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Miscellaneous Tatooinian Objects

Author File Description
Ykkrosh This mod adds Jabba the Hutt, a skiff, the Sarlacc, controllable Jawas, and several pod-racers, potentially useful for any scenario set on Tatooine.

To install: download and unzip the mod. Download and unzip the mod installer (from the "Utilities" section of SWGB Heaven) if you don't already have it. Run the mod installer. Click "Open mod". Select the unzipped tatooine.mpi. Read the readme (which details what is replaced by the new graphics, as well as other useful information). Click "Install". Play SWGB.
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Warrior Tyler Does this ADD or CHANGE something into Jabba and friends?
The graphics aren't that bad at all actually, although some of them have black lines around the edges, the sarlaac is sort of blurry and the skiff could use some fine tuning, it is still a great mod. By the way, it changes, not adds:

Jabba= Neimodian Technician
Skiff= (F) Hvy Assault Mech
Podracers= Scouts for all civs except Gungans
Sarlacc= Kessel Prison Building

Over all, a great mod.
Obi_Wan It was good with the jawas,podracers and Jabba but i want the MTT more than the skiff and no sarlacc, cant you put them in different modpacks?

[Edited on 08/21/14 @ 12:46 PM]

Miscellaneous Tatooinian Objects by Ykkrosh

This mod is the second mod for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, and is made by the father of SWGB modding himself, Ykkrosh. Ykkrosh is also the author of the Mod Pack Installer, and many other modding tools for SWGB. This mod replaces several units into Tatooine objects. Here's a list of the changes:

(F hero) Neimoidian Technician -> Jabba the Hutt
(F unit) Assault mech/Heavy Assault Mech -> Dessert Skiff
(G/gaia unit) Gundark -> Jawa (controllable)
(building) Kessel Prison Building -> Sarlacc Pit
(E unit) Scout -> Podracer (Anakin)
(F unit) Scout -> Podracer (Sebulba)
(N unit) Scout -> Podracer (Ody Madrell)
(R unit) Scout -> Podracer (Teemto)
(W unit) Scout -> Podracer (Gasgano)

Jabba: The Jabba graphics are okay, although they could be a bit more 'organic'. The size and detail are good. The walk animation is good enough. The death and decay animation is very gross... I like it :). Jabba has no attack.
Dessert Skiff: I find the dessert skiff graphics a bit too dark. The way the light falls on it when it is heading north doesn't please me either. I find the assault mech a bit too slow for the skiff, I would have preferred a mech destroyer (That way the assault mech is left over for the Sail Barge). Maybe the assault mech was chosen to be able to garrison units inside, but since you won't see them standing on the deck, I don't care too much for that option. I would have looked cooler if you could see characters on the deck, now it just looks empty.
Sarlacc Pit: the Sarlacc Pit graphic is a bit blurry, and only works well with 'sand 2' terrain. Since you can walk 'behind' it, you should kill all ground units that come close to it in your scenarios.
Podracers: the Podracers look good, although Teemto's podracer looks a bit dull, and the colors on Sebulba's podracer are to yellow (need to be darker, orange). It's also a shame that the author didn't use the engine glow animation to animate the power coupling. Anakin's podracer is great :)

Other changes:
All of the units have new icons. It would have been nicer in my opinion if the podracers icons would be portraits of their drivers (Sebulba, Anakin, etc.). None of the units have new names. The anchors, translucent shadows, shields masks and selected outlines were done correctly for all units. Only Jabba and the Jawa have new sounds. The Jabba sounds are good (only one or two actually; they seem to also change the sound of the droid control program). The Jawa sounds are the same as the regular Jawa sounds, with the exception that now he also says "Utinni" ;)

Impact: RM & DM
Because this mod replaces regular units, it does have an impact on multiplayer games. That the Gundark looks like a Jawa won't bother anyone, but scouts that look like podracers might. If you are trade federation, the assault mech that looks like a dessert skiff might also distract from the game. So, if you are planning on doing a lot of RM or DM gaming, you might consider removing the mod for the duration of those games.

Impact: Custom Scenarios
Custom scenarios is what this mod was made for, especially scenarios that take place on Tatooine. Excellent if you want to make an Episode I Podrace, and also wonderful if you want to make a campaign about the Tatooine portion of Episode VI. It is a shame though that the author didn't change the regular Jawa's into gundarks... now there are 3 units with Jawa graphics, and none with Gundark graphics...

This mod was made for two reasons; 1. to test the modding tools and modpack installer, 2. to make new units for Tatooine scenarios. And it is very good for this indeed. This mod is less suitable for multiplayer scenarios. It is a good mod, and it could be a great mod... if the author could make a second release.... these are my suggestions:
1. Redo the colors on some of the podracers, and add a static power coupling
2. Add an animated power coupling for the podracers when they move
3. Switch Gundark and Jawa graphics
4. Redo Desert Skiff lighting, add characters on deck, replace mech destroyer
5. Replace assault mech with Sail Barge (also stuff happening on the deck)
All in all, an excellent Mod, giving us 9 (!!!) new units. Great job Ykkrosh, keep up the good work, both with your mod and your modding tools!!!
cole 2111 MORONS!!! These objects and units are already included!!!!
The Real Bryl This mod was made before Clone Campaigns was released. This means that the objects were not to be found in the editor.

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