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Star Wars - Hero of Prophecies (Demo)

Author File Description
SCN Punk l Echuu
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
Music Mirror (High Quality)

Music Mirror (Medium Quality)

Hero of Prophecies

It is 120 years after the Battle of Endor, and the galaxy has gone through numerous changes. The New Republic is still thriving, more governments are forming, and the Jedi Order continues to expand and grow. New cultures have formed on various systems, and some have created their own jedi code.

Near the outer rim of the galaxy, lies a peaceful and prosperous planet known as Talmina. Their democracy is known throughout the galaxy as one of the best. Some refer to this planet as "The Second Naboo". One day, out of what seemed like nowhere, came an invasion army that started taking over almost ever part of the planet. It was without warning, and nobody knows who they are, and what they're after...

Princess Jadine Tashmier became captured by the invading troops, only to be rescued by Jedi Master Lucious Keldon and his padawan, Ardonn Strife, who came to the planet from Yavin in a distress call. They now search a forest region in Talmina to locate the missing Governor...

- Turn-Based Boss Fight (Like Final Fantasy)
- RPG Playing Style
- Stealth Fighting
- Pre-Battle Force Commands
- Side Quests
- Armor and Accessories to Equip
- Talk to Everybody on the Map
- Experience and Level Up System

Thanks for downloading!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
Very good in this section of the review. I found that whenever I died I restarted. The only downfall in this was that it was to short of a scenario.

Balance: 4.9
Extremely good in this section of the review. I found that troopers where extremely hard to kill without armour. The only downfall in this was the part where you had to "sneak" past the AT-GT, it was a little to easy if you ask me.

Creativity: 4.9
Superb in this section of the review. The turnbased battle system, talking to everyone on the map (Except of course the AT-GTS), bosses that use random powers each time you play, and etc...

Map Design: 5.0
Perfect, abseloutely perfect! With such a map like this their are few words to describe it; Eyecrack, beatiful, and sweet.

Story/Instructions: 4.9
Very good instructions. The only parts I didn't quite understand were the save point things. Otherwise, very good.

Overall: 4.9
A very good demo by Ech. This deffinatley deserves your attention.
Map Design5.0
Echuu, you've done a great piece of work that is definately to be commended, this is amazing, your best work yet. The map was skillfully done and the triggers were created extremely well.

Review of Hero of Prophicies
Map Rating: 4.9

Playability: 4.8
Extremely good for this campaign, even though its a demo, Echuu has put in a totally new style of gameplay for his campaign and has given a new change for Scn Design. This Scn is excellent,the only drawback is sometimes I found it too easy and sometimes it was a little bit too difficult, The boss fight was simply awesome, Cam had a huge amount of HP instead of you but then you would be able to attack with a variety of attacks. Also like Cradossk said, you should have put the AT-GT's on a small patrol route since all they did was stand there, you could easily dodge em.

Balance: 4.8
Its excellent, this game, you could level up (or at least I levelled up 4 levels, (yes I killed everyone I found) I think that the easiest bit of this campaign was the AT-GT part ;) even though someone put the enemies on uh +204 attack. You should have also taken a tad off the first three stormies. Where you couldnt attack. I thought the length was fine because It was only a demo.

Creativity: 4.9
Echuu has taken Scn design to a deeper level, this is GREAT. the turn base system and duels were excitingly done and very well made, you also did the other triggers perfectly they were skillfully added to turn the map into something to remember, this is the second time I've played it and Ive noticed that even though Echuu had all the old technuques he put down a load of different things that twisted it around like the stealth with the Machine Droids, they can easily kill you but you can easily run past them.

Map Design: 5.0
Ace echuu, this is, wow well, nothing else to say but its perfect, the thing with Echuu's maps is they're brimming with eye candy, nuff said, go play it yourself and you'll see the great work that Echuu put to this campaign.

Map Design: 5.0
ACE! Another brilliant map done by Echuu. This map has is a wonder of map design, brilliant and amazingly done, great work, the nice forest reigons and different varieties of stunning eye candy put down.

Story Instructions: 4.9
To round of the review I'd like to say that this was a superb addition to my campaign collection ^.^ The story is just great, it flows into the different parts and the music really is amazing to listen to while you're battling it fits in perfectly with EChuus design. Instructiosn were good, you didnt need to ask anything, you already knew what to do.
*I may have found a bug... when you say taunt one on some parts.. its taunt 9...it may just be me ...
Map Design5.0
I haven't waited from SCN Punk other than great scenario! :)Anyway, to my review:

Playability - 5
I liked this scenario. It is great. I played it three times, one: using only stealth, other: using only assaulting and third time using and stealth and assaulting. Each time was 30 minutes... A bit too short... But hey! This is a demo! And great 5 minutes are better than average 2 hours. There were no bugs that I coul find.. And you know, I feeled like I'm really playing an RPG like Evil Islands and Neverwinter Nights!

Balance - 4
For me (even on hard.. don't know if difficulty levels are different) it was too easy. Before the boss battle, I never died. If not the boss battle, I could give it a three. But boss battle (wow, how many times I said those words? :) ) made it one point higher, because it was.. uh.. challenging. Though after I beated the boss, I knew the tactic how I would beat him... her, and after thst the battle wasn't so interesting (I haven't found other tactics to beat him... her)

Creativity - 5
Here I think must be at least 6. :) No, really. This is the scenario shines! First, you play it like a real RPG. I liked the mini map thing, like in real RPGS. I think it is simirial too Evil Islands (you know, that great Russian game from Nival Interactive?). THe bad thing, SWGB isn't capable of doing: Run, Walk, Duck, Crawl :). The secondary missions were interesting, but there was too few of them.

Map Design - 5
I really liked the map, you really had the feeling that it was a green planet, with many plants and trees.

Story/Instructions - 5
The Instructions were good, story was good... I really want to know what will be next! Tell me, will be there some exiting and unthinkable plot twists? Similiar like "I am your father" but something other? :) Really want to know.

Overall - 4.8
A great campaign, definately that is needed to be downloaded.
Pink Panther
Map Design5.0

Heros Of Prophecies: Prologue.

Playability - 5.0

That took me about ten minuites to decide upon. The playability was great, and the only thing I can even begin to remark upon is the un-frequency of soldiers; however in the long run the amount is perfect, as it doesn't allow Lucious to get too powerfull. I loved the side quest, and the bounty hunter music was great =D

Balance - 5.0

Again, this one took me a while, but I had to give a 5. The boss was great (f***in hard aswell, did it about 5 times!) and original; the battle system was quick and efficient and I had no problems with it. The choice of what to do was good, and the side quests made me really scour the map.

Creativity - 5.0

Again, I had to give 5 for this. The battle system was great; not cluttered, extremely straight-forward, simple and effective; plus it's never been done. The choice of stealth over action was great aswell, and original. (It also ende dup with me gettin a bit of a phobia about the units....I ended up thinkin they wer emuch more powerfull than they actually are =p)

Map Design - 4.9

Seeing as you started from scratch, this map was crazy. The elevation was perfect and the sense ofp lace it gave was brilliant.

Story/Instructions - 5.0

The story was good, and it's a bit different; it's not your general 'bad jedi vs good jedi' thing, and I like the idea of this new threat. Instructions were easy to follow and effective. So full marks, nothing wrong

Conclusion - 5.0

5 man. I know this is the second in the space of a month, but this deserves it. There's literally nothing I can find wrong with this, and I really enjoyed playin it =D

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Map Design5.0
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