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Unreal Deathzone Demo

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Fixed Force
This is the Demo for my Unreal Deathzone Campaign. This scenario is an Elimination map. The rules are simple. Kill all your opponents. Each person has 3 lives. There is one Health Pack and one Invincibility Item on this map. Please rate this map and tell me what can be improved.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: (5) This scenario was amazingly fun to play! I have replayed over and over and over, i even had a few games on the zone! No bugs, no lag. The gameplay in this multiplayer scenario is outstanding, worthy of its own game :-)! One glitch i did find though was when a player was efeated (killed his units 3 times) he would not loose, the creator needs to use a 'player defeated' trigger once that specific player's lives are depleted.

Balance: (4) The balance was pretty good. The reason this category has dropped to 4 though is because the bounty hunters of the enemy players fired slower than player 1's dark trooper, perhap use random units if this is going to continue. Also spawn kills were annoying, perhaps the creator could've randomized the re-spawn point for each player.

Creativity: (5) Wonderful, there is nothing like this out there. The sounds were good and added the deathzone style atmosphere.

Map Design: (5) I can't see how the map would be improved, it served its purpose well. The only bad point about it would be the fact that the bridges create sand underneath them and it looks odd in space. But thats unfixable and barely noticeable.

Story/Instruction: The instructions were nice and simple, there is absolutely no need to expand on them. But the creator may condsider using the 'Display Instructions' trigger to display the basic instructions on screen to save the player opening up the instructions tab.

Overall, this scenario is great, but its outstanding to play against other people. This has the chance of being as well-played as the 'Blood' and 'Fest' series. I have one suggestion though: Perhaps creat more than one deathzone, and release each seperatly, i.e one in a base, factory, forest etc. Or even have a 'gigantic' map filled with each different arena.
I congratulate you MDN14!

~ Aftermath

The Vampire Slayer
Map Design4.0
As a single player scenario, it can get a little short and boring. I recommend that you focus it to be a multiplayer scenario soley for human players and it should greatly improve the gameplay.

Playability: 3 - Could use some more elements in it to make it more fun. More Health Containers for each player and possibly randomly placed on the ground so its never the same each game. Have level ups for kills, like +1 attack and +50 HP. And it'd be cool if there were "traps" you could set up for people. There seemed to be a couple bugs though and there's a flaw for multiplayer where you can win just by avoiding fights with other people and attacking whoevers left over.

Balance: 4 - The scenario was a little easy as a single player scenario. I finished on hard with a whole life still left, so it should be a little harder. But really should be for multiplayer with a better balancing between the units. As it is now for multiplayer, player 1 has an advantage. Perhaps allow each player to choose amoung 3 or so units to play as and each has its strengths and weaknesses against the other units.

Creativity: 3 - Could be more creative. You basically run around mindlessly killing a few badguys. The "lives" system was kinda creative, as was the teleporters to the Health. One idea for a trap as I mentioned you should use before, could be where you could step on a switch to activate a flame thrower and/or other stuff like that.

Map Design: 4 - A little better than a random map perhaps. Although, it can be hard to do a map in a space terrain, but it could be better yet. Use more terrain other than rock, maybe some rocky snow, dirt, and craters too.

Story/Instructions: 4 - No story whatsoever. Theres only about 2 or 3 sentences in the instructions, but the game was kinda self explanatory. I would consider revising the instructions a little though. And if you make it multiplayer, add instructions in-game through the Display Instructions effect so people will know what to do.

- Tevious

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Map Design4.5
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