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the beginning of the end(demo)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Number of scenarios: 1
It's my first so all help is welcome.It's just a beta version but i hope it will be good.When the whole campaign is finished the map will be updated with another task and 2 other missions.

Contact me for questions and hints at:

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Map Design1.0
Review of Beginning of the End, by Wok

Playability: 1.0
To be blunt, this was a completely awful scenario. You start off with around five AT-ATs, loaded with a seemingly random selection of troops and heroes. There appears to be nothing to do, and I was given no indication otherwise. I was therefore forced to march across the bland map trying to find some enemies, or some interactivity. When your army consists of some of the slowest units in the game, this is not fun. I then eventually found some enemy units in the bottom corner of the screen. By this point, I was not exactly expecting a stroke of genius, and I was correct not to. I killed all but one of the enemies, and all of a sudden I got a defeat message. For no reason.

I don't like handing out straight 1.0s, but when 95% of a map's gameplay consists of marching, I feel I can make exceptions.

Balance: 1.0
Well, I never finished this scenario, because I randomly received a defeat message as I was about to win. Up until that point, I had a strange suspicion that the author did not even know the meaning of the word 'game', let alone the word 'challenge.' For the majority of the scenario, I was presented with no enemies, which means that short of holding down the delete button, the game was impossible to lose. Then, when the enemies did come, I out numbered them about 5/1, and I wan even given all of the Empire's hero units just to make things a little easier for me.

Overall, well, it's the first scenario I've ever played that is both ludicrously easy and impossible at the same time. And no, that's not a good thing.

Creativity: 1.0
As a general rule of thumb, if you put absolutely zero effort into a scenario, then it's quality will be about equal to a zero on this review system. Unfortunately, I can't give them out.

This scenario was bland. And random. There was absolutely NOTHING that the designer had actually stopped to think about. The map had no thought. The story had no thought. The balance had no thought. The whole thing had zero thought. And as for doing anything that other scenarios don't... does sucking count?

Map Design: 1.0
Let me summarize the map for you. Red desert base terrain, with a river of Water (Shallow) at the edge of the map. There was also a totally random naboo wall in the middle of what I think was supposed to be Tatooine. (I could tell it was supposed to be Tatooine because it contained sand, and Tatooine is the only planet in Star Wars to contain sand. The chances of the author actually inventing his own planet are about the chances of me ever playing it again.) If a random map is on par with a review score of 3, then this probably deserves around a negative five.

I mean, at least he clicked on the terrain tab at least once. I think.

Story/Instructions: Well, it doesn't even take a McDonalds employee to work out that a total lack of story an instructions will not land you good marks in a field which judges story and instructions.

Okay, so the mission briefing screen was pretty barren. There was a single, lonely line in the mission instructions, saying 'await further instructions' (He probably didn't even spell it correctly). So, I load the scenario, awaiting further instructions. I probably don't need to tell you that the campaign contained no further instructions. Or any dialogue at all, for that matter. My objectives were not given, and I was not even told why the entire Galactic Empire had decided to go for a hike in the middle of the desert. Nor was I told why the game suddenly ends just before you are about to win (To be honest, I wish it could have ended after 20 seconds).

Believe me, this guy isn't the next Tolkien.

Overall: 1.0
Yay, my first ever 1.0, and I have to say, it was well deserved. I don't really think I need to give a summary, except to remind you of a certain metaphor about Shakespeare, monkies, and infinite, and to ask you to ponder how much longer it would take those monkeys to create a scenario with as poor quality as this one had.

- Wok

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Map Design1.0
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