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Ballbarian_SW6 Release 1.0 Gold

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
*** Ballbarian DOES NOT use resource cheats! ***

Ballbarian stomps the shipped ai (with cheats disabled), and more often than not will beat the shipped ai, with cheats enabled. In testing this version, I disabled KarlSic's cheats and Ballbarian won 9 out of 10 random
land map games with random civilizations in 2 vs 2 team games. Of course these ai's weren't designed to be run in hard difficulty without the cheats.

Some features of Ballbarian_SW6:
1. When playing as Confederacy, will build and use the controlled animal units: Acklay, Nexu & Reek. (No other ai that I've seen builds them.)

2. When playing on "island" type maps, will try to build a wonder when resources reach a certain plateau and the game time shows him that a quick win is not going to happen. If his ally notifies him that he is going to build a monument, then he will start tributing all the resources he can spare until it is built or the ally gives up.

3. Will build boats and boat transports, but not alot.

4. Will build air and air transports when feasible.

5. Has a more elaborate approach to nursery building. Checks the count of banthas & nerfs (using constant numbers) that have been captured to decide whether or not to build another nursery when his headroom is 0. (No other ai that I've seen does this.)

6. Only builds walls on certain maps, under certain circumstances. For the ai, walls are wasteful as it doesn't have the brains to use them properly.

7. Is very aggressive and is out to win the game. If you are looking for a more laid back battle, then this ai is probably not for you except as an ally.

8. Ballbarian does not build medics! The tactical ai doesn't use them properly and I hate seeing 3 or 4 medics trying to hug my fortress to death.

9. Does not build anti-air units UNLESS he is running into air units. Again, the tactical ai likes to run them straight to their deaths. He still defends against air as well as other ai's and will mass anti-air when necessary.

10. Performs scans of the battlefield and builds counter units along with his standard assault forces. Originally, in the AOK version of Ballbarian, I used only player-unit-type-count facts in the script which only allows the ai to see what is in it's los. With SWGB, this fact doesn't work right. It is VERY unreliable. I finally broke down and switched to the cc version of the checks and these are minimal and only when necessary.

11. Automated research manager. Includes ability to shut off certain types of research when desired. Many key economic and military research items have a 5 tiered priorities list before any luxury research can be done. Some research items that were not listed in the original ai have been enabled. Many unit upgrades depend on what is fielded and seems to be surviving before being researched. For example: if pummels are being chewed up before they get across the map, but the counter infantry (strike mechs) are thriving, Ballbarian will spend his resources on upgrading the strike mechs.

12. Is designed to be a team player. Two Ballbarian ai's teamed up will try to time their attacks together on the same opponent and will cry for resources when they're low, and tribute them to their allies when they're able.

13. Extensive chat library. With RASH enabled there are 2 personalities possible: Normal & Naughty.

Normal -> Standard Ballbarian ai with some (but few) taunts and replies.
Naughty-> Has plenty of numbers memorized to throw at opponents and a few for allies as well. The chances for this guy are slim. I tried to make him entertaining without letting him become a spammer. Some taunts are issued randomly, but many are event and situation driven. For example, if he sees your spaceport you might hear "You can kiss your trade franchise goodbye!". Also, I said naughty NOT VULGAR. There's nothing here that I wouldn't let my 9 year old daughter see.

Note: Adding the optional taunt pack "HD@TauntPack" gives Ballbarian another 50 taunts he can use. :)
The pack is made up of some hand picked taunts from Age of Kings & Age of Mythology and uses slots 63-112.

Ballbarian is not perfect, and I doubt that this will be the last version. Every time I play against him, or run a test game against other ai's I see things that could be improved or situations that need to be caught. That said, it is still a very capable opponent and should bring a few new ideas to the ai design table. I am releasing this ai to the public in the hopes that we will see more original
scripts developed for SWGB. If you use any of the code or ideas from my scripts all I ask is to be given a little credit. :)

Questions, Comments & Suggestions welcome.

author: HD (Ballbarian)
email: Ballbarian2@yahoo.com

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