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The Galactic Republic Senate

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
The Galactic Republic Senate
By: Hman of Pariah Designs

It is an uncertain time
for the Galactic Republic.
With the Clone Wars mounting
and doubt in Supreme Chancellor
Palpatine's decisions a political
uproar is on the horizon.
The fate of the Republic lies
within your hands....

Ahh, finally here it is. My newest map, The Galactic Republic Senate. Well, basically if you've never played Senate on the Zone or over MSN with me then this is basically how it is:

Player 1 is the senate and controls Courscant, senate meetings, etc. The rest of the players start out with a senator, 5 workers, a transport, and a planet to colonize. Every so often a senate meeting is held to work out differences between players, ban units, declare war, etc. And that's basically it!

The map includes features such as:
The Time System
0 HP Trigger
Completely Trigger-Controlled Senate Voting System
Timed Meetings (Using The Time System)
Most Major Aspects Of The Game Are Trigger-Controlled
Special Advantages For Every Civilization
Great Design Features
Working Elevator(s)
Automatic Doors
317 Triggers
Lots More...

Extraction of the File:
To install the map simply extract the contents of 'The Galactic Republic Senate.zip' to
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds/Game/Scenario

Current Version: Version 2.4

An optional sound file for this map will be avalible for download within the next week on my web site.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
mace windu9d9
Map Design4.0
Playability: The playability of this map is great. The style is easy to accommodate to, and it's very fun overall

Balance: This is kind of a difficult category to rate. I would have to say it's fairly balanced, since each player starts out with just a few workers (Except player 1, who is the senate).

Creativity: This scenario excels here. Hman has done some very creative things with this senate, including The Love Shaak ;). However, the senate idea isn't the most creative part, so I give it a 4.

Map Design: Splendid. Very well done, aside from some minor points.

Story / Instructions: There is no real 'story', so I'm rating on instructions. Anyone who's played a senate before, will have no problem understanding the directions. The casual player, however, might have a difficult time. For that, I give it a 3.
Map Design4.0
Review of The Galactic Republic Senate by Hman

Playability: 5.0
This scenario is superb fun to play. It's the first senate map I have ever played, so I don't know how it ranks against its contenders, but I do know that it's a very interesting, engaging and funny scenario. The concepts of the scenario are very good, and the ability to slip into 'Role Play' mode and pretend to be a real senator from the Star Wars universe is very rewarding (perhaps because I'm a nerd? :p). Top notch.

Balance: 5.0
Well, I don't think balance matters as much for this scenario as for some others, since it's designed with casual gamers in mind. However, it's still very fair. All players (save the host) start with relatively equal resource distributions, and in game decisions are voted on by all players. Of course, the scenario can be abused (especially by the host), but that's the fault of the players, not the scenario itself.

Creativity: 5.0
As previously stated, I've never played a senate game before, so I don't know how much of this scenario is taken from other senate levels, but I do know that this particular effort contains some very defining features. The voting system, bonuses and unit conversion system are all very well thought out and effective. It includes many features like these to add to the simulation of a real working senate. Bravo.

Map Design: 4.0
Overall, the map design was very good. The various planets were very distinctive and the actual senate itself was incredibly realistic and convincing. For the most part, the planets were quite detailed whilst still leaving enough space for development. However, some of the planets (especially the 'space platform' ones) were a little lacking in the eye-candy department. Still a 4, but not quite perfect.

Story/Instructions: 3.0
Well, the scenario has no story. It's really left up to the players to devise their own game, and role play if they wish. I had no problem with that - it's not designed to be a rework of Tolkien, and it's often hard for multiplayer scenarios to have believable stories that the players will stick to. As for instructions... it took me three attempts at the game to fully understand how to play. Now, that's partly my own fault for never having played a senate before, but intro messages at the beginning, just giving a brief overview of what the scenario was about, and how to play, would have been nice. A 3.0, since story and instructions were by no means the focus of this scenario.

This is an extremely enjoyable scenario, especially to play with people that you know. The overall idea of the scenario is great, it's fair, it looks nice, and it has some very remarkable features. It's a very funny scenario... look out for the 'Love Shack' and 'Ciara' units in the game. I'm sure that its quality will become a standard to work towards for new scenarios, and I'm sure that the level itself will become a standard among us forumers of SWGBH. Closing comments? WELL DONE HMAN!

- Wok
Admiral Ra
Map Design5.0
Playability:Really good playability. I was playing this map for one whole week, and had the same amount of fun as i first played it! Great work here!

Balance:Great balance. Just the right amount of resources to start!

Creativity:This map is Creativity Gallore. Excellent unique abilities to different civilisations. And many many more features. Great work Hay!

