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Zam Wesell - No Fee is too Big

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Puzzle
Number of scenarios: 1
Well, here's my first scn. It's a puzzle scn with humourous elements. I hope you like it, so please review or catch me on MSN at alexharvey_57@hotmail.com. Thanks.
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Map Design5.0
Zam Wessel - No Fee is too Big is a puzzle scn (or so he says) by Alexus. This is his debut campaign, and I must say it's a rather good one! Too bad he has spent so few days on it, because the potential of this scn is very high...

Playability - 4
The scenario is pretty fun and enjoyable to play, but - there are a few bugs (more like balance issues), but they're almost not noticable. What decreases score from playability is a practically useless closet: I mean, you could as well just change to a proper unit when going into a closet, rather than going through all this procedure of changing to a unit that is needed to get past some certain thing... And, by the way, in my opinion the Matrix music doesn't go well with the first part of scn (before the TF invaded the palace).

Balance - 3
Well, the balance... let's see, it's 3. What we have here? Alexus has said that it's a puzzle scn... there are such easy puzzles here that I do not know why this is even named a puzzle scn! RPG type would do fine, and then the balance would be rated in some other sense. But, there's a battle that must look like it's unpassable (between the droids and palace's guards) without unmorphing, but it's very possible to beat all of the enemies... and that decreases score from balance, because it wasn't intended to be so, as far as I understand, and that means it's something not right with the balance.

Creativity - 4
There's so much interesting ideas: closet, morphing, and so on, but, they're in this scn only at the idea stage. Alexus didn't really unleash the whole potential of his ideas in this scn, otherwise it would be great!

Map Design - 5
Alexus did really a good job on map design, and, though, there are one or two places which are dull, the map design is good (especially good if to notice that the scn was made in 4 days)

Story\Instruction - 3
Alright, face it. The story is crap. Uber crap. Crapper than crap. No offence, Alexus, but you didn't spend much time with the story, didn't you? Even in this such thing as a bounty of a Hutt and attack on the palace, so much plot twists were possible... But, on the other side, the instructions are top notch, so you do not question yourself how to do something, where to go and so on. So it's three here.

Overall = 3,8
A nice scenario, worth downloading and playing, maybe playing a few times. Alexus did a good job on the scn, just he didn't work enough on it. Well, I say: download it, and play at least one time, you'll have some fun.
Darth Bandon
Map Design5.0
by Darth Bandon

Well here we have Alex and his new cpn. Let me give you my report:

Playability - 4

Playability was cool. You made great map and the general gameplay was very good especially this thing with the closets. I also liked very much. It was not very difficult < wait to mark the balance > cause it wasn't very easy to...die!!! Generally very good. So I will mark it with 4.

Balance - 3

Sorry mate but this balance was the worst thing in the whole cpn. It was at least impossible to die. You could easily avoid your enemies and the end was also easy. Very easy was the attack of Trade Federation's droids. They were to easy to die cause you're a Bounty Hunter and they are simple troopers. I can't mark it more than 3.

Creativity - 3

Creativity was good but it was not your 100% of your abillities. You used many new things like the closets and some kind of changing forms. Also you used the clever ability of the hero to take the forms of the dead people but this wasn't enough. You could do it more better. I will mark it with 3.

Map Design - 5

Actually this thing shows how top quality scn maker you are. The environment was wonderful and you maked Jabba's palace very clever and good. I think you deserve a 5 mark here.

Story/Instructions - 4

Well the story was pretty good and well - fixed even thought someone can think that there was no actuall story in the game. The instructions were also very good and I think here you deserve a 5 mark.


This was a very funny and a well try from Alex. I think he can do better than this but this cpn is much more better than a whole "sea" of new "cpns" < if you can told the cpns >. Well done Alex!

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 11:05 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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