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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:Scenario Design Help Thread
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Jedi Padawan
(id: Master Echuu)
posted 07-28-03 01:20 PM EDT (US)         
The Scenario Design Help Thread

Greetings, fellow Scenario Designers. I'm just letting you know that the Help Thread has been emptied so that you won't have to shuffle through 25 pages of questions and answers before you ask your questions. Instead, take a look at the Scenario Design Page that Angel AoErat has provided and already posted for us in his other thread, and take a look at everything there is to know about Scenario Design before asking any questions.

Happy Designing.

Clone Trooper
posted 07-12-07 01:37 AM EDT (US)     1891 / 2270       
Hi. First of all, it's great to see an active community for SWGB around.

I have a problem concerning tasking multiple units to go to one location (to bring them together for a fight, or to just have them go somewhere). I task them one group at a time - the problem is, sometimes it will let me drag a box to select multiple units and work - other times, it won't (usually right after it lets me drag-select). This is a little frustrating, any help would be appreciated.

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This is the rise of the Grey Alliance, and the end of the galaxy as we know it. (coming soon)
Clone Trooper
posted 07-12-07 09:47 AM EDT (US)     1892 / 2270       
Welcome, Lord_Lion!
This happens to me ALL the time! xD Most of the time, I just task each individual unit (unless there's lots of them) in which case I would ussually reload the editor. Don't forget to save your game, though. =_=;

Edit: Also, try double clicking on a group of units. It will only select units of that type, but it is still useful.

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Clone Trooper
(id: Bando_Gora1138)
posted 07-14-07 12:07 PM EDT (US)     1893 / 2270       
I know this is a Scenario DESIGN help thread, but is it possible someone can answer a question about a problem I have PLAYING a scenario. I finally got around to downloading the Station X39 trilogy, and am having some trouble with Station X39 that prevent me from moving forward.

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Clone Trooper
posted 07-16-07 00:20 AM EDT (US)     1894 / 2270       
Sorry i had a question here but i figured it out and i dont know how to delete the reply completely so i just edited.

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Orrion Carn
Clone Trooper
posted 08-04-07 10:09 PM EDT (US)     1895 / 2270       
I have a problem concerning tasking multiple units to go to one location (to bring them together for a fight, or to just have them go somewhere). I task them one group at a time - the problem is, sometimes it will let me drag a box to select multiple units and work - other times, it won't (usually right after it lets me drag-select). This is a little frustrating, any help would be appreciated.
What you need to do is this: First Create a new trigger, then create effect0, then select task object(s), press the button "Set Area" and set it underneath the units you want to task. Leave the Source Player drop box alone, Press the button that says "object list type" and select the units you want to to task and that's it. I hope.

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Clone Trooper
posted 08-07-07 02:48 PM EDT (US)     1896 / 2270       
Um I have a questionabout one of the triggers. How do I get it so it constantly respawns units from a building or an area? I've tried a few things but it won't work. I'm new at this so any other help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
THE Fake Bryl
SWGBH Downloads Admin
(id: The Real Bryl)
posted 08-07-07 03:21 PM EDT (US)     1897 / 2270       
Just use a looping create object trigger in the desired area. Make sure you use a timer, and to move the units away when they're spawned, or you'll get loads of units everywhere.

The "Real" Bryl
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Echuu Shen Jon13
Clone Trooper
posted 08-18-07 03:01 PM EDT (US)     1898 / 2270       
Does someone know where I can found that sound when you hear as you're attacked?

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Clone Trooper
posted 08-18-07 06:19 PM EDT (US)     1899 / 2270       
Its not with anywhere in the sound folder Im afraid - You'l have to browse through the sounds.drs using the DRS Viewer. I think The Grey Fox should know the exact number/id of the sound as he replaced it with a different sound in his High Concentration campaign so you'd probably do well to email him.
Clone Trooper
posted 08-18-07 06:23 PM EDT (US)     1900 / 2270       
It's in the interfac drs and since the interfac drs has a small amount of sounds within it. I would wager it would be easy to find by simple trial and error.

Either way though you've got to use a mod.

Clone Trooper
posted 08-18-07 06:47 PM EDT (US)     1901 / 2270       
Ahhh. It depends whether(sp?) he's planning on replacing it or just extracting it for triggered use in a scenario though.
Clone Trooper
posted 08-18-07 07:24 PM EDT (US)     1902 / 2270       
Oh right.

Echuu Shen Jon13
Clone Trooper
posted 08-18-07 08:12 PM EDT (US)     1903 / 2270       
Thanks, guys.

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Clone Trooper
posted 09-05-07 07:05 AM EDT (US)     1904 / 2270       
Hi everybody, sorry for the long off-line, I've married my boy friend.

Okay first I want to repair my old Trigger that Captain Panaka use in his Starwars Trilogy map :

Trigger 0
Condition 0
Bring object to object (Player)

Action 0
active Trigger 1 (Timer)


Just like the last, do it as long as you the Hero to fight the enemy


I've figure this Trigger better than the last one, the last one Trigger is a little... Bug if I can say.

