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Tales of Jedi Knights III - Chronicles -

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 10
Tales of Jedi Knights III
--Chronicles: Tales of Masters & Apprentices--

There is a disturbance in the force, important things are gestating in the heart of the Republic, several Jedi Knights have shown their disagreement with the performance of the Jedi Order and they have decided to abandon the Order...
At the same time an Wookiee expedition to the distant planet called Moltok and escorted by the Jedi Master Rangun Basel, it has been reported as missing. Fearing the worst thing the Wookiee Senator, Yarva has requested the help privately to the Jedi Council.
The Jedi Masters has decided to help the Wookiee Senator and they have called to the Master Qui-Gon Jinn and to his apprentice the young Obi-Wan Kenobi to assign them the resolution of the case.

Arrives the third and last part of the trilogy: Tales of Jedi Knights.
Take the control of several heroes of the Jedi Order as: Qui-Gon Jinn, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi or Kit Fisto and it combats to the diabolical forces of the Confederacy during the Clone Wars.
And also help to Kyle Katarn to recover centuries of knowledge Jedi kept in those Holocrons that Yoda hid in Dagobah (see ToJK I) before they will be captured by the hands of the Empire.

This campaign includes:
Improve Force triggers.
01 New customized AI file
10 Personalized and detailed maps (2 cinematic levels).
10 HQ Customized bitmaps.
18 Sounds effects.
09 Tracks from Star Wars Trilogy.
01 Big Modpack (Including 2 new heros, Kyle Katarn (ver 2.0), Kit Fisto and 5 ambiental mods).
1330 triggers.

Music Available here:
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Another TOJK by Kowe! How long I watied this moment to play his last TOJK in the series. This is your best work up to date, you know!

Playability - 5
Ok, this is a campaign, which you just want to play and play until you end or will fall asleep... It is very enjoyable, and I couldn't find any bug! However there were some places, where you just want to end playing this forever, but it is balance now, not playability. And the music is making an important atmosphere, without it, all is boring (no, really!) So download the music!

Balance - 5
Yes, I complained about hard places in the campaign. Why 5? Because if not those hard places, there would be balance for 3 or less. Let me explain. I played on Moderate, and can say that the balance is perfect but.... There are sometimes that are just tooooooooooo easy and very hard. The places that were too easy would ruin the balance. But here come the places that are too hard, and require thinking. At first playable level, on second island near the ship was a Twilek and two Niktos. Twilek always defeated me with help of Niktos, especailly (even if I had full health). I then made the Niktos and Twilek follow me, while Twilek stoped at near the cliff Niktos followed me. Without Twilek, Niktos are helpless. I converted (gripped ;)) that was still going (I was not in the range of fire), and the killed another Nikto. Waited until full health restored, and killed Twilek. You see, this is a campaign that require THINKING. And fixed force level is balanced too :)

Creativity - 4
Well, it is not 5, because of Force Powers. Force Powers were in all three (wait... four) TOJK games. So there was nothing new. What I liked is what was taken from other games and campaigns. Let's say sith statues (that are not moving, and cannot be selected) begin to attack my Obi-Wan Kenobi. This was from MotS, and I never seen this in a normal campaign. Also I liked the moving walls (though that was in other campaigns (that used usually asteroid canals), it was quite creative to use normal walls. Liked Demon and other things..

Map Design - 4
I thought, to give it a 3 or 4. Decided to give four. Though indoor interiors where usually (not at all levels)quite.... not detailed and such (like long straight corridors), the outdoor map was very impressive. 3 (ok, 3.5) - for SOME of the indoor dersign (well, there are more indoor scenarios than outdoor), 5 - for outdoor design, thus making four. ;)

Story/Instructions - 5
Let's start with story. I don't want to spoil anything, so I will just say, that it doesn't rocks, but is very good. Also this is the first (and last too) TOJK game in which we control Kyle Katarn... Now for instructions. Insctructions clear and understandable. Have found however some spelling mistakes in the game, but none the less the instructions... rock :D

Overall - 4,6
A great campaign. All must download this. Also, Kowe, if you want to join the SCN Pu.... sorry, Network, send this campaign, and they will recruit you right away. Good work!

P.S. I know that you wanted a full five, sorry. Anyway, this is one of the best campaigns! Good Luck in future designing!
Map Design5.0
Playbility: 5

Great, I have a lot of fun playing this game,I recommend that read the intelligence section (specially in the Obi-Wan Kenobi level). The new Ai is very usefull, I don't see anymore those resign messages and the level of Kit Fisto and the other Jedis is the best combination of styles that I never see. The music was excellent.

Balance: 5

Balance is very good, some parts in the levels are hard and another are easy, making a very good combination. But if you think you can resolve any trouble that you can find.

Map design: 5

Fantastic, the best of all. The mods makes great all the great design. You know it is very easy make just a only great map, but here we have 10 great scenariors. The Sith temple was made with a dark atmosphere. The design of the Mace's level is great. A great design, and the battle level
was very good, you are surrounded by all the bases of your enemies.

