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On the Hunter's Trail

Author File Description
Tholm Mosou
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
In this campaign, you play as Pekt, the famed Trandoshan bounty hunter. He has landed on the 'Smuggler's Moon', Nar Shaada. Here, he is to track down the infamous Admiral Fiscof, who for some reason is on the most-wanted list of Lord Vader himself!

This is the prologue to 'Escape from Frask'.
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Master Echuu
Map Design3.0
First of all, I would just like to say that even though Tholm Mosou hasn't been with us for very long, his first projects show great potential in Scenario Designing.

The playabilty of the scenario was great for the most part. There were no ownership problems with Pekt, which some scenarios can have that ruin it. The player had to do a little exploring to try and find his way around, instead of just a straightforward path, which more expert made scenarios need. A problem I found was the frigate in the pool of water. I performed standard combat at first, not knowing that it was invincible, which forced me to use a health pack. Maybe more of a warning would have been nice.

This is what needs a little fixing. I think perhaps one health pack should have been taken away, since it was not needed. Perhaps in the communication jamming room, have the player recieve a power up instead of a health pack. Another thing that really brought the balance down a lot were the random traps. When trying to destroy the frigate, you have to activate 1 out of 4 switches, and activating the wrong one resulted in instant death. The player should have been given a warning, so they could have had a chance to escape the room before they died. Or perhaps some kind of clue as to what switch to hit. Good balance requires the scenario beatable in one try, but still challening. Anybody who beat this without dying once is extremely lucky.

Many creative aspects were brought into the scenario. The use of sidewalk sounds and room background brought the area to life a little more. A nice use of patrols and gangsters were a great touch to the city. The author also included the taunt activated health system, which most designers in their early stages don't include in their work.

This may seem like a weird score, but it fits. Nar Shadda was excellently made. The use of prefab shelters and a few Coruscant/Bespin buildings here and there was a great idea. Nice use of rubble and wreckage throughout the streets also. A place like that is usually a disorganized place, and that was well supported. What needs work is the imperial base. Not a whole lot to look at besides regular walls and shipyard equipment. I would use Space Walls 3 and 4 instead of the regular walls. I would also add more of the 'Other' like scaffoldings and Confederacy Supply Crates. Also, use every metal type and use the 'Tiny' drawing tool and mix the metals. Make the floors messy with metal. Also, another point was deducted because only half of the map was used.

A well told story which was a great backstory to 'Escape From Frask'. The instructions were clear for the most part. Though more of a warning should have been given about the traps.

Great Job, Tholm Mosou! With a little work, this can be in tip-top shape. I can see you have excellent potential in being a talented scenario designer!

If you need any help, you can always ask in my help thread in the Scenario Design Forum!


Map Design4.0
Playability : (4) I enjoyed marching Pekt through the shambles and rot of Nar Shadaa, the scenario didn't take too long to finish, so it didn't get tedious to play.
The plot was good enough to keep me interested and i like the way this scenario ties in with the creators other work, "Escape From Frask"

Balance: (3) Pekt didn't get killed by any enemy force in this scenario, perhaps bringing the health of Pekt down a little and having a few more challenging enemies would be good. Although, like Master Echuu said, i did die when the switch filled the room with water. Other than that Master Echuu has covered all the other major details regarding the balance.

Creativity: (3) I think that the use of the prefab shelters was good and the way Nar Shadaa was portrayed, its nice to see a scenario with a character like Pekt, its rare.
I'm giving a 3 because not much was new, though the traps were good; everything else has already been done. Its either a high 3 or a low 4 for this category.

Map Design: (4) Nar Shadaa was great, the patrols, the sounds and even the looks. I have in the past tried to recreate Nar Shadaa and i had nothing like the result Tholm had in this scenario, I tip my hat to you.
The rubble, ruins and wreckages were also great and added to the shambles that is Nar Shadaa. Although the Military base was kind of bare, i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and therefore a 4 in this category.

Story/instructions: (4) As i said above, i like the way this scenario ties in with the designer’s previous work.
It provides a good bit of background for "Escape from Frask"
At no point in the scenario was i lost in what to do next. However, i was confused as how to beat the frigate, i fought it for a little while and then went exploring, i found the switches and didn't know what they were for, so i pulled it and died :-|
A little more hints and tips regarding the traps would go along way :)

Overall, i enjoyed playing the scenario. Well done to Tholm for his excellent Nar Shadaa.
With a couple modifications here and there the score will rise to what this scenario really deserves and the designer is capable of achieving.

~ Aftermath

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