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Dharker's Redemption

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
”Dharker's Redemption”
A Short Story by Aftermath(2005)

“Dharker's Redemption”. A Noir tale of seedy characters, evil, hatred and vengeance.

This Transmission is encoded to Commander Siron: "Greetings Siron. Your mission is simple - make planetfall and set up camp for the troops. The main objective here is to ready the planet to become our main Garrison in the system. We are aware that there are concentrated areas of natives, they appear to be some sort of primitive Wookiees. The first part of your mission should be to wipe out the pesting Wookiees.
The "Saint Rogue" will remain in orbit above the planet."

- Dark Powers: Use one of 3 of Kerion's Dark powers when in combat

- Atmospheric Soundtrack: Music conveys the emotion of the carnage, and of Dharker himself.

- The "Short Scenario" series: A short scenario. Attempting to bring soemthing new and unique to scenario design, gameplay and plot wise.

- Frantic Gameplay: Fixed Force Gameplay, with an RPG tint. Players forced to use Close Combat.

- Narrative outlook: Dharker's thoughts and feelings are conveyed as he provides 'commentary' on the happenings of the scenario.

I highly recommend you take the time to download this Music pack, as the atmosphere of the scenario heavily relies on it -

Welsh - Playtesting + Hosting music file
Plagueis - Playtesting
Blackmoon - Bitmap
Bendak - Contributed Sounds

Please review and leave comments, it would be much appreciated :)

- Aftermath
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jedi Master Bryl
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It was a very fun game to play, especially with the Wookkie reinforcements! I found it dificult at some spots, and easier at others. A well deserved 5!

Balance: 4
Very good balance, although not perfect. I had to play it through a couple of times to fully get the hang of it, but otherwise, good job!

Creativity: 5
It was very creative, almost everything in it was something Afty had created himself. Very nice force powers, especially unlocking a new one halfway through the game!
Map Design: 5
Brilliant map design, no shortage of eye-candy, plenty of Gaia objects, everything you'd want from a top quality campaign.
Story/Instructions: 5
An in-depth storyline, involving Kherion Dharker's attempt to free his planet from the invading Imperials. More storyline than blowing up everything you see, which is always fun.

Additional Comments:
This campaign is an essential for anyone's collection. Apart from a few balance issues, this campaign is perfect.

Good job Afty!

[Edited on 08/19/05 @ 11:13 AM]

Bendak "Very good balance, although not perfect. I had to play it through a couple of times to fully get the hang of it, but otherwise, good job!"

I respect your opinion, but what you mention there, is mostly a plus for a scenario not a min.

[Edited on 08/19/05 @ 11:01 AM]

Jedi Master Bryl Edited.
File Author
Thankyou for the review Jedi Master Bryl :)
Jedi Master Bryl Not a problem. ;)
Theo T
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Despite fitting into the standard "shoot some troopers, advance through the gate", it was very enjoyable. The limited force powers added a good aspect, where instead of constantly having them available, you had to seek out the black rocks to do them with. The narration by the character and the fact that the enemies were varied in both size and power made the old style of playing seem very recent, and didn't bore me in the slightest.

Balance: 5
I would say you also perfected this. I found myself dying on the odd group of enemies, but defeating them the next time from learning from my mistakes, and going in with the units correctly. The enemies that lurked round the corner could have been something much more powerful than you, or much weaker.

Creativity: 5
While it didn't have an ammo system, or taunt-activated commands, or squadrons of controllable units, this did very well as creativity goes because of the way it was made. The fact that each point in your scenario is narrated by the main character was a feature I don't think I've seen before in scenarios, and as I say the black rock system is a fresh change from the bog-standard "you can use x power when you have x force points".

Map Design: 5
For a person 3 years into the biz', I wouldn't expect any less than brilliant for the map design in this. The terrain was mixed realistically, elevation was used in a good-looking not obsessive way, and trees and rocks were placed so while not cluttering the ground, they gave the impression of a dense Kashyyyk forest.

Story/Instructions: 5
One of the high points. Everything was explained clearly, and the plot was followed easily because of the main character's narrations and the monologue to the scenario. Clear 5.

Additional Comments:
I hope theres more installments of this. Well done...
doctorzongo That has ... what to do with this scenario?
grievous66 everytime I play one of your campaigns, I'm surprised to see so many Gaia objects 'n eye-candy's... And I liked the idea of creating a "good" trandoshan :P
Excellent job, Aftermath !

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Map Design5.0
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