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Elite_Kazein V.1.01

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Well this replaces a lot of errors on the old one. This elite uses no resource cheats on any difficulty except hard or hardest.

If you want to take out cheats they are in Elite_Kazein.per (you have to get older download to have)

-this new one boasts:

-more assault mechs
-better thought out attacks
-better counter system
-will tak to human allys (q & a)
-better gatherer
-better age advancer
-more and better units
-bettter prioritizes the research and unit development
-extremely better use of herdable animals
-other misc. errors or codes that have changed to increase better gameplay

Built to play on:
-4v4 map or bigger
-any difficulty
-any pop count above 175 ;)
-any starting resources
-map all visilble
-mostly dense treed maps
-standard starting age

but if you want go ahead and play differentaly from the outlines above.

my email is LyconofNightfall@yahoo.com

-you can also see me at aiscripters.com

plz send questions/comments/opinions ...
pretty much anything that can better the ai script
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File Author
Yes, this is the maker of Elite_Kazein. I would just like to wish that instead of just downloading my file, if that they can post comments or reviews after watching how Elite_Kazein plays. Thank you
File Author
Plays very well against human and ai alike.
Rating: 3.5
When I first downloaded this from the old version, I went through the files... They were all sloppy and I found a bit of cheat resources(the rest is in the comments)

[Edited on 05/13/06 @ 12:56 PM]

LEE_W (it didn't want to seem to finish my review, so here is the rest, ps i did try editing it;))

- were gone and found a much neater atmosphere in your ai.
SETTINGS:I have tried this on several maps and it seems to only play best on arena, the other ones usually gets stuck in a lot of places and doesn't build it's drop off centers far enough. On water maps it can be beaten by the standard hard comp and ballbarian. On small open maps w/out a wall protecting it (arena) seems to be easily rushed by a human.
It seems it takes a long time to advance in age when resources are low and accumulates a lot of buildings/resources in tech L1/tech L2
plays what it should do on easy/easiest, which is good for begineners.
Seems to play the best on this setting, will easily beat the standard comp. I have though seen it try to take out an enemys base with an early attack in techL3 and sends one strike mech to attack about 20 MT's and 30 troopers against the trade federation(standard comp.) and it will get it's butt kicked horribly!
Uses about the same amount of cheats as standard comp, except it is usually a couple seconds late for resources.
MILITARY: Does well about countering, but has no apparent strategy except to win
MasterofTheForce Pretty nice AI- looks like it could give Ballbarian a run for its money (I will see if i can update it during the summer). However, the download is a little sloppy, I figured out a solution for it. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to email me (krm_red8@yahoo.com)
Otzon Not sure where to post this, but I would like to propose an AI in which the actions of the opposing player are determined by taunts...

i.e. Taunt 1 triggers idle opponent
Taunt 2 triggers belligerent opponent

Maybe even down to more specific actions...

I would make it but I don't really have the time... Just thought it might be a good idea for an AI...

Rating: 5
very nice. The A.I. doesn't appear to have any flaws and is a very challenging opponent. Also ally.

Additional Comments:
Very good and keep it up.
High_Voltage Uh... I tried downloading this.

Then made a huge free for all with Skirmish, Standard, Agressive, Ballbarian, This one, Karl and Demon Empire against eachother.

Demon Empire, Ballbarian, Agressive, and this AI didn't do ANYTHING for the whole game.

They were promptly wiped off the map by Skirmish.

Standard and Skirmish then fought a long bloody battle, while i just built up my defences because I KNEW skirmish would come for me next.

Stabdard AI was pretty much Butt-raped by skirmish.

They then wiped me out in about 45 minutes.

My point is, WHY DIDNT the other AI's do anything?
Screamin_Banshee High Voltage is right! it did absolutly nothing!
Ai_user_101 Ais will not do anything if there's an ai error.

Also, skirmish-ai cheats like crazy. Remove the cheats and play it under normal settings and it can't even surpass tech level 1...
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