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Topic Subject:Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts
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Jedi Knight
posted 02-21-12 03:51 PM EDT (US)         

Welcome to Expanding Fronts
Star Wars Galactic battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts is a massive fan-made expansion that brings countless new units, gameplay features, and quality of life improvements to the classic LucasArts strategy game.

New Features

  • New Civilizations! Do battle with two entirely new playable civilizations; the seedy Zann Consortium crime syndicate, and the insectoid Geonosians. Each new faction is fully realized with a unique graphics set, as well as a competitive roster of new unique units and technologies.

  • New Units and Techs! The standard unit and tech tree roster of each civ has been enhanced with numerous new units and technologies. Use Transport Mechs to ferry infantry into battle; dominate the skies with the Interceptor; annihilate coastal defenses with Monitor ships; and much more!

  • New Maps! Expanding Fronts provides players with over two dozen new Random Map scripts, based on various worlds from the Star Wars universe. Over 100 new terrain options, native buildings that provide benefits when captured, and enhanced scripting capabilities make these settings more unique than anything ever seen before in GB. From the wastelands of Jakku to the snow-tipped peaks of Alderaan; the galaxy is yours to conquer!

  • Bigger Battles! Expanding Fronts greatly extends the maximum population limit, allowing players to field massive armies of up to 1,000 units! In addition, the maximum map size for skirmish games and scenarios has been increased, with experimental options ranging up to 640x640 tiles - over twice the size of the default Giant map!

  • Enhanced Scenario Editor! The barriers of the editor have been shattered with countless new enhancements. Off-grid object placement, new terrains, hundreds of added props, and completely new trigger conditions and effects make designing complex scenarios and campaigns easier than ever before!

  • Performance and Stability Improvements! Widescreen/Windowed mode support, increased framerate, and numerous user customization options allow GB to run on modern systems with ease.

    Can I help?
    Expanding Fronts is always looking for new helpers! We are currently in need of:

  • Concept artists to help us visualize units and structures for planned new civilizations.

  • Skilled 3D artists who can create, animate, and render infantry, animals, structures, and vehicles.

  • AI scripters to help ensure computer players know how to make effective use of all of the new units, techs, and features.

  • Writers and Scenario Designers to help us create new campaigns, as well as single and multiplayer scenarios that demonstrate the many new features Expanding Fronts brings to Battlegrounds.

    July 2019 Progress Report

    Expanding Fronts V1.2.1 (Exe Installer)

    Expanding Fronts V1.2.1 (Manual Installer)
    Google Drive Monthly Builds
    GExpanding Fronts V1.2.1a Hotfix

    New Scenario Editor Guide
    Troubleshooting Guide

    (Select thumbnail to view full image)












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    Expanding Fronts Mod

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 03-14-19 08:42 PM EDT (US)     2076 / 2086       
    Not sure if you guys are aware, but Geonosians start off with Sith Padawans but when you upgrade to Sith "knight" it's actually a nightsister warrior.
    Clone Trooper
    (id: The Vampire Slayer)
    posted 03-19-19 05:35 PM EDT (US)     2077 / 2086       
    That's fixed already. We'll have a new release build soon.

    @)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
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    Clone Trooper
    posted 03-23-19 06:58 PM EDT (US)     2078 / 2086       
    A few terrain suggestions...

    Murky green-yellow water and/or chemicals. Perfect for the polluted waters of Honoghr or the steaming puddles in the Kessel mines.

    Contaminated Rock
    Brownish stone covered in neon yellow residue. Another fitting terrain for Honoghr and Kessel's mines.

    Clouds of charged gas available in several colors.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 04-16-19 10:37 PM EDT (US)     2079 / 2086       
    I noticed something odd with the AI on the "Starkiller Base" map. The AI starts on normal and builds like it normally does, but shortly after it begins to stop building anything, it only built 1 troop center, 1 food processing center, and then at most 3 farms and then several houses, but they stop collecting carbon, then they have most of their workers collecting nova and ore, and without the processing centers. Then after they had collected all the nova on that starting location they all stop and stand idle. If they proceed to tech level 2, they build walls like normal, but still do nothing after.

