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Shadows of Lightning 2: Abyss

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Number of scenarios: 6
Shadows of Lightning II: Abyss

By Astro_mech of Rogue Creations

EDIT: New music up!

This is the sequel to the hit campaign Shadows of Lightning. Shadows of Lightning was the first ever turn-based scenario, and it's predecessor perfects the genre. For those of you who don't know what turn-based battle is, you battle like you would in Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy, taking turns attacking. Here are some things this campaign includes:

* Your party can use Force Abilities to vanquish enemies and solve puzzles.
* An expanded array of items is now at your characters' disposal -- from thermal detonators to jedi artifacts.
* You can use certain things called "force spirits" to summon powerful force abilities and block attacks.
* Enemies are smarter -- they attack in a random order and use force abilities.
* Enemies now have weaknesses and resistances.
* Your party can now have status ailments, such as poison and sleep.
* Each scenario has many subquests you can complete -- will you follow the Dark Side, or remain faithful to the Light?
* This campaign uses my code trick.
* This campaign includes a playable (though boring) tutorial, as well as a walkthrough and guidebook.
* Control a hot-headed bounty hunter, force-sensitive Gungun, eccentric Jawa, cowardly Hutt, and more characters during your travels to save Lycosone.
* Eyecandy and interactive characters complete the feel of each scenario.
* Custom music, composed by Cerrabore
* No taunts, so you CAN save!

Please download the music pack here (go to page and click the link): SoL2 Music by Cerrabore
Note: If you have trouble reaching the file, copy the link minus the "http://swgb.heavengames.com/" part to get to the correct page, or go to my showcase thread and download the music from there.

You will also need this mod:
Window (perfected) mod by Brownboot (DFD)

Now for more info on this campaign:
The story is a continuation of SoL1, it picks up six months afterwards. The Raltsians send three bounty hunters to capture the Lycosonian ambassador, who is going to negotiate peace. The Lycosonians, who realize that their ambassador might be in trouble, decide to send Meisha as a bodyguard. The three bounty hunters quarrel over the bounty, so the Raltsians take the matter into their own hands... The first chapter has ended, but the story is just beginning...

If you have questions, visit the forums or e-mail me! The zip also contains a guide and walkthrough. The first scenario (in SoL2) has a long and boring, but informative tutorial, so once you get past it, you will get to the fun part!

Please rate this, and have fun!
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Map Design5.0
They say you cant improve on perfection. They are also badly wrong.

Playability:5 (I'd award 6)

This was awesome, pure and simple non stop fun. To really understand the joy and sheer amount of time, love and effort that went into this campaign you have to play it the entire way through, which I have (twice in fact). Even then I'm sure I missed a few side quests, though I did do several. This IS almost the pinical of scenario design, anything higher than this would be a game in itself worthy of being paid for.

Balance:5(Again I'd award 6)

Given that this is turn based and experience based this is one hell of a challenge (what if you were a lower level than them?) but yet Astro pulls it off with stunning results. I simply cannot explain how, but it is almost perfectly balanced.

Creativity:5(I'd award 6 again, probably higher)

Put simply, Astro is not just a scenario designer he is officialy the first SWGB Non Developer Game Designer. To take an engine that was never designed even remotely for turn based combat and rpg type playing style and create something that is structured, well designed, easy to control, fun and fantastically deep is an amazing feat that has very rarely been achieved in a mod for any game let alone SWGB.

Map Design:5 (Blah Blah, I'd award 6)

Once again stunning. It will not be possible to exceed this level of design without massive (and I mean massive) modding of the majority of the games art objects and textures. It was one of those rare maps, where you always wanted to explore and see what was round the next corner (though played off against the fact it might kill you :) )

Story/Instructions:5 (Yup I'd award a 6 again)

Given that Astro had re written the bulk of the game mechanics to work with turnbased style system, the instructions were vital, and Astro delivered with a syste that updates and changes itself to keep record of the quests and items. The story line was epic and very deep (and only made sense if you played the original as I did)

If you have'nt played this, then do it now, it is quite simply the finest campaign I have ever played.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5 (yo updaters, make an 6 rank!)
A well thought out RPG! My favorite!

Balance: 5 ( can we have 7 too?)
Well balanced, many things to do and no blank spots in the whole game!

Creativity: 5 (8! 8!)
Whatever time it took to make this, it was worth the effort. It's simply amazing!

Map Design: 5 (9? give us 9!)
There were well done maps, with full detail, wildlife, and all you need to have an RPG fest!

Story/Instructions: 5 (give us a whopping 10, guys!)
Instructions were understood instantly. Provided every little detail of information too!

Additional Comments:
Overall, this is probably one of my Top 5 favortie campaigns! This is why it gets a 5.0 overall! (I wanted to make everything 10!)

[Edited on 08/12/05 @ 03:21 PM]

Map Design5.0
I love this campaign! It has a great plot & great charicters.
I also love the pokemon-style battles!!


The command grid system needs much improvement!
It really slows down play, having to navigate that droid all over the place.

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Map Design5.0
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