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Battle of Heroes (Complete) without background music.

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
This is the real Ep III ROTS duel sequence between Anakin and Obi Wan, and my first submition.

Well what I tried to do in here was adapt my scenario the best I could to the original movie sequence, But I also added some features not movie like for making the game more challenging, be sure on one thing, it is hard
but far from being impossible so be persistent and you'll make it and I made it like this because of the comments of some campaigns saying that Anakin was to easy to defeat.
(Read the scenario instructions for god sake!)

The truth is that this file was supposed to be posted almost 3 months ago, for reasons I can't explain it haven't until now.

Well, this file includes:

SE-Sentry droid
Ep III Anakin
Bacta Canister
Black Sithmaster
ROTJ holoprojector
Ep III Republic Shuttle

Several effect sounds (This is the version that doesn’t include the Background Music)

And obviously:
The read me file and the Battle of Heroes CP1

Enjoy, it's my first work but you're not gonna be disappointed I promise! I worked hard on it.

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Imperial Force
Map Design4.0
First off, I have had some experience with this campaign before. I remember you contacted me on MSN about it and sent it to me to look at, and I made some suggestions to try to help it work better. Of course, I didn't do a full on playtest review mainly because I was too busy with other things, and that probably could have helped.

Playability: 2
It's the same as it was when you sent it to me, though that little bit of instruction to lead through the facility helped a bit, considering I almost forgot what to do. I think that the roles would have been better if you had actually played as Anakin leading Obi-Wan, but that's a designer choice, so I'll leave it at this. Now, why a 2? Well basically because there really isn't much serious fighting. That knocked off a point from me, since it's just leading Anakin like a fish. Another 2 points were taken off during the part when you come across all those droids. Afterwards C-3PO says something like "Hurry or else Padme will die." And then seconds later, he informs me that she did die, and I lost the campaign. I didn't know that this was a race against time. The fact that you can't beat Anakin until the end (or so the instructions say, I never got passed that droid spot, which was borderline easy/annoying) doesn't help either. Some puzzles thrown into the mix would have helped, and I'll explain more about that in Creativity.

Balance: 2
I don't know how I would rate balance on this. Since you can't defeat Anakin until the end, and the droids you encounter hardly offer any resistance, I would say balance in this scenario is lacking. The only reason it's a 2 and not a 1 is because the droids did prove to be a challenge, and avoiding Anakin while taking them out was a little difficult, but at the same time a bit annoying. Maybe have a time sequence where Anakin does nothing but attack you and you have to avoid him. Use battle droids rather than those Mini Spider Walkers, they are more realistic for Anakin to fight.

Creativity: 2
As creativity goes, the actual definition for it in reviewing is something like "Use of interesting concepts or ideas implented into the game, like puzzles, etc." Well, this scenario didn't have much of anything, it seemed more like an extended lead Anakin everywhere. A few puzzles, maybe getting separated from Anakin and then having to find your way back to him could have improved the over all scenario.

Map Design: 4
One of the higher points of the campaign. The Map design was fairly decent, with easily recognizable areas from Episode III. Even the balcony was made apparent after exiting that control room.

Story/Instructions: 3
Story follows Episode III, so I can't really mark you down there. However, the way you set up the dialogue makes it annoying to read. I'd rather have a few seconds to read 1 line at a time than many. Though that may be my opinion, it did prevent me from reading the entire thing. Of course, I may just be a slow reader. However, the first bit of dialogue comes up and then a second or two later disappears with new dialogue. I assumed something like that would have been easily spotted and fixed.

Additional Comments:

All in all, Bendak's right. We need to start cracking down on reviews. It's better to see the faults than the positives when reviewing, because then you'll work on fixing the faults so next time you'll have a better scenario. If I went through and gave you all your positives, you would simply make another scenario exactly the same, and still have those faults. Then the scenario would get another low review from me, most likely. And I hardly review, but after reading a few reviews for newer campaigns, I realized Bendak is absolutely right about cracking down with reviews. Sorry it had to be yours, however.

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Map Design4.0
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