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Foretold Conclusions [Updated Edition]

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RS I Pinky
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Number of scenarios: 1
Merry Christmas all. Slash boxing day. Whatever... (IF THIS ONE DOESN'T WORK I WILL KILL MYSELF VIA SPIKE)

Here it is; Foretold Conclusions, the update. Sorry bout previous bugs, it's weird because I've had to fix stuff that doesn't actually go wrong for me, so yeah.

Still MEGA props to Aftermath for going through it at 2am and fixing bugs that I couldn't (Mac - PC interface im guessin) and creatiing this zip. Also props to Xcal for extracting the original, then after me de-buggin it, re-setting all the AI's, adding the bitmap, and re-compiling the zip. And final props to Knotted for palleting the bitmap in a matter of seconds.

Things Updated:

- Fingers no longer dies at the captain
- Base music doesn't overlap into the jungle
- Less profanities ( =P )
- Ending works

So yeah, Enjoy people!

[Any querys/comments, hit me up at nw_urban_ghost@hotmail.com]
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Map Design4.0

Okay, I'd like to start this review off with, this was totally wicked. Seriously, you were confused from straight on and were having chills. The main playabillity in this scenario is just watching out for yourself and keeping your mind open. The suspence was just totally chilling, and scary, I wanted to play more because I wanted to find out what would happen. This made playabillity so much better because it had a replay value of very high.


This campaign was just right, I don't want to comment on the last action too much because it could spoil. But it was just right.

<center> Creativity</center>

Well, this was extremely original story wise and good gameplay wise, the cutscenes were just brilliant! The music made the campaign though, it made it into a brilliant scenario that you must download.

<center>Map Design </center>

Pinky is ussually awesome in map, but I didn't like the look of the first area on the planet, it seemed too flat. But everything else was spectacular! Especially the jungle.


The instructions were very clear and the story was just plain awesome, very well thought up and just uber. It made me keep on guessing. I loved it.


Great campaign, download you Infidels now!

Map Design5.0

It's a shame to start off on playability, as the campaign didn't exactly shine here. The thing was... it was more of a cutscene with a few objectives which mainly involved walking around.


Not brilliant here either. I didn't die once, and it was very easy. Like I said, it was more of a cutscene with goals to walk around, and they were very specific goals, wihout much challenge in them. Not at all, actually.


This is more like it. The campaign's creativity was great. It was a whole new genre, with suspense. Creativity was great here.

Map Design

This was fantastic, more like the usual Pinkster magic we'd expect. Fantastic map, ship... everything was visually appealing.


This is where it really shone. The story was great. Good ideas. The Penal Legions were a fantastic idea on their own, and the character's backstories were great. The only thing that stopped this being a five was the sudden ending, without explaining much. I realise it said to decide for yourself, but it left it with too much left out.


Not the usual Pinky magic, I'm sorry to say. The map and story were good, and along with the sounds it was a great idea... but there was no replay value, and no challenge at all. I've given it a two, as Pinky says it's meant to be an interactive cutscene, but the interactivety wasn't really... fun. It's worth downloading, but not to the standard of things Pinky usually makes.
Imperial Force
Map Design5.0
Playability : Yeah, you're wondering why I gave it a 5. Well, let's just assume playability in this case means "I want to keep playing this through the end." Well, then, yeah, it does make you want to play through to the end. In my book that is a good score.

Balance : This is still a factor, despite the campaign being pretty much a cutscene. It is still fairly balanced at the end when you encounter the aliens.

Creativity: Brilliant! The story actually inspired me to work on my own Horror/suspense game.

Map Design : Very good. The ghost town looked like a ghost town, the base looked like a base. One thing I didn't like was that the hallways were long and it didn't have a sort of fluidity to it, but the rest of the map makes up for that.

Story/Instructions : I loved this campaign. In fact it is one of my favorites. The story just leaves you a little bit of mystery around every corner to keep going. Instructions, yeah. They were good, too. :p
The Nameless
Map Design5.0
Playability 4 - I didnt feel right giving it any more then a 3 due to the nature of the scenario. You dont actually play anything. However the tension and authors architecture in creating suspense and fear are superb and make it enjoyable to watch.

Balance 3 - I gave it mid point for balance. You could'nt exactly lose at this but then again you did'nt really win.

Creativity 5 - This is where this scenario excels. No new tricks just a whole new feel and edge to scenario design. This is the start of something big. This scenario will do to scenario design what star wars did to the movie industry. The use of sound is impeciable. The creativity in gripping the player through suspense and tension is sublime.

Map Design 5 - What can i say ? It was pretty much faultless. Every aspect looked great and the use of shield generators on the ship thing was inspiring.

Story/instructions - Lots of thought went into this aspect and it shows. Impecable.

Overall a great scanerio to watch rather then play. I can see aspects being used for years. I think Suspense is the new taunt activated health pack.
Map Design4.0
Very good. I could probably play it again in a while and still be amazed by it. Only problem is that, like others said, more walking and cutscenes then anything else. Not that thats a bad thing though. The suspense... Absolutely brilliant.

