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Jedi of the Republic v.1.4

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
Xcaliber of Rogue Creations presents...

<center>Star Wars
Jedi of the Republic
The Republic is in turmoil. The confedracy have captured two of their jedi knights and the senator from Naboo. Now the Jedi have gathered a clone army and are leading an attack on Geonosis. </center>

Your Mission:

Plo Koon, you need to invade a garbage facility and open a hangar door so we can get troops in a strategic position. You have thirty minutes.

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Map Design4.0
[b]Playability: 4[/b]

Really good, Fun and like Panther said, Lacked action at some points though.

[b]Balance: 4[/b]

Droids where a challange unlike most levels. I had trouble with the puzzles,Very Good.

[b]Creativity: 5[/b]

I loved that Fatigue technique, Really good and made you think more when playing the actual level.

[b]Map Design: 3.5[/b]

Although most areas of the map where really good, and looked great, some lacked design, Sorry.

[b]Story & Instructions: 4[/b]

Yeah, I had trouble the first time understanding the Force Buttons etc. Bit of a problem. But, when I did find them, Helped alot.

[b]Overall: 4[/b]

Very good, Loved it. Although some areas of the campaign I didn't enjoy, it was balanced out by the good story line and the constant action or puzzles.

[b][i]Very Good Xcal![/i][/b]
Map Design4.0

It was alot of fun to play, it was a nice idea as this is something that likely would have had to be done by the jedi in prepration for the Arena. But you stated there was a 30 minute time limit. If you have a time limit you've got to make it seem like its a race against time and it wasn;t. I did'nt feel rushed and completed it well short of 30 minutes.


Pretty good, but it then felt like the droids were too powerul. Ok I know you have to re balance to account for Plo Koons attack but there is such a thing as overbalancing. It was like fighting bounty hunters early on, then it suddenly changed. To get past the first bit you had to convert a droid which is kinda wrong because jedi can't really convert droids.


Might have been some use of mods, but the readme was small and un specific. Good use of trigger however and the idea of fatigue was a good one. But prehaps fatigue should reduce over time as you are not fighting. The key card idea was genius and an excellent use of triggers.

Map Design:4

Nice looking map, it felt like a geonosian base. The Hanger was rather small I thought though. There didn't seem to be much in the way of a structure of the base though. Base's need to have a structure and there didn't seem to be one.


A good story based around jedi and an ok jedi mission. People have a habit of always making jedi missions combat because its more interesting but Jedi don't seek combat.
This was a rescue though and was perfectly fine. Good instructions, though It puzzled me that Plo Koon was going to use a Gunship to go to the arena, but yet he was in the arena before the Gunships arrived. A minor niggle though.

Overall a good campaign, but it just needs that bit more effort for it to really be up there with the great campaigns.
The Nameless
Map Design3.0
Hmmm, wasnt bad :
Playability 3 :

Was pretty fun in areas but it enolved much of the usual hack and slash, hunt for healthpacks sorta style. I dont think i would play it again but i did enjoy playing it this time round

Balance 4 :

I think im being a bit too kind on this one, i thought the balance was good it was ahrd in places , easy in tohers. The opening few droids did give me a bit of a challenge ( I died first tiem round :S )

Creativity : 4

I liked the fatigue thing that was pretty new but other then that nothing really new, just the usual stuff you expect from an RPG

Map Design : 3

Again nothing new , there was the bridge but we have seen that before. In areas the map didnt look too good, in others it looked okay. Realyl the map design is a 3.5 . Its above average which warrants a 3 but its not good enough for a 4

Story/instructions : 3

I was disappointed with the opening scenario it was very short and seemed almost pointless. However the good thing was you always knew what you had to do and the plot wasnt too bad.

The total average comes up to a 3.4 which is above average so well done
Pink Panther
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3

This was fun to play, althouh i felt it did lack some action at points.

Balance: 4

Variation of enemy strength made me scared of battle driods and the slight-puzzle element gave this a good balance

Creativity: 5

The fatigue system has never been done before, and I liked the way not only the amount of fatigue that was given out but also the puzzle were randomized, so the gameplay is different if re-played

Map Design: 3.5

Map was alright, although I thaught the food stashes were a tad out of place, the power cores could have been upgraded to a higher tech, and I think there was a slight overusage of ruined decimators.

Story/instructions Story: 2 Instructions: 4

The story was nothing new, so I can't give anything more than 2.

The instructions however were good, clear and easy to understand.

Overall: 4

I'd say a 4. Fun scenario, good elements or originality, well done man
Map Design3.0
Jedi of the Republic review by Bendak

Playability: 4
Playability is just about one thing; namely that you like to play it. I did, in this scenario. Xcaliber used the a fatigue system, a puzzle, and a boss (?) to make the gameplay better. The scenario was really short; but it contained nice things mentioned above. I see that Xcaliber has a great potential for future campaigns. I don't see why there is a 30 minute system because you likely never reach that time, since the scenario is that small.

Balance: 3
I never died, but the gameplay was different so it didn't became boring. This needs work to make it more difficult.

Creativity: 3
The fatigue system was a nice bonus; but it isn't used to his maximum potential. I never died because of it. The puzzle; was very unoriginal and needs to be perfectioned by adding triggers that deactivate the thing if you step on a wrong button. Look into Dawidos' demo, he did it better. it's a good thhing somethings are randomized, by using the Bursa method :p. Also, the last mech (boss?) was a bit too easy. I want to note that an introduction wasn't needed in a seperate scenario; because the smallness of the second. The introduction of the second level was really average. I missed action, and more details.

Map Design: 3
For outside, I would give a 4, for inside, I would give a 2. The outside part is nicely done and gives you the feel of walking on Geonosis. The inside part is empty, has no fundaments, and gives overall an average feel. This would need improvement.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was far from new, and a bit average. The instructions were clear, although I think that Xcaliber should have putten more attention to the layout of the instructions and objectives etc.

Overall: 3.2
Above average, so nicely done :). I'm waiting for Nyro Genesis.
Theo T
Map Design3.0
Jedi of the Republic - Review
Reviewed By Theo T

The reason someone would make a campaign is to give a little enjoyment to whoever is playing it or to entertain them for a while. I found this did it quite well - however, I found myself a little frustrated by the fatigue system in places.

This factor was generally good, but I found myself often overwhelmed by the sheer power of the droids. This can, of course, be solved with converting, but what about the player with a lower strategic mind?

I can't really dent this at all. The action of play was creative - the options of slashing or keycarding a door was an interesting one. Also, I found the fatigue system one of the most original things I have seen in a while.

Map Design:3
Everything was going here - rock formations, terrain mixing, good use of cliffs and buildings. However, it did seem very bland, and the "trash" bits were poorly constructed. I think the same Debris and Decimator Wreckage over and over again made it feel...just wrong.

The story, even though based on another, was pretty good, and a nice view of military action. I can't really knock points on or off for this.

Other comments: Xcal, you need to fix some of the spelling. Why was the enemy called the Confedracy?

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Map Design3.5
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