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The Felowship of the Ring

Author File Description
Viceroy SithLord
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 6
I am submitting this again because I don't think it worked last time...

As I said before there is no mods and is based more on the film. Last mission & bonus mission missing because I can not get them off my game. Hope you like it!
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The Crazed Ewok
Map Design3.0
Playability 3: No comment

Balance 3: It was too easy to win. Half the enemies were plain workers.

Creativity 2: Basically all you did was rush in, kill the badies and leave. It seems as if this project was rushed, it could have been alot better. If this project were made with mods, for example.

Map Design 3: The map was ok, but it didn't have much eyecandy. There could have been more complex and better design. My suggestion would be to add more things, such as trees, plants...that sort of stuff

Story/Instructions 2: Sometimes, things happen that I don't understand and follow. This is another hint of rushing
King Piccolo
Map Design4.0
It wasn't that bad.

Playability: 3 I gave you a 3 because it just wasn't enough. You could let all of the Fellowship except Frodo die and still win.

Balance: 2 A bit too easy.

Creativity: 4 Very creative. Considering that this is something very daring to do, it is very good.

Map deign: 4. I personally liked the way the map was done, it was very realistic.

Story/instructions: 2. The last level on the river is pretty bad in all ways, especially the storyline. I was walking along in Moria, found a rancor with lava and had Legolas shoot him. I then walked across the bridge, and gandalf lived. You said that the ave troll could be killed only by Gimli and Legolas, but I unleashed Sam, Merry and Pippin, and they took car of him. pretty lacking here.
Map Design3.0
Good concept, but there were several problems that I'm sure with some practice and time can be worked out.

In the intro level (nice concept, having that little cutscene, I liked that)- why is Rivendell an enemy of our little Fellowship? This is a problem throughout the campaign, actually. I believe the author forgot to set the allies as allies.

Also, I'm going to nitpick for a minute mainly because the storyline is so good, it could easily be perfected by a little work on improving script and grammar.

On the level at the Gates of Moria- Why does it say Moria is defeated at the very start of the level? And what is the Watcher's Head? I come to a gate Frodo is supposed to open with a password or soemthing, it doesn't open, and I end up shooting this fish, then the level ends. It makes no sense to me, at least. Maybe it's just because I forgot about something in the movie.

On the Mines of Moria level- Why does the team color of the Fellowship change at this point from grey to blue?
I also don't understand the bit about the goblin workers supposedly concentrating their attack on Gimli- they do no such thing as far as I can see.

On the Lorien level- I could not get to Lothlorien. Is't across that stream, is it not? Anyway, I had to force the victory on that one so I coudl proceed. However, after doing that, the next level, with Galadriel, was so buggered up I coudln't play it at all. I'm afraid I couldn't even stay in the game without it shutting my whole comp down for more than a moment, so I can't even surely pinpoint the problem.

I guess the main problem was trouble with triggers, not surprisingly. I haven't even mastered those bothersome thing meself, so I feel your pain. But for instance, on the Moria level, I went past the Cave Troll the first time, and went exploring all the way to the Bridge, but nothing happened. I went back, found the Cave troll, but now the final sequence with the Balrog wasn't triggered. Anyway, my advice there is if you can't link the triggers, just put a gate or something in the way so one can't go anywhere but where they are supposed to go next.

All that being said, the concept is magnificent, and I sincerely hope the author will continue to work to improve this, and also create campaigns of the rest of the LotR trilogy. I was skeptical at first, but really, the characters of GBG can be made to resemble LotR. Good job on envisioning that! :)

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Map Design3.3
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