    Not sure why, because it doesn't do that on any other map that I've noticed. Oh and if it's of any help I was playing against a medium/normal difficulty AI.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 05-12-19 11:14 AM EDT (US)     2080 / 2086       
    Question about the rebel allianace's "astromech repair" technology.

    it states that it allows all airbase units to automatically repair themselves. but rebel bombers don't repair themselves? even though they are an airbase unit. is this intended? or a bug?

    also, cargo freighters (the flying ones) can be attacked by neutral monsters that are on the ground, even though they are an air unit.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 05-17-19 02:03 AM EDT (US)     2081 / 2086       
    I was wondering, what do I have to do to make, say, a Jawa inside a command center from game start. I have followed all of the tutorials I can find, but no matter what I do in Advanced Genie editor, I can't make units in whichever building I want in a standard game. Just wondering what steps I should take. Thanks! I'm brand new at this and super excited to learn!
    Clone Trooper
    posted 07-22-19 05:46 PM EDT (US)     2082 / 2086       
    Anyone still alive here? I almost never hear anything.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 07-23-19 07:55 AM EDT (US)     2083 / 2086       
    For better or worse, a lot of general discussion about the mod has moved over to Discord.

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    Jedi Knight
    posted 07-30-19 10:07 AM EDT (US)     2084 / 2086       

    Although we've been somewhat quiet on official channels, the Expanding Fronts team has been hard at work preparing for our next major update, which we are hoping to get done before the end of summer. Included so far are performance and stability upgrades, especially in regards to multiplayer games. Also included will be an update to the game's 256 color palette. This switch will allow us to achieve higher-quality visuals for units, objects, and terrains featuring certain color shades - particularly red, purple, and aqua.

    An upgraded color palette allows for a more crisp and diverse selection of new colors


    One of our most significant additions to the Scenario Editor is multiple new terrain options. We now have over 100 new paintable terrains, including additional tree and carbon rock variants, allowing designers to create much more diverse and realistic environments in their scenarios. These terrains can also be used in custom Random Map scripts, allowing for limitless map-making potential. We've made good use of these terrains, plus the countless new props we've added to the Editor in our planned new campaigns, the first of which we are ready to reveal today: The Liberation of Naboo.

    A sample image featuring a small handful of over 100 new terrains.


    Word of the destruction of the Second Death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine has spread rapidly across the galaxy. On the tranquil world of Naboo - the Emperor’s homeworld - the populace has launched a surprise uprising. Taking advantage of the galaxy-wide confusion and panic across the Empire’s ranks, mass celebrations have erupted as thousands of citizens flood the streets of the capital city of Theed.

    However, the festivities are short-lived. After recovering from the momentary shock, a vengeful Imperial force storms Theed, sending the crowd into a panic. Many citizens scatter, fleeing Theed for the outlying towns and swamps under the cover of the ill-equipped Naboo Security Forces.

    This momentary spark of insurrection and the efforts of scattered ragtag resistance cells will not be enough to free Naboo from the Empire's grip. It will take an army - a Grand Army...

    An Imperial-occupied Naboo village.

    The Liberation of Naboo is a dual-civ campaign. You will play as both the Naboo and Gungans in an alternating chain of missions, with the ultimate goal to free Naboo from the Empire's grip once and for all. Captain Gavyn Sykes, an aging veteran of the Trade Federation invasion decades ago, takes the reins of the Naboo Royal Security Forces in a planet-spanning campaign to destabilize the Empire's presence.

    Meanwhile, deep in the Naboo swamps, Captain Naz Gegra seeks to reunite the scattered and disenfranchised elements of the Gungan Grand Army. With only a small handful of volunteers at his side, Captain Gegra fights an uphill battle to rebuild the once-powerful Gungan military, and drive the Empire's war machines off of Naboo for good.

    The Gungan/Naboo campaign takes places across a myriad of locations both on Naboo and in the space around it. In addition to Naboo's city streets, rolling plains, and dense swamps, players can expect to visit some of the lesser-known locales of the Naboo system, including frigid polar mountain ranges, the lush moons of Ohma-D'un and Rori, and the hostile prison and mining colonies of Storm.

    Otoh Mandassa under Imperial rule.


    The new enhancements to Expanding Front's Scenario Editor make designing lengthy cutscenes, complex RPG mechanics, and mind-bending puzzles much easier than ever before. However, we've opted to follow in the footsteps set by the original game, and by extension, Age of Empires II and its various expansions. The key to our design process is to ask ourselves - 'What would LucasArts/Ensemble have built if they had Expanding Fronts?' As such, we're using a somewhat minimalist approach that mimics the design styles of the classic campaigns - with some modern updates and new gameplay mechanics to show off the capabilities of our improved editing tools.

    Citizens celebrate on the streets of Theed.