Map Design:Great map design. I love how each civilisation has thier own planet to go to.

Story/Instructions:The instructions were quite clear. But this map doesnt really have a story (Unless you role play).

Closing Comments:Great map, worth downloading and playing with your friends. It will give you hours of entertainment (Or days!).

To Darth Persia: I really hope you learn to appreciate someone's work. No matter how good or bad it is. A person puts pride in making something. And you don't have to be so harsh.
And you should'nt be talking about respect. Try earning some yourself before telling what deserves it, and what doesnt. For starters, learn to spell Coruscant.
Map Design5.0
Playablilty5: I want to say that this is WAY better than some other senates

Balance5: Its pretty much fair. Most seantes on the zone are like OMG I IZ TEH UBER++ BAKW00SZ RETARDZ!1!!! kind of controll

Creativity5:It was unlike most senates since it cameoed more people(ex:Me,Obese,Boris,Ciara ect). And its tasty like cheese. and each civ gets a special unit at 1 hour game time.

Map Desgin5:The only Senate map with a good desgin. Naboo had a uniqe system that allows you to controll a bridge.

Story2:Its just like regular senates-Go to the senate, declare war ect.
Map Design3.0
As in every senate i've seen this is one of them. Another boring invinsable-host, semi-good map disigned, senate. As the host you can spawn any amount of any unit you want via moving the droid to the building, and It is futile to try and destroy the droids because (surprise, surprise) they are invincable, as are many units the host has. Some nice effects, okay designing of the maps. Patch of carbon here, patch of ore there, ect. Plus, no instuctions at all, so you keep doing these switches wondering "Oooh, what does that do?" Worse yet about varios superunits, why have a ton of them? All you need is one.

Balance: None, the host cannot be defeated.

Playability: 3. A little, despite the fact that the host is invincable, which If you ask me makes a senate trash.

Creativity: 2. A few nifty effects, like bridges, but not much.

Map Design: 3. Not much, patches of stuff all over the place, and a few mixing of terrains. Coruscant looked very good, which is the only reason that I'm giving Map Design a 3 and not a 2.

Story/Instuctions: Like I've said before, Zero.

Overall: A lot of work was obviously put into this, and some nice triggers, but I am VERY sorry to say this, but this senate was a huge dissapointment to me. I TRIED to like this, I really did. Try making an upgrade.

Regards, from mASTER_PLO_KOON1
Darth Persia
Map Design3.0
THE GOOD: First, Coroscant looks VERY good. There is beautiful map design going on there. (Well, for that planet at least). The addition of specific bonuses for civilizations is very interestring and adds a bit of individuality to the game (although they just tend to be "spawn 10 of this at a certain time"). Next, the game is surprisingly lag free(my apologies) which is a plus in anything. Finally, it's easy to start playing (for the non-host that is)

THE BAD: First, many of the planets are ugly. Just 1 or 2 big clumps of a resource for each planet. How about a bit of variety beyond what kind of trees and terrain you put? Next, the host can infinitely spawn units which IMHO makes the game alot less fun. Next, we have the instructions. There is a bit lacking in them. Anyone who hosts the senate will be quite bewildered as to what does what because of a general lack of instructions in key areas. Finally, players start with too many resources. You start with enough Ore to just put AA turrets all around your planet, making it invulnerable to attack (Except for the host, who can infinitely spawn AC's and other stuff) and gobs of food etc. which makes your economy less important early in the game.

CONCLUSION: Alot of work was put into this senate. I regret to say I was disappointed. It was just a more refined version of other senates with invincible hosts. Although some of the new features like specific bonuses for each civ make it more interesting, in the end, I didn't think it was all that different.

At Admiral Ra: Look, I'm sorry if some people are so fragile that if i rate their work poorly that they will be unhappy. If you want everyone to feel good, then go watch an episode of Dr. Phil. I'm supposed to be reviewing work, not making sure HMAN feels good and his self-esteem is raised.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Unbelievably good! I loved being the host for this map. The host could do so much and for the other players it was likewise.

Balance: 5
All civilisations had equal oppurtunities. Very good again!

Creativity: 5
I gave this a 5 even though the author didn't actually make the idea of Galactic Senate maps.

Map Design: 5
Nothing bad here. Superb cantina! I also loved the senate room too. Plenty of TASTY eye candy! lol

Story/Instructions: 4
This got a four because the Objectives and the Intelligence[I don't remember the other one] had the same text.

Additional Comments:
The best Galactic Senate map I've ever seen!!!
The author has inspired me to make my own Galactic Senate map which will soon be released. It will hopefully be the most exciting map EVER!!!!!!

This review was written by,
Your 11 yr old buddy,

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