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Return to Hoth

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Mix
Luke starts off on a mountian path on Hoth after landing a safe distance away so not to be detected by the Empires sensors. Luke must travel, defeat the enemy in his path and read "detect" look for opportunities to finish the mission. There are several ways you could attack the Imperial held, Echo Base station at Hoth and bring it back into Rebel hands. Luke must survive, but more importantly the more vunerable Leia must survive. After the base is destroyed, go through a maze to your waiting ship. Both Luke and Leia must stand next to the escape ship to end the scenario.

Saving at least 1 your medic droids and bringing them into the final battle may be a good idea for more than the obvious reasons. It was your loyal med-droid who got left behind when the Empire invaded the Echo Base. Since then, the Empire has grown strong here and attack passenger transports and other Rebel ships using 4 planetary offensive laser cannons. They must be destroyed.

The base is full of Imperial Storm Troopers, AT-ATs, and other menaces. Find and destroy a replica of Luke's Tatooine house to enable massive resources.


The memories of losing Echo Base at Hoth are still fresh in everyone's minds as the Rebels now have another secret base there, right under the noses of the Imperials. Their scanners can't seem to penatrate Hoth's only forest; the trees which are very dense in the cold winds of Hoth and requires too much scanning energy to scan through them.

Luke is going to try take back Hoth with the help of Princess Leia Organa and the army of Rebels waiting for Luke to arrive.

The plan is to get to Leia, plan the attack, and move in the Rebel army for the kill. Best to be close to the battle front, but must remember to stay alive and keep Leia out of trouble.
This scenario requires a P-III or higher and at least 128 Mb of ram, and some ability to read between the lines in order to be enjoyed. Some of the information you discover in the hints and scouting is important. People with a singular grasp of the SW units need not download. I used alot of Medic droids. My reasons for doing so are related to when I saw Star Wars 25 times in 1977. I felt bad about him for some reason. I made it so he and his brethern "assist" you along your way. Oh yeah, play it on Slow or Normal speed or you'll never follow the continous hints. You can play on all difficulty levels, but do yourself a favor and play it on "Normal" first. As you increase difficulty, you'll see you have less allies and more enemys with greater strength. And read the readme file. I welcome ALL reviews!

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elliottsmith This game really builds...and it turns in to a pretty hideous battle near the end. I thought my army was going to get completely wiped out, so it's certainly no cake walk. Nothing bad to say about this one...very fun, smart and well-done.

[Edited on 11/18/14 @ 10:10 AM]

Darth Chuckles
Map Design1.0

I must say I *really* disagree with the comments posted previously.

This scenario is a confusing mess and certainly does not warrant fives across the board. Let's go through the list and see what I mean.


"The Rebels go back to Hoth." That's it, in a nutshell. During the actual scenario, nothing really advances the story except for a (well-done, I admit) flashback sequence, and all of the plot "advancements" happen during battle so you can either read them, or try and keep your units from getting slaughtered. Plus, they make no sense whatsoever. This scenario could be summed up as "Luke wanders down a path, finds a beefed-up mech destroyer, kills many sequentially-placed mech destroyers, and then there's a huge battle." And what's with the author's medic fetish? The storyline, instructions, and game triggers constantly remind us about Luke's faithful medic who stayed behind on Hoth, and yet this has nothing to do with the storyline other than explain why there's eighty medics wandering around. The "Battle" at the end is kinda pointless, you can achieve the objectives in any order, and I think there's a trigger bug because I completed all of them and the scenario did not end. Oh, and Princess Leia is not needed to open the gates; my AT-ATs took them down with no problem.

Map Design/Creativity:

A narrow path through the trees. Oh, and there's a huge clearing. I'll ignore the fact that there is a FOREST on Hoth, but the biggest complaint I have about the map design is twofold. First, at one point in the map you gain control of a bazillion assault mechs, cannons, and artillery. Yes, I said a bazillion. Your pop count goes up to nearly TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY at midpoint of the scenario, and you need nearly all of it to win the battle at the end. Okay, no big deal, I'm only on a PII-400 so I can handle the fact that my framerate drops to an absolute crawl the moment I load this scenario, it's my fault for not having a beefy rig I suppose. But imagine trying to maneuver a 500-pop army through a narrow line of trees across a very large map, and that forest path is only wide enough to handle three or four units. It's a micromanagement nightmare. I had time to go get a sandwich once I realized I needed to take the entire Rebel base with me to the "Imperial Empire"'s fortress. (I'm not making that up. Your opponents for the scenario are the "Imperial Empire." and the Probots.)

Okay, I can handle that. Except the "Big Battle" was anticlimactic as all of the enemy AT-ATs were trying to route through two mountains that they can't fit through and got stuck. Hello, Cannons!

But the ending was the worst. a MAZE full of Probots and some half-assed "goal" about finding a "probot Fortress" (A WHAT?), I think. the instructions flashed so quickly I didn't really get to see them, and they didn't update my objectives, so half the time I was guessing as to what I needed to do.

What was with the flood of probots? They're not an army unit, they're for RECON. And this warrants mentioning; nearly all of the AT-ATs you run into, both ON YOUR SIDE AND THE ENEMY'S are the Blizzard hero units. So you wind up killing Blizzard 3 four times with your own Blizzard 3. Man, that's staying power.

There's more, but I think this will do. This scenario is not worth fives across the board. Not even close. I may not be a Scenario Design God, but I know annoyance and boredom when I see it.

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Map Design1.0
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