    The scope of Star Wars, plus the capabilities of the Scenario Editor give us unlimited potential for crafting new stories. Our goals for the new maps - beyond simply looking good - is to provide an unparalleled gameplay experience through keen level design and environmental storytelling.

    With our new tools, we can craft more immersive worlds through the use of the map layout itself. We'll be showing a handful of examples from one of the upcoming campaign maps below. The map in question was originally featured in Galactic Battlegrounds' Gungan campaign and has been adapted as a key setpiece location for the first of our new campaigns.

    A forgotten waterside arch marks the border between the troubles of Naboo's past and present.


    Sharp-eyed players may recognize the elements of the original map, here notably overgrown after 30 years of neglect. So thorough was the Trade Federation's destruction of the once-bustling spaceport, that the Naboo government has largely abandoned any recovery efforts. When the Imperial occupation arrived years later, the abandoned space was deemed ideal for a staging ground and logistics base.

    Waterside defenses.

    The Imperials have paved over the ruins of the city, transforming it into a lifeless series of landing pads and supply depots that form a cancerous mark across the otherwise lush waterways and forests.

    Elsewhere, the scars of the Trade Federation's invasion are still visible. Overgrown droid and vehicle carcasses speckle the forests where their prison camps once occupied, serving as ghostly reminders of the horrors the Naboo people faced even before the Empire.

    Abandoned Trade Federation ruins mar the Naboo countryside and woodlands.

    The Liberation of Naboo is one of the numerous campaigns we have in the works. Our team has spared no expense in ensuring that every stage, trigger, and map element are tailored to provide a unique, challenging, and fun experience for our players, while at the same time staying true to the spirit of the original campaign designs. We have many plans for the future, and we'd like to get them built and onto your screens as quickly as possible. Until then, we'd like to once again express our thanks and appreciation of our followers.

    Now enlisting new recruits!


    Our plans for expanding fronts don't stop with what we've done. We have new campaigns, new units, and entirely new civilizations on our to-do list, but we need YOUR help to make them possible. We are currently looking for:

  • Concept Artists - We are looking for skilled concept artists to help us visualize and design structures, characters, and vehicles for our planned new civilizations. The more art we have, the better our modelers can put new in-game art assets together. Battlegrounds, like Age of Empires before it, uses a very distinct set of visual qualities for its architecture. Just by looking at a building, you can immediately tell what type of structure it is, what civilization it belongs to, and how far down the Tech tree they've advanced. We need artists that can meet those criteria with new and interesting designs for the new content we have planned. In addition to this, we will also need designs for new infantry, droids, tanks, spacecraft, boats, and artillery where pre-existing canon designs aren't available.

  • 3D Artists and Animators - Modelers are responsible for bringing our new planned new units to life. The requirements to help us out aren't very demanding, amateurs are certainly welcome to lend a hand. Because SWGB is a sprite-based game, the amount of detail we need on infantry models and animations is not particularly high, as can be seen in official renders of the original art. Most units have five main animation sequences: Standing, Walking, Attacking, Dying, and Decaying. Special units like Jedi and Workers have additional sequences such as using force powers or gathering resources. Generally, all of these animations are rather simple, typically ranging from 8-16 frames each.

    Technical knowledge of SWGB or AoK modding is certainly welcomed, but not necessary; we can handle most of that on our end. All that's required is a program capable of orthographic/parallel projection, and the ability to render the needed animations as a series of 2D images (using the correct camera/lighting setup for Battlegrounds) that we can convert into in-game sprites.

  • AI Scripters - Scripters teach the game's AI how to play the game. We need scripters capable of writing new strategies for the computer players that take advantage of the many new units, buildings, technologies, and gameplay elements available to players in Expanding Fronts. Scripters will also help to write scripts for new campaign levels. Anybody interested in learning AI scripting can take a look at the Computer Player Strategy Builder Guide for more details about the AI process.

  • Writers and Scenario Designers - We are looking for users skilled in the use of the Scenario Editor, as well as talented creative writers to help us craft our planned new campaigns. Our designers should have a good eye for map design and trigger use.

    If you or anybody you know has the skills and would like to contribute to the Expanding Fronts project, please let us know. You can get in touch with us here, or on our Discord server.

    "Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
    Expanding Fronts Mod

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  • NobleNerd
    Clone Trooper
    posted 07-30-19 04:15 PM EDT (US)     2085 / 2086       
    If we're getting Sykes, we gotta see Borvo and Kol Kotha worked in there as well.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 08-12-19 02:45 PM EDT (US)     2086 / 2086       
    Okay, that looks pretty awesome.

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