Not as hard as i'd hoped, but i suppose the ending is a tad tough if you try and fight instead of running. But if there'd been more fighting, it would have ruined the whole 'horror' aspect of it. Could have been a bit better though.

Trust Pinky to go off and start another genre that actually works. The suspense thing was an edge-of-the-seat experience. The screams worked well too. Me think this has started something big...

Jaw Dropping. Thats all that needs to be said. The jungle was awesome, and the deserted town gave more to the suspense

Amazing. And orignal, i'll add. Very few campaigns actually take much care into explaining the story and things. I'm just interested one where Pinky gets all his ideas from.

Overall, an excellent campaign. Download it now, fools!
Map Design5.0
Review of Foretold Conclusions by Pink Panther

I'd like to start off with the fact that there wasn't much to do in this campaign, but everything got perfectly covered by the suspense. The suspense is killing, thanks to the (self-designed) music and scripted events. This, however ain't enough for the full 5.

Although you can't die, the balance was good. No frustration etc.

Pink Panther created an all new gameplay style, with custom sounds and such. FC just deserves the full points for creativity.

What can I say? All RS quality. Find me a place where the map isn't the best it can be and I'll shoot myself.

The story was great, better than almost all other stories in these days. No spoiling here :).
The instructions are all ok.

An instant classic, everyone here just has to have played FC. An experience wich is unique. I hope this will encourage other people to use this genre too. I can't wait!
Theo T
Map Design5.0
Foretold Conclusions: Review
By Welsh

Many will have said this, but this isn't too applicable as it was for the most part a cut-scene. The bulk was spent watching action and dialogue. When you did control a character, it was just for moving most of the time, and this doesn't really class too much as a game. However, I am not marking it down too much on this due to the nature of the scenario.

This ties in with the Playability mark - the fact most of the scenario was spent walking, with no playable fights, means that balance isn't a factor in this. However, as I need the mark to complete the review, I give it also a 3 - because it was, technically, too easy - I did not mark it as a 1 or whatever because, again, the type of scenario this is means balance is not truly a factor.

One of the points where this excels. Never before have I seen a campaign like this, and the innovation involved was brilliant. The use of sound and random death in this scenario properly scared me (especially as I was using headphones at the time!). Also, the characters are very original, and I enjoyed reading their background stories.

Map Design
Can't mark it down. All of the different enviroments were made perfectly, blending all of the different terrains to create an effective view of the place you were in. For example, the swamp out of the back of the base had pools of water, representing marshes, and the desert was given a dry and dusty look through the use of desert terrain and dirt. The base was very...base-like, I guess. Buildings had been formed together to create the look of machinery. Also, the path to take had been laid out simply through clever use of buildings, cliffs and plants.

Where it excelled. The story, which I heard had been worked on for quite a while, was very strong and clear. It conveyed the mystery of the land very well, and I had a sure sense of "what the hell is going on? Why has this happened?" as I played through the scenario. The instructions, though not complicated, were easy to follow and made sense. I knew what to do at all times, and not at one point did I get lost.
Map Design3.0
Foretold Conclusions

Playability (3):

Probably the worst aspect of this campaign, I really didn't find it all that fun, you basically walked around a map the whole time. There wasn't a single battle (If you went the correct paths.) So the only thing that was holding my interest was the mildly intriguing storyline, and in the end it was almost a waste of time. A cool boss fight would've made it all worth it or even just one fight.

Balance (2):

You really didn't fight, therefore it was very easy to beat the level. If I could put "None" here I would...

Creativity (4):

The best aspect of this campaign, the designer based his campaign around the story and not running around a map shooting stormtroopers like most campaigns, however maybe the designer took it a little to far by taking out all the battles. The designer clearly paid attention to details to make this very unique from most other campaigns out for download. Even though the style and layout was creative, it doesn't have all the other designing factors to back it up.

Map Design (3):

Bland throughout the map, no eye candy, just what needed to be there. It almost looked as if it were rushed. The base just had walls, metal, and a few computers here and there. The map design sort of fades out of the players focus as there is nothing that's really eye catching, it was all very bland IMO.

Story / Instructions (3):

The campaigns focus is clearly on the story, but the story really wasn't all that developed. The instructions were clear and the mystrey of the story was well protraited, however it was intriguing it seemed very rushed. Therefore the player was never made to care about anything in the story. When members of the squad died, it really didn't hit home like it needed to, because there wasn't enough character development for player to even know the person that died. The story wasn't really clear either, there wasn't really any big goal your faction was working towards and only brief descriptions of what was happening and why again just failed to make the player care. For example: In the Star Wars trilogy the viewer cared about what happened to your characters, if Vader would get his, If the hopes and dreams of the rebellion would come true and how. Viewers where made to care because they felt like they knew the characters and the cared about good vs. evil.

So as I bring this review to a close I would like to give a round of applause to the designer. *Claps* Doing this style is risky and you still took up your mouse and designed, though it might not of turned out perfect you gave it a good shoot and that's respectable in my book. Happy Designing!

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Map Design4.5
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