Civilizations - Confederacy

Trooper and Mech Civilization

The Confederacy was a large collection of thousands of systems forged together to crush the Republic. Count Dooku, a former Jedi Master, recognized thousands of groups that sought the destruction of the Republic. On Geonosis, he gathered the major leaders, including the Neimodians from the Trade Federation, and then forming the mighty confederacy. In just two years of time, he had a huge army of super battle droids and Trade Federation assault droids, hoping to use their armies to defeat the peaceful Republic. Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Senator Amidala were all captured on Geonosis and sentenced to death. Mace Windu then organized a huge one hundred-man army of Jedis to save them. The battle raged on, and hopes that the Jedi would win, was slim. But as soon as they were at their feet, Master Yoda came in and brought a huge army of Clones, horribly pounding the army of the Confederacy. Although the first battle of the Clone Wars was a defeat for the Confederacy, it gave Dooku an advantage, for he was actually working under the Dark Sith Lord, Sidious. This war was just a huge scheme for the Sith Lord to weaken the Repubic and part of his plan to destroy the Jedi Council.

The confederacy's excellent troopers and powerful Mechs make them a formidable enemy and ally. Although they lack in Air, they have a special unique unit, known as the Geonosian warrior, which excels in defeating ground troopers. Their multiple animal units all have their unique proficiencies and their strong workers are something to Reckon with.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Geonosian Diligence Workers work +10% faster, and now have a +2 attack against troopers and buildings, and a +4 attack against Turrets
Droid Upgrades All troopers have +25 HP and attack is increased by +3
Geonosian Engineers Heavy Weapon Factory units gain +10% speed; lowers the reload time (except for Pummels) by second per shot

Civilization Bonuses:
Workers gain basic training upgrades automatically.
Predators can be produced at the animal nursery

Team Bonus:
Cargo Hovercraft returns +25% Nova

Aircraft take 5% longer to build and are 5% more expensive

Unavailable to the Confederacy:
Heavy Strike Mech, Advanced Redesign, Advanced Frigate, Heavy Destroyer, Advanced Cruiser, Sith Master, Force Strong, Jedi/Sith Concentration, Faith in the Force, Force Influence, Jedi/Sith Perception, Jedi Mind Trick, Reinforced Frame, Advanced Flight School, Efficient Manufacturing, Shield Modifications, Armored Plate work, Advanced Power Pack, Advanced Propulsion, Redoubled Efforts