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Helms Deep Vegito Style

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 7
I made this scen cuz I was sick and tired of n00b map makers making crappy Helm's Deeps and Minas Tiriths. Hope you like it, oh and if you thought I stole this map from _GC_Vegito from the Zone, then know this: I AM _GC_Vegito.
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Map Design2.0
Playability- Its not hard to have long, for the most part fair game. Reasonably easy for novice players to get the grip of. I say 3

Balence- Although the two sides (orcs and humans), are pretty much even, I didn't think there was a need to give literally all the units so much attack and hp. It could be made less, possibly allowing you to appriciate what units you have more. Less brute force, more stratagy on both sides. I give 2

Creativity- I didn't see much that older Helm's Deep didn't already have, but no shame in borrowing from something already good. As long as you admit it anyways. I give 3

Map Design- The terrian lacked detail, and there was virtually no eye candy. I can understand leaving this out to cut lag, but then why did you make the map so huge? I give 2

Story/ Instructions- The traditional LOTR storyline is always good, and you gave pretty good description on what works in the game. I give 4

Over all, its not a horrible map, though I have seen better, I encourage everyone to keep making scenarios.
Map Design1.0
I'm going to be honest on this one vegito and I know how much you enjoy my comments ;).

Playability-Not bad since apparently most people seem to be playing it. It doesnt require much skill, all you have to do is use all your heros at the same time. Too much, you overdid the units and tried to hard to make the map good.

Balance-So and so, what can I say? It was abit overruled for orcs but why shouldnt it be when cannons have 30k attack. Also if your going to add anti air against suped up flying units, make the anti air stronger.

Creativity-Doesnt seem like you tried really on this. But the ladder idea, very good one. Also picking orc hero, not that bad either.

Map Design-I cant put 1 1/2 but 1 is correct for this. Just seems like you put a few mountains, cliffs on a volcano map. Could of used nice eye candy or awesome features to the walls. Whats good game play without awesome terrain.

Story-Story was the best since of course all Helms Deep maps have a basic storyline to them.
Map Design5.0
First off, I'd like to say this was an excellent game I played, nothing truly horrible about it, though it could use a little tuning. Also, I'd like to mention I read the other reviews and it seems more like they were rating with a max of 3, except for the Story which was given a 4. Honestly, either cut some slack or tell the truth! This map isn't bad, oh and Blainey, what on Earth are you talking about suped up air units? I didn't see any air units in this map, but I did see Anti-Air, though those units were ladders, which had nothing to do with the actual unit itself.

Playability - Easy to understand, even for complete rooks to Lord of the Rings maps. Nothing in this field too bad, except I found that the entrance behind the Deeping Wall allowed the archer Uruks to be in range of the Hornburg right after destroying the gate. Also, much of Isengard was empty space, perhaps you should've added more to it, or made the map smaller. I hope you update this and fill it up a bit.

Balance - Complete equality on both sides I found, which is pretty hard to do. Many maps overpower the Heroes' side, but not this one. Nothing to improve here.

Creativity - Excellent use of ideas here. A Deeping Wall that you can actually walk on? Haven't seen one of those, it's very much like the movie. And there's even more! Ladders to add to that wall, nice one there.

Map/Design - Obviously the best Helm's Deep map I've seen in a while, even for a Star Wars game. Though I do suggest making this for Age of Empires II or Warcraft 3, the Star Wars scene doesn't make it look too good. Blainey mentioned no eye-candy, but what kind of eye-candy can you give in a Helm's Deep map? sure eye-candy is great, but a waterfall or swamp out in the middle of a flat rock plain at nighttime doesn't quite fit well. The only eye-candy I saw was the volcanic rock gave the illusion of nighttime. Rain would have topped it all off, but that isn't quite possible in Clone Campaigns, unfortunately.

Story/Instructions - I'm a big fan of all Lord of the Rings games, and this one is truly my favorite of them all. The story is easy to follow in this scenario and the instructions give very good descriptions of the roles of the map.

All in all, this map is Excellent, but not Perfect. I hope you update and make this map reach a Perfect on my scale.

Keep up the good work _GC_Vegito, I hope to see more from you in the future.

Quick word to Blainey - I've seen you at the Zone, and I've seen your site. You truly showed me that you were rating Vegito more than his map. Also, why do you say he deserves to die? For someone you claim to call a noob, you rated him pretty harshly. Get a life Blainey, or a psychiatrist. Either one might help a little.

Oh and, perhaps you should place your own name under that list (if you can call it a list) of people who should die. You're very much like Hitler, hating people for thinking they're less than you, even though you're MUCH less than everyone else.

--)=======>Kikuichimonji Sword<=======(--
Map Design2.0
Playability: the playability is very good, it is easy to learn how to play and is pretty basic, but still very fun.
I give it 5/5

Balance: i think this is one of the aspects that lets this map down, to much HP and attack upgrades make it a little to much about bruit force and not about stratergy. . .and lowering the usefulness of 1 guy
I give it 3/5

Creativity: for this part i should think it is quite good, he has thaught up a whole lot of new and interesting aspects to make the game fun. though a bit of it has been done befor.
I give it 4/5

Map Design: this is the part that realy sucked, there was so little eye candy and it wasn't to much like the real map. i think he should look at some picture and maps done by JRR tokien and artists that have done the illistrations. also as i said befor it could do with a little bit more eye candy, a few explosion triggers. death scenes (it would be cool to see denethor jump off the cliff, or at lest run up to the edge and die, or maby disapear and another created at base that dies, and other such things.
I give it a 2/5

Story / instructions: this part is resonably good, though as i said befor it acould do with some naration and a a bit of eye candy that fits with the story.
I give it 4/5
Map Design2.0
I'd have to be honest... I'm not very impressed. It's just lacking eye-candy and something special.

Playability: 3 : Very easy to understand and rookies will find it easy to get the hang of. However... I dont really find the point in moding all the units.

Balance : 5 : The battle between the two sides seem fairly even. Good job on that.

Creativity: 3 : Is average and needs more. Its just lacking something here.

Map Design : 2 : This is by far the worst part of this map it has no eye-candy value what so ever. Its like all grass and bo flowers or busses or anything. Not too pretty.

Story/ Instruc. : 4 : Well its lord of the rings and its explained well.

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Map Design2.4
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