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A Missing General

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Fixed Force
In this senerio General Dodonna is somewhere on one of kashyyyks moons and you have to rescue him. You have Echuu Shen-Jon and some rebel troopers. The play isnt to hard but isnt out of balance.(one player over powers another)And as a side note i'm not accually ocarina warrior, i'm just submitting this through his name and wanted you to know that i'm not him.
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File Author
Note: Though this map was subbmitted under my SN, i did not make it. My brother made it. And i only helped him get used to making triggers, like how they work and stuff. I DID NOT MAKE THIS!!!

Playability - is 5 becasue theres definetly no glitches, and you can do more than just walk in a line. Its a fun map.

Balance - 5 because there is a challange. Though you start out with a couple of troopers, there are pleanty more you have to fight. My brother (who made this level) said that while playing it he himself ran into problems, chalange-wish i mean. Not to hard, not easy though.

Creativity - 5. This map is extreamly creative. C-3PO being an airport manager? And Yoda having a vacation home on on of Kashyyyk's moons? Thats very, differnt. Though extreamly creative. And if you actually scout out the whole map, you'll find a couple little secrets.

Map design - a definate 5. All the animals, the plants, and the elevation. Its just amazing. You'll just have to see for yourself.

Story/Instructions - 5. Making an alliance with wookies, crashing on one of Kashyyyk's moons. Very good story. And the instructions, very good. You always know what to do and where. But its not just giving you what to do, so its easy. Very good.
Map Design4.0
Playability: I give this a five because it's not possible to get stuck due to bugs.

Balance: I also give this a five because the amount of enemy troops you encounter does'nt overwhelm you, but there is still plenty of challenge.

Creativity: The five on this one is because of the author's great imagination. Just the... oops. No giveaways.

Map Design: The Map Design was great but one thing brought it down. The mass amounts of plants. Plants are good in smaller amounts but too many can ruin a perfectly good map. Other than that the map was quite good.

Story/Instructions: Five because the story was good and the instructions were always clear. There were a few spelling errors but I found that too small to bring it down to a four.
Map Design3.0
Playability-4: I mean I played it, there weren't any bugs, but then again, there were only about 5 triggers.

Balance-2: It was too easy. I see no way to die realistically, Echuu could have beaten the scenario himself.

Creativity-3: Well...the story wasn't made up by George Lucas, so I guess it's creative in that way.

Map Design-3: This wasn't too bad, but the flowers were overkill, and I think the center area needed more regular looking trees, also too many animals. The characters needed to be renamed! The airport attendant shouldnt be named C3PO, instead it should say 'Airport Attendant.' This would have made the scenario a lot more classy.

Overall-3.2: It was kind of fun to play, worth a quick download, but not that fun. I think I could make the same scenario in all of 10 minutes. And by the way, never grade a relative's scenario, especially giving them all 5s, it was definitely not a 5 scenario. Keep working on more scenarios though, it's a good start!
Ocarina654 I can't find the password for my previous account, and I can't find the email I signed up with for that account, so its basically dead.

This is, however, OcarinaWarrior, and I hereby denounce this map. Again, it wasn't made by me, and I realized after I posted that review that it probably made me look full of myself, like I was trying to boost my own scores.

Sorry if it appeared that way, and, well, it probably did.

You can and should ignore my comments above, please, and thank you.

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