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A Wookiee's Legacy

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
-A Wookiee's Legacy-

In this scenario you join Chukkawok, spy for Galactic Republic Intelligence, in one objective - the complete destruction of the Sellius Crime Organization. The galaxy depends solely upon you...

Thank you for downloading, I sincerely hope you enjoy.

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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Fun Factor - Overall, a fun campaign to play. A little slow-paced at times, but quite enjoyable for the most part.

Bugs - Several game crashes; they did detract from the playing experience a little.

Balance: 4

A slight challenge. I found myself being defeated a few times, but usually that was out of carelessness or confusion. Most of the bosses could be defeated simply by trapping them in a corner and shooting away.

Creativity: 5

An excellent idea for the campaign. Good story. There were so many small tasks in so many different places instead of one big task for the one scenario, a new style which I found interesting.

Map Design: 4

Great outdoor map design. Sellius' base was particularly good. Most of the indoor map design was a little lackluster, though. Perhaps some more variation in terrain would have helped. (I did not see anything but "Metal 1" terrain indoors.)

Story/Instructions: 5

Great story. A very thorough and detailed set of instructions. At one point I didn't exactly understand what was going on, but everything else was clear.
Tholm Mosou
Map Design5.0
Playability- 4: An easy campaign to get used to, I found there was little not covered in the instruction segment apart from the Health Pack activation number, which ended up with me waiting to self-heal. However, the cutscene at the start was long-winded and got slightly annoying after dying several times. The only other error with playability was the choice of character. Chukkawook's range of 3 was not much compared to the enemies you had to compete with early on.

Balance- 3: Personally, it took a long time to get past the first couple of missions as I kept dying. There were no clear instructions on what to do with the guy at the start, and he out-ranged and out-gunned me, so I died several times until I found the flamethrower. Also, I had to simonsays these huge hordes of 20 Aurra Sings who kept turning up. Was I supposed to fight these with Chukkawok? After Bovo Yagen, though things improved and worked nicely from there on.

Creativity- 4: Nothing new was seen, except controlled artillery, and these weren't big. However, lots of old tricks were used and in just the right places, everywhere had interesting triggers and nothing was boring.

Map Design- 5: Basically what Cerrabore said. Wonderful map-design everywhere except the base where there was no variety in the terrain. This was made up for though in a huge amount of buildings and equipment that made it look really good.

Story / Instructions: Good, wonderful story and nice .bmp to go with. Nothing missed out but the trap info could have been in the Intelligence tab, where it would remain visible.

Overall: Great campaign that's worth the download. Good job Obese!
Map Design4.0
Playability: (4) Great fun to play, the plot kept me playing until the end. There were however, several game crashes, a prime example of one is during the chase on the speeder through the coruscant clouds. It took me a while to get around the constant crashing.

Balance: (4) Excellent, but not perfect. I died my fair share of times and killed the opponents with some trouble. The boss battles were hard without the use of the various gadgets and trap which the designer had intgrated into the scenario, a good example of this is Lord Sellius' assassin which you encounter in Chukkawok's 'apartment'

Creativity: (4) Not much new, but all of the cool tricks were used, flamethrowers, controllable turrets and such. The plot good too. I think that the idea of the republic having an intelligence agency was good. The creator also used unusual units for soldiers, this is another good creative element of the campaign

Map Design: (4) The map design was pretty good overall, but some parts let it down. In one or two areas the metal could've done with a little more mixing, and coruscant needed a few moer skyscrapers within Chukkawok's line of sight.

Story/Instrcutions: (5) Nothing to grumble about here. I understood it all, 'cept for the start cinematic, but it clicked after a while.

Overall, another great release by Obese! I look forward to see what the creator is cooking up now.

~ Aftermath
Darth Nai
Map Design4.0
Great job, I haven't played an RPG this fun for a while! My favorite part was the music, which i'd like to use in my Boba Fett campaign if it's ok with you. And no, the rating isn't a bribe, it really is that good!

this was the worst part at times. When the soldiers attacked the aggency for the first time, you had to think fast or a hero would die in about five seconds. In my opinion, that mass attack was harder than a boss.

"the scale" here is perfectly level.

A good, original plot which kept me playing despite the fact that there was one trigger that crashed my computer. I just got back on after the restart, and went right back to "A Wookie's Legacy". I liked how you used unusual units for troopers, which i'm guessing is because this took place before the Republic had a clone army.

-Map Design
Coruscant is more crowded than that. I liked the bui;ding coming out of the clouds, but there weren't enough for a 5.

Once again, the plot was original, and the instruction were also flawless.

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Map Design4.3
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