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142 More Units Available 1.7

Author File Description
Sidious Invader Update 1.7 Replaces all previous versions.
This Mod Make 142 more units available in the game:
*Fastbike error patch.
*1000 Population.
*Prefabs support 50 units.
*Troopers are less accurate, and fire quicker.
*Eyecandy Storm cloud with animated rainfall.
*Air transports carry 40, and are very fast.
*Masters with Holocrons available in Jedi Temple.
*Shield Generators, and Power cores double the range.
*Jedi Temple & Animal Nursuries garrison 40.
*New Buildings creatable by workers.
*Trade federation trooper line = no population cost.
*Workers carry more resources.
*Resources have larger quantities.
*Added Mobile Shields, in Mech Factory button 5.
*Added new icons for Deathstar, Star Destroyer, and Blockade runner.
*Added Elite Clone Trooper, Elite Stormtrooper, Elite Stap,
Hailfire Droid, and Elite Rebel Commando
(Attacks air, and ground units.)
Landing Platform: 14 Units Tatooine Docking Bay: 7 Units
Imperial Palace: 10 Units Naboo Palace: 13 Units
Ewok Military: 7 Units Animal Nursury: 6 Units
Tatooine Market: 11 Units Jawa Camp: 3 Units
Wookie Transmitter: 6 Units Tuskin Tent 1: 5 Units
Jabba's Palace: 13 Units Droid Storage Facility: 8 Units
Massassi Temple: 14 Units Coruscant Building 1: 14 Units
Battleship Core: 10 Units
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4.5
(Well I think that this mod is worth your time because you came make most of the hero's(In game) death star(Build in radom map)incresed POP and sheilded mech's Awesome.)

Additional Comments:(You with the problem do you have a mod instaler if you dont look for one and then try it.)
klk I like this mod but it should not replace Sev'Rance Tann. Also the rest of the heros should be included in this mod. If this mod has to remove a unit from the game instead of Tann you should use one of the many useless gungan bosses.
Maybe you should let the Confederacy build trade federation droids as well because in the movies the confederacy contains the federation.

And when will version 2.0 or atleast the next update be available.

[Edited on 01/02/06 @ 04:03 PM]

Bruen I love this mod but I too wish Tann wasn't changed because I would like to use the Gen. Grievous mod with it. Is there a way to alter this? Who IS that guy (icon) replacing Tann anyway? The author?
shock trooper I downloaded this modpack, and it's pretty cool, but I can't get the Elite units, and the landing platform type stuff to work. Got Any suggestions? I could realy use some help here.
-Shock Trooper
klk Shock trooper you might just need to reinstall this mod to get it to work. Your problem could also be that you have other mods installed that are in conflict with this mod.

Sidious Invader could you please tell us when you are going to come out with the next 142 mod.
One update you could also add into this mod is giving Naat and Stam Reath along with Anakin ep.2 turning abilities. Maybe you should just give all hero jedi/sith master turning abilites.
darthhutt Does this get rid of the prefab shelter for everyone besides the republic and can only the rebublic get everything like in the last ver.
ganmaer This is the best modpack I have ever downloaded and installed here in SWGB Heaven! But it keeps on lagging or crashing my computer whenever I play a single game against multiple AI opponents. The difficuly also turns harder. I just hope that the Millenium Falcon can be produced also using the Landing Platform instead of the other structure. I love using the new Landing Platform. I am now waiting for the next version. When can that be? The force is strong with this one! ganmaer@yahoo.com
ganmaer And also I can no longer make use of the Simon the Killer Ewok cheat "SIMONSAYS" because it gives out a different unit with a lesser firepower. But overall... this modpack is still the best of the best of the few and the proud! Kudos to the creator!
Rating: 5
The best mod for SWGB so far, IMO. This gives me twice as much reason to play SWGB. I can't begin to comment on how good this is.

Additional Comments:
Sorry I'm not putting enough extra analysis on it, this is simply amazing.
master silver
Rating: 3.5
It is ok, but it is hard to figure out what half the buildings do at first. Also it dosen't seem right that everyone can build everyone elses heros, you should have made it civilization specific, other than that, I found that it was ok.

Additional Comments: Maybe you could make the next version more individualized to each civilization.
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