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The Tale of Sev'Rance Tann

Author File Description
Master Echuu
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 5
UPDATE: The campaign has been updated to fix a couple of minor problems in level 2 dealing with the bridge and the ending sequence.

Download the music pack for this campaign in the following mirror...

Music Mirror


Nearly one year has passed since the Battle of Geonosis, the battle that started the horrible Clone Wars. A crumbling Republic grows weaker with each passing day, and the Confederacy of Independant Systems grows stronger as new systems join Count Dooku's cause.

There has been no battle like Geonosis since the start of the war. Minor skirmishes between the two causes have erupted, usually ending with a victory for the Confederacy. For three months, the Republic has not been active and Count Dooku fears the worst. Their scanners and their most advanced radar systems cannot pick up any large enough trace of Republic activity to consider a real threat. Sending some of Count Dooku's best agents, he is reported back with intel, reguarding some sort of activity on the forest planet of Raiden V. Count Dooku calls upon an old reliable dark jedi, one who ensured him victories in the past, and one who was thought to have been killed one year ago, to rendezvous with him on the planet.

Count Dooku begins his investigation, and discovers a link to some valuable information. Information that only the elusive Sev'Rance Tann can fully discover, and to make a punishing manuever to...

Take control of the elusive Sev'Rance Tann, as she fights her way to victory for the Confederacy of Independant Systems. Fight on a number of planets, such as Alaris Prime, Raiden V, and Kejim VII. Sev'Rance will also encounter an old foe, and the mystery as to how Sev'Rance was revived after her duel with Echuu-Shen Jon will be revealed...

- Five Action-Packed Chapters
- Detailed Maps
- RPG Playing Style
- The Healing AI Trick (With the Use of Taunt 18)

A very special thanks goes to kowe_el_ewok, for creating the bitmap image for me, due to my limited knowledge of image designing.


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4

A very enjoyable campaign. It kept me playing till the end. Most of the levels were very interesting and fun to pay, however, some levels, such as Chapter II dragged on for a while without quite enough variety. The Healing Trick and Force powers added more interest to the campaign.

Balance: 5

This begins with a relatively easy mission, though it was still somewhat challenging. The levels get progressively harder. Chapter IV is extremely hard; it took me hours of tries to complete it. The Healing Trick was useful for keeping alive, but it did not make the levels too easy.

Creativity: 4

Truthfully, I would have ranked this a "3." There were really nothing "new" about this campaign; the only particular highlight was the Healing Trick and the "(8)" switches, and they were far from new. Chapter IV was nearly a copy of "Skyhook Battle" from Shadows of the Empire; only the units were changed and you had to destroy the reactor cores. It even had the same custom music score. The reason I gave this a "4," then? Chapter V. This really does make up some for the lack of creativity in other levels. I won't give away what it is exactly, but you'll like it...

Map Design: 5

The maps looked very nice and had good layouts. Plenty of examples of eye-candy. No problems here.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story was good, if a little typical. The instructions were clear and explained everything I needed to do for the missions. The author provided plenty of tips for success in the Intelligence section while not giving away anything that would spoil the mission.

Miscellaneous Comments

The author included custom music for use in the scenarios. These contributed nicely to the atmosphere, but some of the tracks were a little long. The entire "Jango's Escape" track was included in Chapter II, and some of it is not even battle music. Perhaps some editing would have helped.
Map Design5.0
Another great release by Master Echuu!

Playability: (5) Kept me going and enthusiastic 'till the very end of the campaign, if i died i would reload, no giving up or quitting to try again later as i would normally do ;)
All of the levels were enjoyable and each varied slightly throughout.

Balance: (5) Just right. As Chook said, the levels get progressively harder, yet they maintain balance throughout, i died a few times in a couple of places but it wasn't a pushover to complete either.
Heal-taunt AI helped too.

Creativity: (4) Its an RPG, what more can i say? '8' markers for switches, heal-taunt AI - but all of these features were used well and appropriately.
The 'Camo Turrets' were a neat idea and i'd never have thought of something like it, And you've gotta love Chapter V ;)

Map Design: (5) Map design was great; the jungles looked right, enough plants, rocks and a good mix of terrains to save staring at Dirt 2 all the way through the level.
The design on the interior levels was great too, scaffolding, space walls and a really effective mix of metals which was consistent all the way through the level.

Story/Instructions: (5) All of the tabs were used efficiently, no secrets were given away to the plot and enough information on the level was given. I was never at a loss of what to do next, objectives were always clear.

