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Topic Subject:Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts
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Jedi Knight
posted 02-21-12 03:51 PM EDT (US)         

Welcome to Expanding Fronts
Star Wars Galactic battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts is a massive fan-made expansion that brings countless new units, gameplay features, and quality of life improvements to the classic LucasArts strategy game.

New Features

  • New Civilizations! Do battle with four entirely new playable civilizations; the Zann Consortium, Geonosians, First Order, and Resistance. Each new faction is fully realized with a unique graphics set, as well as a competitive roster of new unique units and technologies.

  • New Units and Techs! The standard unit and tech tree roster of each civ has been enhanced with numerous new units and technologies. Use Transport Mechs to ferry infantry into battle; dominate the skies with the Interceptor; annihilate coastal defenses with Monitor ships; and much more!

  • New Maps! Expanding Fronts provides players with over 40 new Random Map scripts, based on various worlds from the Star Wars universe. Over 100 new terrain options, native buildings that provide benefits when captured, and enhanced scripting capabilities make these settings more unique than anything ever seen before in GB. From the wastelands of Jakku to the snow-tipped peaks of Alderaan; the galaxy is yours to conquer!

  • Bigger Battles! Expanding Fronts greatly extends the maximum population limit, allowing players to field massive armies of up to 1,000 units! In addition, the maximum map size for skirmish games and scenarios has been increased, with experimental options ranging up to 640x640 tiles - over twice the size of the default Giant map!

  • Enhanced Scenario Editor! The barriers of the editor have been shattered with countless new enhancements. Off-grid object placement, new terrains, hundreds of added props, and completely new trigger conditions and effects make designing complex scenarios and campaigns easier than ever before!

  • Performance and Stability Improvements! Widescreen/Windowed mode support, increased framerate, and numerous user customization options allow GB to run on modern systems with ease.

    Can I help?
    Expanding Fronts is always looking for new helpers! We are currently in need of:

  • Concept artists to help us visualize units and structures for planned new civilizations.

  • Skilled 3D artists who can create, animate, and render infantry, animals, structures, and vehicles.

  • AI scripters to help ensure computer players know how to make effective use of all of the new units, techs, and features.

  • Writers and Scenario Designers to help us create new campaigns, as well as single and multiplayer scenarios that demonstrate the many new features Expanding Fronts brings to Battlegrounds.

    Expanding Fronts 1.3 Released!

    Expanding Fronts V1.3 (Manual Installer)

    Google Drive Monthly Builds

    New Scenario Editor Guide
    Troubleshooting Guide

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    Expanding Fronts Mod

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 09-03-18 09:43 PM EDT (US)     2026 / 2123       
    I think so. The Cargo Hovercraft is, so I would assume other units could be.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 09-04-18 04:01 AM EDT (US)     2027 / 2123       
    I'm not so sure. There's no change in animation after all.
    Jedi Knight
    posted 09-05-18 12:26 PM EDT (US)     2028 / 2123       
    Hi! I'm trying to make my own mods. Can I use resources in this mod for some of my own work?
    Yes, that's fine.
    Unique to the Galactic Republic, this upgrade allows LAAT Attackers to carry a handful of infantry.
    LAATs can already do this by default.
    Standalone/Underwater Units:
    We aren't going to add a bunch of extra bloat units to the game just because they exist. Especially things that require complex animations, which we are already having trouble with for essential units. Anything that is intended to be added to standard gameplay needs to have a clearly-defined role that an existing unit does not already fill.
    Elevator (built on cliffs and allows units to climb)
    Not possible, also what air transports are for.

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    Expanding Fronts Mod

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 09-05-18 03:55 PM EDT (US)     2029 / 2123       
    We aren't going to add a bunch of extra bloat units to the game just because they exist. Especially things that require complex animations, which we are already having trouble with for essential units.
    Thought so. Might be nice to see a few as hero units eventually, but it's hardly critical.

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 09-06-18 06:32 PM EDT (US)     2030 / 2123       
    Okay, here's something properly helpful: a couple of small bugs that could use some fixing.

    - LAAT Attackers show no garrison icon when hovering cursor over them with troopers selected.

    - A5 Juggernauts move backwards.

    A bit of a protest on my part, but those "bloat" units are a big part of this mod and provide new possibilities for custom scenarios. I understand that sprites and animations take serious work, but more obscure units shouldn't be dismissed altogether. Lower priority, sure. Dismissed entirely, no.
    Jedi Knight
    posted 09-06-18 07:09 PM EDT (US)     2031 / 2123       
    A5 Juggernauts move backwards.
    Both ends of the Juggernaut can be technically considered the 'front.' We've heard the same complain when it moved the opposite direction. The way it moves in game now is the same as it appears in RotS and Rogue One, so that's how it will stay.
    those "bloat" units are a big part of this mod and provide new possibilities for custom scenarios.
    Agreed, but again, animation for new infantry is difficult, and we'd prefer to focus that effort on higher-priority units.

