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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Battle of Heroes (Complete) without background music.

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Battle of Heroes (Complete) without background music.

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
This is the real Ep III ROTS duel sequence between Anakin and Obi Wan, and my first submition.

Well what I tried to do in here was adapt my scenario the best I could to the original movie sequence, But I also added some features not movie like for making the game more challenging, be sure on one thing, it is hard
but far from being impossible so be persistent and you'll make it and I made it like this because of the comments of some campaigns saying that Anakin was to easy to defeat.
(Read the scenario instructions for god sake!)

The truth is that this file was supposed to be posted almost 3 months ago, for reasons I can't explain it haven't until now.

Well, this file includes:

SE-Sentry droid
Ep III Anakin
Bacta Canister
Black Sithmaster
ROTJ holoprojector
Ep III Republic Shuttle

Several effect sounds (This is the version that doesn’t include the Background Music)

And obviously:
The read me file and the Battle of Heroes CP1

Enjoy, it's my first work but you're not gonna be disappointed I promise! I worked hard on it.

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Sirus Fett +1

[Edited on 10/05/05 @ 08:23 PM]

File Author
(Unfortnatelly the version with the Background music was never submited) but anyway if you want it with background music just contact me.

Well actually Anakin destroyed the Shield Control when you were near it, only thing to do was walk around the room until that happen if you didnt knew where to go or what to do-

Yeah I have to accept it, I said that from the very beggining, It was hard, you needed to think about somekind of strategy to damage Anakin and to be quick on doing that because of the timelimit. But here's the prove, it wasnt impossible, ok Thanks Sirus.

Continue giving me recomendations and critizicing my work for me to improve my skills:)

[Edited on 10/05/05 @ 08:38 PM]

File Author
Oh, Cmon people RATE or post a comment at least but do something for God Sake!
DARTH PHANTOM Well, Lord vandalizer, at last I am able to submit a comment because of swbg heaven´s incompetence. Now that I´m here I would like to tell you that this work is the best campaign I´ve ever played; it´s very creative,
pretty similar to the movie even with more hardships, the right soundtrack and mods, and of course the most important quality of all: its difficulty, it tests all players who get involved with it to find out who deserves the name of a true game master. I´m glad to have played this campaign as you were when you noticed that you are worthy of an all five points rating. Good luck vandalizer, I hope playing another campaign of yours!!!
File Author
Well, thanks Darth Phantom, at last someone hears me, but I know I can do better since this is my first campaign and I had no previous experience like now, and I'm happy to announce you that I'm working on a new campaign project of Ep IV, its gonna have all it will be just like playing the movie so wait for it.
The Executor Since there are already reviews, let me say I enjoyed it, and would like to see more campaigns from you, Lord Bane.

But since it is on EP.3, I would like to see something more creative. Things based on the movies are alittle old now. (If you get my drift)
File Author
Yeah, thats Ok Executor, I'll try something new for my next project
LIF_Striker806 In ur read me file, it says that u need a mod installer. were do i download that?

(it's my first time doing these things)

Contact at LIF_Striker806@hotmail.com

Bendak Dudes you all need to review.
Imperial Force In other wrods, Bendak's saying that your reviews are really bad. Bendak, I'll write a fair review.
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