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On The Hunter's Trail - SPECIAL EDITION

Author File Description
Tholm Mosou
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
On The Hunter's Trail - SPECIAL EDITION

The special edition of my campaign On the Hunter's Trail.

All bugs and faults etc are fixed! SHARE AND ENJOY!!

Please read the Intelligence first.
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Master Echuu
Map Design4.0
Tholm Mosou has done a great job touching up his scenario, On the Hunter's Trail. Using advice from both Aftermath and myself, this scenario has been well modified.

The playabilty of the scenario was great for the most part. There were no ownership problems with Pekt, which some scenarios can have that ruin it. The player had to do a little exploring to try and find his way around, instead of just a straightforward path, which more expert made scenarios need. A problem I found was the frigate in the pool of water. I performed standard combat at first, not knowing that it was invincible, which forced me to use a health pack. Maybe more of a warning would have been nice. This earns a 4 mostly because there isn't a lot of variety of gameplay in the scenario. Perhaps combination switch puzzles, or stealing a vehicle would have been cool.

This is by far the best improvement to the scenario. Instead of dying 5 times from the traps, I only died once. More warnings were given this time, and the computer and turrets firing at you was a clue to tell you that room was the one that destroyed the frigate. The standard combat was also improved. I had to use all of my health packs in order to survive, which was a big step up from last time. Well done Tholm.

Many creative aspects were brought into the scenario. The use of sidewalk sounds and room background brought the area to life a little more. A nice use of patrols and gangsters were a great touch to the city. The author also included the taunt activated health system, which most designers in their early stages don't include in their work. This was given a 4 mostly because many of these features are not new.

Nar Shadda was excellently made. The use of prefab shelters and a few Coruscant/Bespin buildings here and there was a great idea. Nice use of rubble and wreckage throughout the streets also. A place like that is usually a disorganized place, and that was well supported. The Imperial Base was also well improved. The author used a mix of all the metal types, which brought some more detail to the level. This stands at a 4 mostly because only about half of the map was used.

A well told story which was a great backstory to 'Escape From Frask'. The instructions were clear for the most part. Also, it was told how to defeat the frigate before you actually encountered it. The improvements you made earned you a 5.

Great Job, Tholm Mosou! You have really improved this campaign to be quite immpressive! Good luck with the rest of your projects!

If you need any help, you can always ask in my help thread in the Scenario Design Forum!

Map Design4.0
Playability : (4) I enjoyed marching Pekt through the shambles and rot of Nar Shadaa, the scenario didn't take too long to finish, so it didn't get tedious to play.
The plot was good enough to keep me interested and i like the way this scenario ties in with the creators other work, "Escape From Frask"

Balance: (5) More enemies = More near-death situations, and this is a good thing. I needed to use the majority of the health packs included, a vast improvement from the last version. The Strike Mechs were a challenge to take down as well.

Creativity: (5) I think that the use of the prefab shelters was good and the way Nar Shadaa was portrayed, its nice to see a scenario with a character like Pekt, its rare.
The traps on this level were great, i haven't seen Invisible Turrets used before, the Heal-Taunt AI was used well as was the power pack feature. I loved the part where i needed to make the droids move to power the reactors to open the gates. Tholm has even given me many ideas for my campaign , i hope he doesn't mind me 'borrowing' them :p

Map Design: (4) Nar Shadaa was great, the patrols, the sounds and even the looks - and now its even better! More bespin buildings were great. I have in the past tried to recreate Nar Shadaa and i had nothing like the result Tholm had in this scenario, I tip my hat to you.
The rubble, ruins and wreckages were also great and added to the shambles that is Nar Shadaa. The military base has also stepped up too, with the addition of Space Walls and some other miscellaneous items the base has been given a more formal appearance.

Story/instructions: (5) As i said above, i like the way this scenario ties in with the designer’s previous work.
It provides a good bit of background for "Escape from Frask"
At no point in the scenario was i lost in what to do next. Since the first version, this 'department' of the campaign has come a long, long way. I didn't die because of the lack of instrcutions when it came to defeating the Frigate because the small cut-scene before it gave me hints.

Overall, i enjoyed playing the scenario. Well done to Tholm for his excellent Nar Shadaa.
Tholm is clearly a very talented designer with great potential, i look forward to seeing his next campaign.

~ Aftermath

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Fairly enjoyable. I kept me going till the end, at least--some campaigns aren't even interesting enough to bother finishing. No bugs to speak of.

Balance: 5

It's easy enough when you're only fighting troopers and criminals, but the bosses and cloaking turrets really make the scenario more challenging. Nice job with them.

Creativity: 3

The only new concept I noticed was the secret passage one. Everything else came from something else, but all the trigger/AI tricks were implemented well. The story was not incredibly remarkable, but it still did justice to the scenario.

Map Design: 4

Very nice map design both in the Imperial base and in Nar Shaddaa. My only grope was that Nar Shaddaa looked too repetitive with rows and rows of prefab shelters, though otherwise, it was quite good. The layout of the map was good.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions were clear, if a bit simple. All the usual explanations for health packs and the like were in there. The story was a fairly typical one, but it worked well enough.

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Map Design4.0
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