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KING OF TURRETS: Clone Factory

Author File Description
SCN Punk l TVS
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: No
Number of players: 4
King of Turrets: The Clone Factory (4-Player Full Version)


- 23 different units to choose from.
- Produces units that belong to the CIV the player chooses.
- Choice of 2 different heros for each CIV that are balanced out by timers.
- 2 Droids to produce double units to make combo counter units.
- Upgrade system by owning the Monument in the center.
- Explosive special effects of the Control Center when the player's Generator is destroyed.
- Counter Chart and Upgrade Chart in the Intellegence section.
- 1048 Triggers.
- Story that takes place in Star Wars: Episode 7!

Description: (How to Play)

You start with two Droids with 23 turrets along the edges of the map and they are protected by an invisible sheild, so units that try to enter that area will crash into it. What you have to do is send those 2 droids into any turret, which each constantly produce a different unit in the battlefeild area. Every player also has a small base in the battlefeild area which contains a Generator, 2 Turrets and a few Heavy Anti-Air Turrets for defence, it is also where your units will spawn. The strategy of the game is to counter your opponent's units and destroy their Generator. Once you destroy their generator, their control area will explode and they will stop spawning new units. You can gain upgrades by controling a Monument in the center for certian amounts of time. All units are created to go with the CIV you choose and two of the turrets produce a hero that is different depending on what CIV you are.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

During the New Republic, now fourty years after the Battle of Endor, lies the Dark Jedi Cloning Facility, which is located on an artificial comet hurtling through space into the far ends of the galaxy. Once discovered, it became the prime target of military control with its ability to produce massive amounts of clones. Civilizations throughout the galaxy have now gone to war over it to learn its technology and to build an army more powerful than ever before. Knowing that the Dark Jedi will be defeated, the leader of the Dark Jedi orders that the comet's heading be changed so that it will crash into one of the Sluivan moons. The leader plans to have the attacking forces destroyed when the comet smashes into the small moon. As the Dark Jedi escape in their cruisers, the opposing forces battle over the Clone Factory while it travels it's doomed path of destruction...

And here's a list of the 21 units and the 2 heros for each CIV...

First Row: Hero | Jedi/Sith | Airspeeder | Dark Trooper | Fambaa Shield Generator | Destroyer Driod | Royal Crusader | Berserker

Second Row: Air Fighter | Air Bomber | Air Transport | Artillery | Pummel | Anti-Air Mobile | Assault Mech

Third Row: Hero | Bounty Hunter | Trooper | Mounted Trooper | Grenade Trooper | Anti-Air Trooper | Strike Mech | Mech Destroyer

Heroes: Darth Vador (Empire) | Boba Fett (Empire) | Luke Skywalker (Rebels) | Millenium Falcon - Han (Rebels) | Jar Jar Binks (Gungans) | Captain Marsune (Gungans) | Darth Sidious (Trade Federation) | Darth Maul (Trade Federation) | Captain Panaka (Naboo) | Royal Starship (Naboo) | Chewbacca Melee (Wookiee) | Millenium Falcon - Lando (Wookiee)

Please leave comments and Reviews.

- The Vampire Slayer
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability - 5
That was very fun to play, had no bugs, no errors!

Balance - 5
This level is not too easy and not too hard, good job!

Creativity - 5
I didn't played your King of Towers (but I will play it), but I think you are master of creativity! I even didn't thinked about when garrizonning in turrets we produce new units, good job!

Map Design - 4
Four bases, a hilly asteroid with shield generators and a monument in center, maybe someone could give 3 or 2, but this was quite beatiful.

Story/Instructions - 5
Great story! Takes place in Episode 7! Good Work! Instruction were good too. All was clear, how to do, how to win and how to lose. Even if we didn't read the instructions before starting, we need to read them in the level. Very Good.

I wroted this review so late, because I thought someone else would review it, but as you see, nobody didn't it. Good work! I would like to see the Expansion Edition!
AGENCY_SEACKER about 4450 triggers and map is booooooooooooring as hell

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Map Design4.0
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