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Dark Forces II : Jedi Knight Demo

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1

Dark Forces II : Jedi Knight Demo

Double Cross on Nar Shaddaa

On Nar Shaddaa, Kyle Katarn met 8t88, a droid spy who had information about the murderer of Katarn's father. But 8t88 turned out to be a traitor working for Jerec and prepared a trap for Katarn. 8t88 found an unknown data disc in Katarn's father's home. He tried to get some information from Kyle about it, but didn't succeed. 8t88 ordered to kill Kyle, but Katarn escaped. Now Kyle is trying to find 8t88 before the droid escapes with his father's data disc.

In this campaign demo, you will take command of Kyle Katarn during his journey as you cover the events of the Dark Forces II Jedi Knight Game. This campaign is a typical RPG game, where you have to fight enemies and solve some strategic problems. It contains many features, such as Health Containers, which give you Health Points to regain your life when you need to and Power Ups, which can boost your Attack. At the end of the scenario you will have to fight the boss battle. The campaign also contains sound effects, Ai files, one music sample and some modpacks such as Dark Forces Mod and Cantina Table Mod. ATTENTION : It required Clone Campaigns !!!

Please, pay special attention to the Intelligence section. There are some instructions which can help you play this scenario and use features like Health Containers etc. The Reconnaissance section includes information about the author, playtesters, required settings and trigger count. I have also included a Readme file, where you can find information listed below.

Unzip the "Dark Forces II Jedi Knight.zip" to your SWGB "Game" folder. All files should then unzip to their proper directories.

Unzip the music file called DrBoss and other sound files into your "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds/Game/Sound/Scenario Folder.

This demo campaign contains some mods. Their names are listed below :
Dark Forces Mod By Kowe_El_Ewok
Cantina Table Mod By Tevious aka The Vampire Slayer

Download these mods from downloads section of SW GB Heaven Games.

Unit graphics

To install those mods you will need to download the "SWGB Mod Installer" program from the Utility section of SWGB Heaven's Downloads:

SWGB Mod Installer

How to Install:
Click on the button called "Open Mod", then select mod .
Once it opens, click on the button called "Install".

How to Uninstall:
After you have installed the modpack, click on the button called "Remove latest" to remove the modpack. But if mods of this campaign is not at the top of the list, you must remove all newer mods first.

I have included three AI files in the zip file. They are listed below :
Immobile Random by Astro_Mech
Immobile - Heal
Starfighter by The Vampire Slayer

Unzip the AI files into your "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds/Game/AI Folder.

Trigger Count : 226

Campaign created by:
- Dawidos aka David Wojtowicz from Poland

Playtesting done by:
- Miszka
- Ricky Skywalker
- Zuckuss

Translated by :
Miszka, Lorienjo and Mike

Do you have a problem ? Do you want to ask a question ? Contact dawidos@poczta.onet.pl I'm Polish, but I will try to answer in English. Enjoy !!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Darth Sidious
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Although this scenario isn't that long, because it's only a demo, I must say that this scenario kept me on my chair the whole time. There is one part where got a little bit stuck and that was the part where you have to activate the bridge. You have to walk over the switches in a special order, or so it seemed, but I had problems finding the right order. Of course, this is only a minor thing.

Balance: 4

The scenario wasn't very hard, you could just shoot the enemies without taking a lot of damage. The exception was the last battle, you really had to think out a strategy to win there. Try to put more battles in it that require thinking and your score here will improve greatly.

Creativity: 4

The scenario started out as a standard RPG, but along the way, I came across a few interesting puzzles and things that showed you put a lot of effort in this campaign. The controlled astromech unit and the final battle were good examples of that.

Map Design: 4

The map looked good, but you should put a lot more eye candy in it. Try to take your time here and don't be afraid to copy eye candy from other people.

Story/Instructions: 4

Since this was a scenario about a game, there was a good story behind it. The instructions were clear, I always knew what to do.

Final Score: 4.2

There are some things that you can improve, but it's a good start and you're a talented designer. Good luck with the designing and I'm looking forward to the release of the final campaign!
Map Design5.0
Review of Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Demo, By Dawidos

Playability: 5.0
First off, I'd just like to say that this was a fantastic scenario, and if the full campaign is anything like this standard, then we will definitely be looking at a very fine release. I also think that reviewer Darth Sidious was a little harsh in his comments, but hey, they were his opinions.