Creativity: 5

Like always an intelligent use of the triggers, Kowe has improved the force jump this time.
The Killer walls are great, like in TOJK II and the Boss part in the 2nd level is great.
But maybe this time the creativity is in story and in the mods that makes great this campaign.
We can use for first time to Kit Fisto and Kyle Katarn. I love the last cut-scene between Yoda, Bassel and Kenobi.
And includes a very useful new AI file too. The last level is great, simple but great (for a cinematic).

Story/Intelligence: 5

Well this is the best of the TOJK series. Is like if we have 3 stories in a only one campagin.
The author has taken many cautions at this point, each sections are very detailed and the scenarios have its corresponding bitmap (of very high quality), like in "TOJK I or TOJK II".
The Old Pirat
Map Design5.0
A little more than one year we had to wait the third part of TOJK was released by Kowe. And the truth is that the wait has been worthwhile.

Playability: 5

8 levels of pure action, this time Kowe has presented us some variants with regard to the two previous chapters. And I can say that this it is the best in all the chapters. This time Kowe has used more cinematic of the habitual one (thanks to Aftermath and Cerrabore that corrected Kowe's English), but not for it the game to lost playability, but rather it has made it more big that never.
In this campaign, Kowe has moved away from its classic: a RPG, a B&D. This time we have more scenarios of type RPG, and only a B&D (excellent level, I have gotten tired of repairing my own buildings).

Balance: 5

Along the 10 levels (in fact they are 8 scenarios to play) we will face several dangers, in some cases the fight could seem impossible, but there is always an option for not die in the middle of the scenario. With some imagination you can end the levels without problems.

Map Design: 5

The design is stunning. Some of the scenarios of TOJK III are of the best that I have seen. The interior designs are spectacular and the exterior have been enough accomplished. The Mods enhances the scenario designs. The levels in the Sith Temple of Moltok are excellent, the music, the screams of the ghost and the mods make it unbeatable.

Creativity: 5

At level of new things in the map design, there are not many new things. Maybe the effect of the toxic gases can be highlighted in the last level on Moltok or maybe the improvement in the use of the force to jump. This campaign includes several Mods created especially for this campaign (including the largely expected; Kit Fisto), sound effects, music of Star Wars, a new AI. Without doubts the triggers has been used with great creativity to carry out this long campaign. The scenarios used as prologue and epilogue are excellent, especially the last one; it is as if we had watched a movie.

Story instructions:
Some people say: Second parts were never good.
Good maybe they are right, but this campaign is the best in the series and one of the best campaigns in SWGB Heavens. Regrettably it is the last of this series (maybe the most successful trilogy in SWGB Heavens). But, I hope that this campaign is not the last of those "Tales of Kowe el Ewok"
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This map is well done, but too many wild animals that get in the way, that's all.

Balance: 4
a little off, how you said it's optional to rescue the farmers daughter when you have to rescue her to get money for the boat.

Creativity: 5
Well done, adventures of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan makes a great flashback and is quite unique!

Map Design: 5
The maps were well done. They sure looked like a lot of work!

Story/Instructions: 3
The grammar (Am I Qui Gon) is a big hole in the game. If it was fixed, it would practicaly be perfect!

Additional Comments:

Great campaign! I'm impressed by your hard work and eagerness of taking al the time it took you just to entertain us! I'm impressed!

[Edited on 08/12/05 @ 11:20 AM]

GiantMonkeyMan i played you campaign and it was great but when i tried to unistall the mod for it it came up with an error.... but it was a good campaign!
Map Design5.0
I will not be criticizing the grammar, and it has improved from the last two. Also, it is understandable, which is what really counts.

Playability: 5
One of the best I have played in this area. With the variety of mission types, varying from normal battles to searching for items and solving puzzles, this campaign is one of the best.

Balance: 5
Not too easy, not too hard. The levels require thinking and logic to complete, and if you figure out the right way, you will always win. It does this without becoming boring or ridiculously easy.

Creativity: 5
Although many of the ideas have been seen before, they are used very well, suiting the level and environment flawlessly. This in itself is creative, the use of the ideas, rather than the actual ideas.

Map Design: 5
Perhaps the strongest part of the campaign. The outdoor sections were breathtaking, and I would sometimes use cheats to reveal the entire map just to see the scenery >.<

The indoor sections, especially the Kit Fisto level with the prisons, I felt, were very well designed too. Not bland long corridors like the previous installments.

The triggers were excellently designed, and together with the custom sounds they were original too.

I have long wished for mapping prowess as good as Kowe's. Again, a flawless 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story here is original, although still sticks to the "Jedi Knights" plot. The missions are very well linked with the cutscenes, which again were very well designed and triggered. That's another 5 to add.

Additional Comments: Another great campaign by Kowe, and the final part of this trilogy is, without a doubt, one of the best campaigns out there.
Download it now, if you haven't already.

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 05:49 PM]

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