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The Great Star wars race

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Other
Number of players: 6 human players 2 computer
You chose a hero and fight tru star wars history vs the other players! ITS SUPOSESED TO BE IN RANDMON ORDER BTW!.....who ever gets to the end first wins! this map is sorta outdated though many bug fixs were made in the one player version.
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Squall1300 its more like a rpg then a race but its a cool map 5 thumbs up Trooper ! or rather gen.! ^_-
File Author
i be very hapy if after downloading this you guys past a review
webbo Playability: 5
very fun to play

Balance: 4
i would of sed5 but some players will have better heros

Creativity: 5
nice very good

Map Design: 3
plain but u know whatit is

Story/Instructions: 2
it is simple u chose a hero help each other thru but the one to the end wins

Additional Comments:
i nice map very fun and interesting

[Retracted due to little content. - Bryl]

[Edited on 09/26/07 @ 04:27 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review I was a little scard to post my games if like this 1 over the next few days a couple of my other games will appear I made 4 multiplayer games 1 campaign and 1 single player map
Mauling77 Playability: 5
The fun of it was just non stop action great work.

Balance: 3
Nice balance

Creativity: 5
I loved how you made the ending and how much time it took to make that

Map Design: 5
Great job on the Map Design it really kept me loving it

Story/Instructions: 3
There wasn't really any :/

Additional Comments:
Ending was awesome Glad I won

[Retracted due to little content. - Bryl]

[Edited on 09/26/07 @ 04:27 PM]

File Author
Mauling77 thanks for the review.
i wondred what people would think of
spoiler alert!

of me being the final boss in the game.Super_jedi im a supued up jedi master lol
File Author
this is a oOolab game hope you enjoy i love coments and reviews.....good......and....bad
Darth Fett
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
Alright, the map was fun for a few minutes. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no triggers other than 'Display Instructions.' The game, after a few minutes, becomes very repetitive, as you just walk from one area to the next, fighting hundreds of lag causing soldiers.

Balance: 1
There was absolutely NO balance. You get one unit, and end up fighting thousands of troopers. Even with your supped up character, without a jedi, you're doomed if you can't convert people. Especially at the end, every single hero of the game was in one crammed area, and then you fight some Sith Lord with over 4000hp.

Creativity: 2
The idea was good, but was carried out badly. You should of done some research on star wars history, as much of it was wrong or out of order. First of all, the Jedi Purge was FAR after the Battle of Geonosis and the Death of Dooku, not to mention the Battle of Kashyyyk.
Also, at many points, the players have wrong possession, at Hoth, the Rebels were attacking the Shield Generator as it was a possession of the Empire. Work on your triggers and history before submitting another game.

Map Design: 1
No, this was not map design. There was one terrain for every scene, one elevation, no gaia objects. There weren't plants, there weren't rocks, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. If I could give a zero, I would here.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was no story, and the instructions, very few of them, were practically impossible to read because there wasn't a single word spelled correctly. As far as I know, Besbin, Corshant, and Nabo are not planets in Star Wars.

Additional Comments:
Mix terrains, elevations, use gaia objects.
Make triggers other than display instructions.
I have no idea why anyone gave you anything higher than 2, this map was awful. I don't care if your a newb to scenario design, it doesn't seem like you even tried. Anyone could probably make this level in about 5 minutes. Just hundreds of troops and one flat terrain. Even for a first try, this was horrible.


[Edited on 07/08/06 @ 11:07 PM]

File Author
Mabe I mixed things up on purpse.because thats what I did.You not on any faction. Its not ment to be in any real star wars story.So the levels are put in random order.

[Edited on 02/24/10 @ 03:43 PM]

AGENCY_SEACKER ok that comment is some newb shit there, recieve your ONLY real review from an experienced map designer as darth fett, as a constructive criticism, and if you are going to anounce something, then give what you anounced, not just do some fool´s play, such is very unprofessional in map designing, ive seen this scenario, it is completely horrible, the first thing i did is delete it man, and it is because you really didnt try, do things well if you are gona do them, just a little piece of advice i leave to you.

PS: What the **** is it with all the flags?!

[Edited on 06/13/08 @ 01:31 AM]

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