This scenario was very fun. No question. There was something different at every turn, which kept me very interested. Its creativity helped boost the playability factor, no question. It is definitely a prime example of how RPG style scenarios should be created, and although there wasn't a gigantic difference, gameplay wise, to other top quality RPGs, I had more fun playing this scenario that I have had since the days of SoTE. A full five, and well deserved.

Balance: 4.0
The balance factor of the scenario is perhaps the only area which could be improved on. Apart from the boss battle at the end of the scenario (which was perfectly balanced), I found the scenario rather easy, and didn't die once. Ways to improve the balance may have been some harder to reach health packs, or perhaps some fan/explosion 'assault courses,' which can often add challenge to a scenario. However, the boss battle compensates for the scenario's slight easiness, so I was very close to handing out a five. I've gone with a four, but consider it a high four.

Creativity: 5.0
Okay, so this scenario doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. What it does do, however, is take existing concepts from other scenarios, and adapt them well. The constant use of different ideas and challenges throughout the scenario meant that there was never a dull moment, and that I was always wondering what was coming next. A specific highlight was the astromech droid control room, but there were many creative elements in this scenario. The boss battle was also well thought out and original, which added to its playability also. Another five here for creativity, and proof that a scenario doesn't need to go to great lengths to turn a genre on its head. Taking other ideas, adapting them, and using them brilliantly serves for a very good and creative scenario indeed.

Map Design: 5.0
To put it simply, this scenario had an excellent map. The 'space platform' look was carried off very well, and the indoor terrain was both realistic and unique, which was a pleasure to see. The air traffic above also added to the busy feel of the scenario. There's not an awful lot more to say here... just great!

Story/Instructions: 5.0
Now, I've never played Dark Forces II, so I don't know how much was taken from the game, but I'm giving a five here. The story (whether it was yours or not) was good, and the dialog was even better. The end of the scenario definitely left me wanting more, which was a result of good storytelling combined with compelling gameplay. The instructions were simple and clear, and the intelligence screen proved very helpful along my journey.

So, overall, Dark Forcess II: Jedi Knight Demo is very well crafted scenario, and I hope that the finished campaign will inspire similar comments. It is one of the best that SWGBH has seen in a long while, and with some balance improvements, could prove to be almost perfect ;-)

- Wok
Map Design4.0
Ok, I'll write a breakdown of what I thought about this scenario:

Playablility: 5
Great! I was in suspence most of the game! The final battle required strategy and the puzzles were well-made. I liked the part where you control an astromech droid!

Balance: 4
Not too hard, not too easy. Nothing really else to say! Although, you should put more save points, because I when I died, I usually had to start a long way off from where I last was.

Creativity: 4
The puzzles were creative! I alreadt mentioned some things in playability. The battes were a little repetitive. Next time, maybe make a part where there are alot of weaker enemies to make varied attack strategies be used.

Map Design: 4
Good job! Many scenarios are lacking in this department, but I enjoyed the eyecandy here. I am not a fan of starfield in-between buildings, but that is just my oppinion.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was good and I never was lost! A perfect 5.

All in all, I enjoyed this scenario! It was well-designed and it incorporated some new ideas. I can't wait for the final campaign!
Map Design5.0
Great Work Dawidos! This campaign demo is awesome.


This was great, and the puzzles were awesome. The astromech and the bridge stunned me. I was very interested, and stayed hook on this campaign, which had only happened on Jedi Legends 2.


Pretty much what the others said, just not to easy, but not to hard.


This was very creative, and it was really cool to see the new ideas employed in this demo. I hope to see more creative ideas in this campaign.

Map Design

The map design was beautiful, and was what Nar Shadaa looked like in Jedi Knight 2.


This campaign was really well told in story and in plot, and the instructions were easy to follow.

Overall this is a great campaign, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a great RP member making a great campaign!
Map Design4.0
Wow that was great!! The puzzles and boss battles were very good. I liked the part with the bridge, the turrets and the R2-unit. There was no place were I got stuck, but I died 3 times. I had to complete this level!!

I died 3 times, so the balace is (in my opinion) very good. You had to do more things then only shoot. I liked the puzzles and the boss battle.

This is the best part. There were lot's of new things, like the boss fight and the astromech. You do have very original ideas.

Map Design
I have to say this is far better then the most space maps. The combination of different the buildings are good.
I liked the trash things and the people give it a busy look.

Story / Instructions
I have to say there can be a better intro. The dialogs were good but there didn't happened much.
The instructions were clear and good, and the story even better. I want more!!!

Very good work. You are very talented. Keep up the good work and dont't rush it.

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Map Design4.4
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