    "Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
    Expanding Fronts Mod
    Clone Trooper
    posted 09-14-18 08:42 AM EDT (US)     2032 / 2123       
    This is just another brain dump of how a faction for the Black Sun might look. I really had to dig for units and vehicles to fill roles, and a lot of them are variants of the same unit with a different weapon slapped on.

    I know you guys are hard at work. I'm just vomiting ideas obsessively.


    Command Center
    Worker - Mustafarian Laborer
    Medic - Pyke Chemist
    Special - Savrip Brute
    --- A Pyke Chemist is a decent nod to the notorious syndicate and their role in the galactic criminal underworld.
    --- The Savrip Brute is a unique and tough melee unit. Since another special unit already takes up the Fortress slot and the Animal Nursery isn't a fitting place for a semi-sentient creature, the Command Center is a decent place for it.

    Troop Center
    Trooper Recruit - Weequay Thug
    Trooper - Weequay Mercenary
    Hvy Trooper - Black Sun Guard (seen in Clone Wars)
    Repeater Trooper - Black Sun Gunner
    Grenade Trooper - Weequay Grenadier
    Anti-Air Trooper - Weequay Rocketeer
    Mounted Trooper - Mustafarian Flea Rider

    Mech Factory
    Scout - Starhawk Speeder Bike
    Strike Mech - Nightsister Speeder
    Mech Destroyer - WLO-5 Speeder Tank
    Assault Mech - Assault Platform
    Transport Mech - ST-101 Repulsor Truck

    Hvy Weapons Factory
    Anti-Air Mobile - Missile Truck
    Artillery - Plasma Truck
    Pummel - Drill Platform

    Interceptor - Kihraxz Fighter
    Fighter - CloakShape Fighter
    Fast Fighter - Vaksai Fighter
    Adv Fighter - Supa Fighter
    Bomber - Toscan Light
    Enh Bomber - Toscan 8-Q
    Adv Bomber - Toscan Heavy
    Attacker - Ixiyen Attack Craft
    Air Transport - Gozanti Cruiser
    --- While the Toscan 8-Q was designed as a fighter or gunship, it had many components that saw later use in the Y-Wing and the design saw extensive modifications, so it shouldn't be too far-fetched as a Bomber.

    Air Cruiser - Modified AEG-77 Vigo
    Bounty Hunter - Mandalorian Mercenary
    Cannon - Plasma Mortar
    Special - Gladiator Droid
    --- Like the Consortium's modified TZ-15 (the "Peacebringer" Air Cruiser), the AEG-77 isn't specifically designed as aerial artillery, but could easily be modified to carry a heavy cannon.
    --- The Gladiator Droid is a very large and heavily armored unit armed with everything from disruptors to flamethrowers. It appeared as a "boss" in the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire video game.
    --- The Gladiator would use flamethrowers by default for a close-range AoE attack on groups of infantry while having a "deploy" function where it switches to disruptors for longer-ranged use against individual infantry and mechs.

    Frigate - WLO-N Frigate
    Cruiser - Plasma Cruiser
    AA Destroyer - ST-NAA Missile Transport
    Destroyer - Drill Tug
    Monitor - WLO-C Monitor
    Transport Ship - ST-N Water Transport
    Utility Trawler - Harvesting Tug

    Cargo Hovercraft - Cargo Platform
    Cargo Freighter - C-ROC Gozanti

    Unique Factors
    Trains Nightsisters like Zann Consortium
    Air Cruisers can garrison six infantry units

    Unique Technology
    Profit Motive - Cargo Hovercrafts and Cargo Freighters gain armor and light self-defense armament
    Concussion Missiles - Attackers fire missiles for better range
    Lightened Weaponry - Increases movement speed of Mech Destroyers
    Slave Trafficking - The price of Workers is reduced
    Counterfeiting - All Nova prices are slightly reduced

    Hero Units
    Ketsu Onyo
    Shadow Caster

    Other Units
    Conqueror-Class Assault Ship
    Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft
    Action VI Transport
    AEG-77 Vigo Gunship
    Pirate Swamp Speeder

    New Zann Consortium Tech
    Cloaking Devices - Transport Mechs gain stealth, allowing them to slip past most units undetected
    Plasma Burst Cannons - Increases damage of Turrets
    Mass Drivers - Increases range of AA Batteries and Assault Mechs
    Diamond-Boron Missiles - Anti-Air Turrets deal splash damage
    --- With the Black Sun getting a lot of unique quirks, the Zann Consortium should gain some extra combat tech to match up. It also stays true to the Consortium's tech in Star Wars: Forces of Corruption.

