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An Empire Unleashed

Author File Description
Tholm Mosou
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1

Rand Talor, rebel spy on Diogo has been told by his commanding officer that the town where he lives, Pol-diogo is to be destroyed in a matter of minutes. He must kit up and escape when the attack begins. Then he must find the Rebel base, hidden in the forests and recieve his orders...

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Map Design4.0
Playability: (4) The scenario was great fun to play, and there weren't any noticeable bugs either. One thing that did let the scenario down however was patches of lag when the Empire attacked Pol-Diogo. Even though i died once or twice the scenario was good fun to play and i wanted to go back and finish it off.

Balance: (5) The balance was pretty perfect. I died a fair share of times and made good use of the 'health drinks'. The inclusion of different amounts of enemies for different difficulty levels also raised the score in this category.

Creativity: (5) The ideas in this scenario are wonderful, Tholm has invented several unique ideas and applied them to his work excellently. Examples of these 'strokes of genious' include the searching through crates looking for health packages, bonus features and secrets which reward the player once found, and the bursa breakout was cool too.

Map Design: (4) The map was great, nice terrain mixing and use of gaia objects to spruce the map up a little. The jungles were also well presented. The city, Pol-diogo however, let this category down. The houses looked messy and 'automated' when they were all copied and pasted into a massive row, and the paths around the city looked a little odd. This category just slightly misses out on a 5.

Story/Instructions: (4) The story was nice and simple, nothing to complain about there. But the objectives side of the instructions wasn't too great at the start of the scenario, i felt you were just thrown into the map, and told to see a trandoshan. Which was odd because i was told i had to escape.

Overall, this is a weel worthy download. Tholm has provided the community with another great release. Keep up the excellent work Tholm, i look forward to your next piece of work!

~ Aftermath
Map Design4.0
Playability- From reading the instructions and everything, I thought it'd be fun. It was but, no offense though, I was a bit confused at first. It wasn't too bad playing as a Rebel who was trying to save his city. It could've been better.

Balance- Things were balanced. I also died many times. Made a good use of weapons upgrades and health drinks. Health drinks came in handy many times but there was too much placement of allies. It wasn't too difficult but at places, and at times I felt like it was impossible to continue on.

Creativity- Nice placement of gaia units, buildings and some nice eye candies. Used cleverly triggers to generate some interesting things. Not bad. Keep up the good work in that area.

Map Design- As I said, it was cool to see some clever placements of gaia units and buildings. But, pointed many times, the city was a bit mixed up. You can't create a city in tiny, itsy-bitsy space. Other than that, it was good.

Story/Instructions- I, personally, liked how the intelligence was laid out: nice and perfectly. But at first, I didn't know what to do. Could've included triggers to warn the player of coming danger or where to go, etc. Othe than it was quite original.

It wasn't too bad playing this campaign. Worth it to see some clever triggers works, and map layouts. I'm definitely looking forward to Tholm's upcoming campaigns/scenarios.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

Great fun. You get to shoot stormtroopers and forest dwellers, ride around in a tank, and more. There are also a number of extra units and upgrades available, try to find them all! No bugs that I noticed.

Balance: 4

Too easy. Yes, there are a few challenging places, but it's rather easy as long as you don't make the wrong move, like trying to defeat the Imperial attack on the city.

Creativity: 4

The story's nothing that hasn't been done before. There were a few cool trigger tricks, nothing really advanced. Several interesting ideas, like finding the forest dweller villages. Then again, the forest dwellers were ripped straight out of Jedi Legends II (and combined with some elements of the Wookiee natives in Dark Rising: Part II). So this was actually close to a 3, but I shall give it a 4.

Map Design: 5

Awesome Map Design. Lust forest, intricate city design, nice Imperial base. No complaints here.

Story/Instructions: 4

Typical story. It had potential to be pretty dramatic, but it isn't. Rand Talor's hometown is destroyed by Imperials, so he just runs away, goes to the Rebels, and destroys an Imperial base. His dialogue is flat, and there's no sign that he's even distressed about the loss of his hometown. So the story ends up being a disappointment. However, the instructions are clear and concise, and everything like health packs is explained clearly.

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Map Design4.3
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