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Obi Wan - Becoming a Jedi 2

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
Obi Wan - Becoming a Jedi 2: By Roee_co ASD member

After beginning his first missions as a Padawan learner, Obi Wan is very close to begin his trails. After couple of missions with his Master "Qui Gon", he will be challange to be a Jedi Knight.

Special features
~ Seven Outstanding Scenarios
~ Excellent Trigger system
~ Sand Storm (new trigger trick)
~ Powerful Eyecandy (beautiful river banks)
~ Final Boss (with new triggers tricks in the scenario)
~ And lots of more...
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Ehh..... and I thought this will be better....

Playability - 2
The levels in this campaign were thery short, triggers were the same as in Part 1.

Balance - 1
All levels were short, and very easy. No challenge.

Creativity - 2
Basicaly, it is Episode I, which is very baaaaaaaad. But the last level added 1 point to creativity, only because of boss battle. Everything in that last level was the same as in part 1 level 1. Oh, and I didn't seen anywhere that sandstorm trick.

Map Design - 2
It was even worse than in Part 1.....

Story/Instructions - 2
No comments.

Overall: I though it would be alot better than Part 1. Outstandin trigger tricks - well, they are the same as in Part 1, sand storm trick - I didn't seen it anywhere.... Hey, c'mon! You can't always be on the same level of scenario designing!
Map Design1.0
Playability - 1
Each scenario lasts a max. and I'm being kind here, of 5 minutes. I did it in a significantly lower time. Really disappointing. It wasn't fun either. The Sand Storm 'trick' was unbelievably poor. Of course there are NO visual aids, and since your concentrating on Tuskens you just end up dying for an unknown reason. Throw it out the window. Also, trying to save multiple units of Zian Finnis acting as Imprisoned Pilots without a re-name, shows a lack of effort. Duel of the Fates, a cutscene level depicting the Darth Maul fighting Qui and Obi just can't realise SWGB's limitations. We have disappearing Obi-Wan's for him half-falling down the pit, and a decomposed and now invisible Qui-Gon, saying 'Train the boy.'

Balance - 2
It was even more of a millisecond slice-em-up than TPM movie, despite I have to admit, after leaving Obi to it on 'Protect the Queen' he ended up dead after being killed by Tuskens. I'll go into that half-a-minute scenario later. So, I've raised it mark because dying is remote, but it's still a possibility.

Creativity - 3
Although the opening scenario on the Trade Fed Battleship was of course SHORT, the cutscenes were suprisingly skillfully done. It was definetly worthy of a 4 if we had a demo mission, and thus I think I need to give this a 3 overall, even if the sand storm 'trick' was a Frankenstein-like 'experiment' was awful.

Map Design - 1
Definetly the worst of the lot. 'The Plan' (scenario) had a Naboo bridge with some fishy passable water on one side, and dirty grass on the other. Who knows what was on the rest of the maps, since the lifespan of each map is likely to be proportional to the amount of space we were subjected too. The first and last maps were sutibly metallic, but anyone could knock them together, with the Trade Fed's Red colour detracting some of that feel. The Judas Iscariot is definetly 'Protect the Queen'. Based on 'Tatooine', you play on a game map consisting of blank red planet terrain closed off by forest (trees on Tatooine - maybe the odd one, but such a gathering!?!?) is just awful. Amateur stuff. Hopefully the resting of the sand-storm 'trick', which is strange on red planet terrain with no sand, protected by trees. I didn't take of marks necesserely for geographical stupidity and impossibility. Farlander and any player will confirm this.

Story / Instructions - 1
I'm disappointed by this. Everyone knows TPM's plot, but there are always one or two sentance messages for everything. The Loss message as a good example, is noticeably bad English. 'You lost your life and the queen too'. As for how story goes, the entire encounter with Anakin, possibly the greatest life-changing moment in Obi's life is missed out. If someone is content to telling the story of TPM, they need to keep some consistency with the plot. Once or twice, actual movie quotes could have been used - I didn't deduct points for that.

This campaign should not have been made if you ask me, it's been done before, and an alternative story before TPM would be able to utilise the author's imagination. If I sound evil, it's because I think this author might actually have talent, but needs to understand what talent in SWGB is and with a bit more experience under his or her belt who knows. When she/he understands the limitations in SWGB, she can progress with worthwhile elements.

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Map Design1.5
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