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Erics Adventures

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 9
This a Campaign I made
The name Eric’s adventure is a tribute to my self-lol. You work as a rebel spy the first level you sneak in to the empires base and sabotage it then after flying to the rebel base you go liberate some miners then fly back to the rebel base for a final show down. I know its not al the way down the second the inner base wont even work but because my computer crashed I can never finish it. I just want to show you my first attempt and a campaign. If you like this 1 good because im making a better 1 just like this expect with dash render.
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kill_spree Nice 1st attempt but u should try to use more conditions than 'bring object to area'. Oh and check ure spelling on word. Gd idea though.
File Author
this is a oOolab game hope you enjoy i love coments and reviews.....good......and....bad
Moff Seedron
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
Boring. Fortunately, no trigger issues.

Balance: 1
Always too easy.

Creativity: 1
Too simple objectives and story make this not creative.

Map Design: 1
Poor maps.

Story/Instructions: 1
Spelling issues. Not very helpful instructions. Sometimes, nothing is written.

Additional Comments:
If you are a beginner and if your primary language is not english, I could understand. If it is not the case, I'm sorry but your campaign is very bad. No one should download your campaign except the beginners : they could learn how to avoid to do that type of campaign.
Perhaps you made this campaign to show us you are stronger than Boba Fett as Eric Farmer is you ;)

Detailed Analysis :

Scenario 1 "outerbase lv1"
P/1 B/1 C/2 M/1 S/2
This scenario is too easy and really boring. To win, send the spy "Farmer" Eric to the entry of the imperial base. So, left click on the spy and right click on the entry of the base at the other side of the map. You see him walking and when he arrives, you win. When I saw it, I hoped that the next scenarios will be better. I was wrong... But, because you beg all the guys on SWBGH to review your work on the forum, I decided to continue this campaign to review it. In spite of many imperial patrols, you are not obliged to fight and to avoid the troopers, doing what I just said before. If you want, you can kill the explosive droid to destroy the wall to enter the base but it is longer. In all the cases, the spy can be injured but not enough to pay attention of him : simply send him at the entry of the base. The map is rather poor : the imperial base is simply an area of metal ground and surrounding by walls with some stormtroopers. Apparently, no trigger errors : it is the one good thing I can say about this scenario. For the instructions, I was confused by many spelling issues. The story is not very creative : a rebel spy must spy an imperial base...

Scenario 2 "inner base lv2"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/1
Nothing to say : at the beginning, you already win. Using cheats, I could see the map design : as bad as the first map (empty base, few stormtroopers, no mixed grounds,...) Have you playtest at least one time your campaign ? Fortunately, I saw some objectives written.

Scenario 3 "space lv3"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/2
Because of the previous scenario, the story becomes very confusing. We don't know what the spy has found but he must escape the imperial base because of an explosion. So, you use a lambda shuttle to take off and you must join the rebel base on "yaven" as you said (Yavin IV). You control the shuttle to travel the space. There are no borders between the ground and the space (use clouds). Seriouly, I'm not sure that any map is big enough to represent the distance between two planets. And yet, you did it. But, it is my point of view. Small groups of TIE fighters try to destroy you but your shuttle is too strong. Advice to win : Left click on the shuttle, right click on Yavin IV and you see the shuttle flying and you win. If you want, you can kill Boba Fett on his Slave-I. Objective and messages are clear but no advice.

Scenario 4 "rebel base lv4"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/1
Arrived on Yavin IV, you must meet Dodonna (the rebel general) and take off for a new mission with the Falcon. No fight, bad map design (empty base with walls, few buildings, no forest,...). This scenario is very annoying : remove this scenario and write what is doing in the story. You can do it for all the scenarios :p

Scenario 5 "outside mining base"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/2
You must free Wookie prisoners in an imperial planet. To do that, you must enter the detention center. This scenario strangely looks like "outerbase lv1" as regards the map, the objectives. The swamps are ugly as the rest of the map. To win : same way as in the first scenario.

Scenario 6 "detention center lv6"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/1
In the mining base, free prisoners and meet the rebel reinforcements. Bad map again (same issues as previous). No imperial resistance, no objective and informations writen. Only some messages can make you aware of the objectives. Too easy to win again : send your soldiers near the prisoners and send them near the rebel reinforcements. Here, as in the previous scenario, you are not compell to fight. If you want, you can see in the bottom corner of the map Qui-Gon killing Darth Maul.

Scenario 7 "rebel base"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/1
The Empire attacks Yavin IV ! Arrived on the planet, free General Dodonna and send him in the Great Temple. The imperial forces don't try to attack you and the Rebels don't try to defend them... So, easily, you send the spy and the general to the Temple and you meet Boba Fett ! You can kill him if you want. Same map design issues as the 4th scenario but this time, the forest and the Great Temple has appeared : incredible !

Scenario 8 "great temple showndown lv8"
P/1 B/1 C/1 M/1 S/1
I would rename this by "Boba Fett wanted". Paradoxical ? Find Boba Fett and kill him even if you have killed him 2 times. That is what I have deduced of the map since nothing is written... The map is empty as well. Super_Jedi_7, can you tell me how a simple spy can kill as easily the great Boba Fett ? ...

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Map Design1.0
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