Overall, this is a fine campaign. Congratulations to Kowe_el_Ewok for creating the excellent bitmap too.
I look forward to seeing more of your work Master Echuu.

~ Aftermath
Map Design4.0
An excellent campaign by Master Echuu! Well done!

Playability - 5
The playability was excellent. I don't believe I found any bugs, it was fun, exciting and...well, inspiring. It's a campaign that I want to play again and again.

Balance - 5

Well, there were no balance problems (such as too easy and too hard, naturally), so it obviously should recieve a '5'. I died my fair share of times, but not too many as to annoy me or anything of the sort.

Creativity - 5

Creativity was very, very good. I loved the ending, what with the creativity involved. One little problem that I found was that the Space Battle reminded me too much of the Space Battle in SoTE. But, other than that it was great.

Map Design - 4

The Map Design in the campaign was better than average, but in some parts it seemed to lack...something. Such as in the Space Battle, with the Space Station, it could've had more to it. Other than that, though, it was all above average.

Story/Instructions - 5

Excellent story, absolutely excellent. The instructions were easy to follow, easy to comprehend, etc. Nothing in the storyline was foolish or hard to believe, even the power that Echuu gained at the end was neat.

Over all, a must have campaign!

Map Design5.0
overal GREAT!

Playability 5: it was great easy to understand and really fun to play

Balance: Very balanced

Creativity: Tann coming back 1 after she "Died" you can't get much more creative than that.

Map Design: you can tell MasterEchuu spent a lot of time on this map design.

Story/Instructions: It really got you in to the storyline.
Map Design5.0
Playability:5 It Was Almost As Good As Shadows Of The Empire Done By SCN Punk. But This Is A Masterpeice.
Balance:5 You Stayed On The Story Line But The Second Station Holding The New Armor Just What???.
Creativity:5 Nice Work Though I Didn't Like The Station Holding The Plans It Was Brilliant
Map Design 5: The Worst One Was The Station Holding The Plans
Story / Instructions:5 Nice Job

Overall:One Of The Best Camaigns EVER!!!!!!!!!
Scn Jedi
Map Design5.0
Playability 4 - I would have given this a 5 because it was easy to play and the paths were well put out. If I could I would have given this 4.5 but I couldn't. The reason I dropped some was because of the end of Chapter 2. There was a fight sequence with a bunch of Wookiees and for some reason once I had destroyed every Wookiee on the map she just stood there and I had no control and thus had to skip the level.

Balance 5 - Not too easy, not too hard. Apart from Chapter 4 with the space station.

Creativity 5 - Although the concept of bringing people back to life is an old one it was used very well here. I won't spoil it though.

Map Design 5 - The maps had lots of detail but not so much that the game lagged.

Story/Instructions 5 - The story was very well made and instructions were easy to follow.

Comments - Okay I'll admit it, I haven't had this much fun since FFF, SotE and LitBC. Also congratulations on being accepted into SCN Punk.
Map Design4.0
PLAYABILITY: (4) I though it wasn't bad.... but with the level on Alaris Prime I found that I kept Getting lost and eventually had to reveal the map in my frustration. The rest of the missions weren't bad though. The Mission with infiltrating the republic base to kill the armour was a bit repeditive with the same enemies over and over. Not bad at all though.

BALANCE: (4) Through the missions I noticed that I was facing the same enemies over and over again, and though I was progressing through the mission the battles weren't getting harder. I gave you a 4 because you couldn't really change the difficulty of the enemies on the first two missions because while searching through the jungles you might find an Ultra-Hard enemy and get crushed. The enemies were quite easy except for the space station level. That level took my three goes to finish because I reckon your ship needs more hit-points to counter those fighters that seek you out.

CREATIVITY:(3) Not really anything new, the campaign could almost pass for the Clone Campaigns Confederacy Campaign if it was B&D. That was a dissapointment for me, I was hoping for something new.

MAP DESIGN: (4) Map design was good, with appropriate Eye Candy for the setting, I liked those camoflage turrets, they were well hid in the trees.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: (4) The Story was nothing new unfortunatley. The Instructions were comprehensive and easy to understand even if not easy to carry out :D

OVERALL: Not a Bad effort, keep up the good work Echuu!

P.S: I like Chapter V :D
Arbiter1175 Nice campaign. Just a thing, what are you supposed to do on the bridge level, I went to the Bridge Repair thing multipul times even with a turned Wookie, and nothing happened...eventually I used the skywalker cheat to skip, other than that, great campaign. =D

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