(oh if there's someone already post it, sorry)

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Clone Trooper
posted 09-09-07 01:47 AM EDT (US)     1905 / 2270       
question. how do i get the computer players to not move any of there units at all unless there attacked. basicly whats happing is when i start my game all the computer units just start roaming around when i need them to stay were they are.
Clone Trooper
posted 09-09-07 02:31 AM EDT (US)     1906 / 2270       
You need the Immobile AI file. Search it up in the downloads section.

Echuu Shen Jon13
Clone Trooper
posted 09-09-07 05:56 PM EDT (US)     1907 / 2270       
Right, I'm making a Tatooine city map.

The city itself is done, but I would like to place something to surround it, to 'close' it. Any ideas?

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Kongou Dess
(id: Moff Yittreas)
posted 09-09-07 06:08 PM EDT (US)     1908 / 2270       
A wall?

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Clone Trooper
posted 09-09-07 06:54 PM EDT (US)     1909 / 2270       
thanks noobo
Echuu Shen Jon13
Clone Trooper
posted 09-09-07 07:38 PM EDT (US)     1910 / 2270       
Yes, I tought of walls, but not the civ...maybe Empire?

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General Nikola
Clone Trooper
posted 10-11-07 12:00 PM EDT (US)     1911 / 2270       
''Hello, I'm new here. I have a small problem. Every objective I make for my scenario appears striked-through. For example:
-I set up a trigger, (Trigger 1, loop off, active on, display as objective on) and type the description blahblah... Add the conditions and effects (not important).

-Later on, I set a trigger (Trigger 2, loop off, active off, DAO on), type the desc...

-And I choose a random trigger (Trigger 3), so when Trigger 3 fires, Trigger 2 is activated.

-And when I Test the scenario, it displays ''objectives changed'', and in the obj. box, the desc. from Trigger 1 is striked-through. Later on, when Trigger 2 fires, the objective in it is also striked through. What should i do?''

Never mind, I figured it out.

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HG Alumnus
posted 10-12-07 07:14 AM EDT (US)     1912 / 2270       
Welcome to SWGBH Nikola

I can see you solved the problem yourself, if you need anything else don't hesitate to post here.

A f t y


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Leon S Kennedy
Clone Trooper
posted 10-21-07 02:30 AM EDT (US)     1913 / 2270       
I've got a vista problem with my mod installer any clues... basically... It says that it cannot detect SWGB

Leon S. Kennedy
"Unfortunate for us both, I like crazy..."
Clone Trooper
posted 10-21-07 03:49 AM EDT (US)     1914 / 2270       
Orrion Carn had an article on something like that... try search it up

Clone Trooper
posted 11-09-07 11:42 AM EDT (US)     1915 / 2270       
While i create my force powers in my new taunt based menu scenario i came to think of using a random system, that will randomly choose between 2 forces.

Force power one:
The unit will shoot frozen bullets (+att 5)
Active for 1 min. Then the attack add is deducted.

Force power one:
The unit will shoot Fire bullelts (+att 8)
Active for 2 min. Then the attack add is deducted.

The thing is that i like to know how i can make a random system that once i activate my force power it randomly chooses one of these two force powers. But i have no idea how i can make a random system. I hope you can help me, because this could be good for dynamic gameplay.

Is this a possible trick to find a suitable answer for?

Thanks in advance

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Thid Mannet
Clone Trooper
posted 11-11-07 03:23 PM EDT (US)     1916 / 2270       
Okay, so I'm still a newbie at scenario editing, and I have three players on the map. I am player 1, player 2 is my enemy, and I want player 3 to be reinforcements for my team after I destroy a certain building. I can get the Destroy Objects condition to work, but then the Change Ownership will not let me select all of my Player 3 to have them change to my side. I try to select them all, but only one wil highlight. I have tried to set it to freeze player 3 from the start, and I have the same trouble. I don't know if I have chosen the best way to do this, but it worked properly on a different scenario that I made. What should I do, and why is it not working right?

And also, I posted this as a topic as well on accident, how can I get rid of that?
Clone Trooper
posted 11-27-07 07:34 PM EDT (US)     1917 / 2270       
How do I make other things besides jedi invisible?
Clone Trooper
posted 11-28-07 06:16 PM EDT (US)     1918 / 2270       
Genie edit.

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Clone Trooper
posted 11-29-07 03:55 PM EDT (US)     1919 / 2270       
Hi all, i'm pretty new to this, just tried using the scenario editor yesterday, and have made a map I like, but i'm having some trouble using it.

I tried to define the start points by placing command centres in the editor, but I want the locations of the teams to be randomized between the 8 places, as I have it now, player 1 is always in the same place no matter what.

Also, the editor AI is overruling whatever options I set for the game in the game options screen, the editor makes me define which players each faction is aligned with, but I play a lot of LAN with my mates so I want it to be able to vary.

Basically, I think I'm going about it the wrong way. How do I go about defining starting locations for teams, without specifically putting units of that team there?

Ooh, one more thing, I have a few random Gaia heroes scattered around for players to discover, is there any way I can have a message appear when a hero is discovered?

Red Revolution
Clone Trooper
(id: master silver)
posted 01-06-08 03:21 PM EDT (US)     1920 / 2270       
About how many units can be created on the largest map setting without it crashing?

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