two, and the maps were far to bland and left to much for the player to explore without anything to do. I had to use the forcesight and forceexplore cheats because I didn't feel like wasting an hour searching for one person on a giant map.

Story/Instructions: 1
I had no idea what was going on during the campaign. I started getting used to the story, about Super_Jedi and Super_Master finding some Seperatist sect in the Republic, when suddenly there's a holocron we need to find, and the Sith have it. Then, suddenly, we're playing as the Seperatists! There were very few instructions, things like: Find the Contact, which were not at all helpful.

Additional Comments:
-Next time, take more than a week to do a campaign, most alright campaigns take monthes to get done.
-Check your spelling, it gets really hard to read things like: hte Sth stl the holcron, bt we gto 1 shrd.
-Do some bloody tutorials on map design, I wanted to gauge my eyes just seeing the same freaking texture over and over again.
-Make new sounds, or don't play them constantly, they get extremely annoying.
-Try to make a character not named something like Super_Jedi7 or Super_Master, or the o0o knights, such things are alright in forums, but seem downright stupid in a campaign.
-Put dialogue more complex than "something weird is happening."
-Keep a story consistent.
-Add a challenge at some point in the game.
-Keep your characters in a closed area, please do not just give a map for the characters to walk through to find one tiny freaking thing.
-Just, practice alot and get better. This campaign was truly horrific.


[Edited on 07/09/06 @ 12:24 AM]

File Author
aw come on man cant be that bad
File Author
a right ok i been making beter 1s than this any way.I guss i thoghut it was fun.If this sucks then it does ....figures .Darth Fett would you rate my dash rendar game thats alot beter if you want to see if thats any good

[Edited on 07/09/06 @ 12:51 PM]

Darth Fett Alright, I'll do that today.
File Author
come on why didnt an of you you give a review plse
Moff Seedron "Star Wars Galactic BattleGrounds Heaven Site is the bomb" What is that mean SP7 ?

To my mind, this campaign is the story of a non-trained padawan called SP7 wanted to begin his training. So, he met a o0o master. Without any training in the oOo temple, the master and SP7 began at once their adventures. One time, they met Sev'Rance Tann. Sev'Rance killed the master in ONE SECOND, and let SP7 alive. Crazy, no ? A few times later, SP7 wanted to avenge his master and he acheived to kill Sev'Rance who had killed his master in one second. How is it possible ?

SP7, wtha arre tose experssino maen ? Dipilgonia Phreetx ? Ploogymo Lamprayo ? Im' d'omt conw...
Seriously, check your spelling !
the camnd center => the command center
base of yaven => base of Yavin
form count duku => from count Dooku
the wohle reserach program => the whole research program

Your AI file "comp 1.ai" doesn't work.
File Author
if what you said is true what about obiwain killing darth maul then?
Moff Seedron First, Darth Maul didn't kill Master Qui-Gon in one second. There was a long fight. But, in your campaign, when the master met Sev'Rance Tann, he was killed immediately. A oOo master can't be defeated as easily as that ! So, it isn't very realistic. I think you should make the fight longer as the fight between Echuu Shen-Jon and Darth Vader in the campaign of the Rebel Alliance.
In addition, Obi-Wan was a trained Jedi with experience, ready to be a knight according to Qui-Gon. At the beginning of your campaign, SP7 wanted to BEGIN his training with a master and I don't believe that some missions in Corusant and others planets I don't remember could make him as strong as Obi-Wan. So, how is it possible he killed Sev'Rance ?

But, don't worry, this is only a matter of realism.
I_Jedi Raise your hand if you agree!
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Map Design1.0
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