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Star Wars Galaxies 2

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 4
The Conquest for Star Wars Galaxies has begun again! You must fight and destroy all other enemies to get control of all the Star Wars Locales! You will be fighting on Endor, Tatooine, Hoth, the city of Theed on Naboo, Yavin 4, and many new locales! Some of the new locales are Thashin, a planet made of mainly rocks, some trees, and is known to have a Jedi Holocron on it! Another locale is the city of Rathnocaut which is a desolated city with many resources and has many roads! So go destroy any opposing forces and control the Star Wars Galaxies at all costs!!!
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Map Design4.0
This multi-player map is very much like a 'star wars locale' map, in that all players start out with equal units and resources and so on. Now, personally I prefer the 'standard' map types over the 'star wars locale' map types, because IMO the 'locale' maps are less balanced, because you can capture Gaia units. Especially Tatooine, where you can get a small army of Sandcrawlers.
In this scenario, it is taken even further, as there are four locations where you can capture a lot of buildings (including fortresses) and a lot of military units (in the city Theed you can even capture Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a couple of droideka's). Thank goodness computers opponents can't capture Gaia units! Now, although these features can be exiting and a bit different than a standard multi map, I still find it disturbing (bringing down the gameplay factor), and lacking in balance (if one person scouts faster/slower).
(However, it is still a whole lot better than the first version, Star Wars Galaxies, where there is only one city, in which you can capture Darth vader, Boba Fett, and 4 AT-AT's.... Imagine being the only player to have those units in the first minute of the game! Now imagine your opponent getting there first....)
The armies you get almost come with a disadvantage (although I hardly think this was intended), so that you might have to destroy (DEL) them. You see, you start the game with 1 command center, 1 prefab shelter, 1 scout, 8 stormtroopers (no mather what civ. you choose) and 4 workers. You start out with 0 food,carbon,nova,ore, and the pop. cap is 75. So in the beginning you have no food to build additional workers and no wood to build food-proc + farms.... and this really slows you down a bit. So in the meanwhile I went out scouting, and before I know it I had 91 units, so I had to kill a large part of my army just to build. On the bright side, I did get to kill one enemy very early.
I think the capturable city was fun, but IMHO it would have been just as much fun, and a lot more balanced if the capturble Gaia units had belonged to a dummy player, which can be done, be it a little more work. (Same goes for the game's 'locale' maps by the way).
So, without further ado, here are the scores:

The game is slightly more interesting than a standard random game. Although the Gaia units and buildings distract me a bit, I recon others might like it better. I have to give my respect for the placement of the holocrons (well hiding and placed fair enough). Some of them were VERY hard to find, even in the scenario editor it took me several minutes to spot them all. This adds to te thrill.

Normally on a random multiplaer map would be 5. For this map the same would count, since the starting locations have similar sizes and resources. However, the entire armies you can capture really bring this down for me, so I still find this map far from balanced.

Well, it's an improvement on 'Star Wars Galaxies 1', so it wasn't exactly new to this designer. Also, in the core this scenario is still a random map, with the exception that it spans several star wars planets. Which still didn't take a lot of innovation or inspiration. Still a 3 in this category.

According to rating guidelines, a randomly generated map should allready be divers enough to receive a 3. Well, this map is much better than that! Instead of only one map type, this scenario features at least seven! Plus city's, and lots of other eye-candy. A good amount of work went into the map-layout. I would almost grant a 5, but there are still two reason's why I don't:
1: Even though it's the theme of this map, the clashing of the star wars galaxies is disturbing at times, when you see water running into deepspace, and Tatooine running into Hoth.
2: The terrain was nicely put together (better looking than a random map for sure), but the creator could have made it even better by adding more eyecandy, not in the form of Bespin Buildings or landing platforms, but by more terrain focussed extra's such as cliffs, flowers, plants, craters, Naboo canal, etc. This map provided ample occasions to include such dazling scenes.

Actually I find stories and instructions more suitable for a campaign, in a standard multi-player game like this they really aren't that neccesary, it's really about getting out there with any civ. you choose, and bashing it out. As a reflection of this, you can tell that the story was just put there by the designer to fill the boxes. I can't blame him, I would have (and have with 'Pandemonium) done the same thing myself. So, the story is a case of 'so what' (as with most multi games), but the instructions were very good and clear, alerting you of the cities, and of how well the holocrons were hidden. So a 3 in this department.

Overall an OK map, and a big improvement of the earlier version, 'Star Wars Galaxies 1'. Keep up the good work!

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Map Design4.0
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