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-04-18 00:31 AM EDT (US)     2033 / 2123       
    Well I wasn't going to say it earlier, but I do wish the first new faction the team had added was the Black Sun, rather than the Zann Consortium, if only because it's still with us in the new canon. Okay, so is the Zann Consortium, to some degree (it's mentioned in one book), but we've got a lot more stuff on the Black Sun.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-04-18 09:58 AM EDT (US)     2034 / 2123       
    I can understand adding the Zann Consortium first from a unit standpoint. The faction has pretty much every unit role filled with something unique.

    One thing I've noticed is the appearance of the Consortium's frigates. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were based on the Black Sun's Vaksai fighter.
    Captain Keno
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-04-18 04:00 PM EDT (US)     2035 / 2123       
    Well, since everyone keeps talking about it, I had only a few ideas of what factions are good for the Expanding Fronts Engine:


    The Hutt Cartel was a powerful criminal syndicate, or business alliance of Hutts. Jabba Desilijic Tiure held considerable power in the Cartel. It maintained a personal military consisting of both an army and a starfleet. This cartel has been around since the old republic and is still going strong.

    I have a good idea for what the workers of the hutt cartel can be. Basic troopers are really hard to come up with and I'm still discussing with myself which one would take the majority of foot soldiers for them. It was either going to be the nikto, the Klatooinians, the Gamorreans (if they have blasters I guess) or the vodrans. It's still open for debate. The workers could be Jawas or droids. Jawas are good with repairs actually. I think the Gamorrean guard would also be their unique unit as well, if possible.


    I know that sounds weird, but they're actually a faction I found that was of interest to me and I thought they were a good addendum for Expanding Fronts.

    Led by Captain Nym, The Lok Revenants, also known as the Lok Resistance, were a group of pirates operating out of Lok in the Karthakk system prior, during and after the Clone Wars.

    They have their own fighters, mechs and army, among other things, mostly in legends, it would take quite a bit to find them in the wiki and boy, they are a bit scattered around when looking for them. Though that could just be me.

    The Lok Revenants were loyal to Nym, and aided the pirate captain on many raids against the Trade Federation. They defended Nym's base on Lok from a large invasion force, and though eventually overwhelmed, the Revenants regrouped and continued the fight. The Federation was struck a big blow at the Invasion of Naboo, but still remained a sizable presence in the Karthakk system. For the next ten years, the Revenants waged war with the Federation.

    It was not until Jedi Master Adi Gallia intervened that the tide began to turn. By now, the Revenants were joined by Sol Sixxa and the Mere Resistance, and launched an assault against the heavily-defended factory world of Nod Kartha. They later participated in the battle over Geonosis, helping to defeat Captain Cavik Toth and his Hex fleet. Ultimately, Nym's forces recovered their base on Lok, and Nym remained in contact with Master Gallia.

    With the establishment of Galactic Empire the Revenants chose to hide from its watchful eye on their home base at Lok, where no other organization has any influence. Most of the Revenants had some grudge against the Empire, and most of the group members wanted a chance to get back at the Empire any way they could. The Revenants preferred to attack Imperial vessels and convoys that came too close to their base, although other prey was not unheard of. One of these raids, located at the Maramere system, was directly responsible for the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 being separated from the Alderaanian royal family. They then took them in and shared some adventures with them until they ended up separated from them.

    The Revenants considered themselves to be neutral in the Galactic Civil War having their own personal quarrel with the Empire, though was still a supplier of the Rebel Alliance.

    Their infantry I think would be Feeorins. I am not sure about workers though.


    The Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) was the government of an interplanetary fiefdom, administered by a brutal and tyrannical corporatocracy, that operated in the Corporate Sector, which was located at the front end of the Tingel Arm region in the Outer Rim Territories. These guys, I believe, side with the empire and they even have their own ships and ground forces. I even have models of the CSA troops.

    TRANDOSHANS: (optional)

    The "reptiles" of the galaxy and public enemy number 1 of the Wookiee species, these reptilians have ships, troops and also their own mechs I believe to combat the Wookiees. They could work in Expanding fronts, also they have their own ability to regenerate, I guess if you could research far enough in the tech tree (tech level 3 or 4). I've also been debating to myself whether the Trandoshans can be a race in EF or are going to be a troopers in the Hutt Cartel.

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-04-18 07:42 PM EDT (US)     2036 / 2123       
    Out of all of those, I think the Hutt Cartel would be the most practical. There are a lot of Mandalorian-built aircraft that the Hutts used and some decent units for the various faction roles.

    These are the units that immediately come to mind:

    Mech Factory
    Scout - Speeder Skiff
    Strike Mech - Sail-20 Skiff
    Mech Destroyer - Ion Disruptor Skiff
    Assault Mech - LO-KD57 Sail Barge
    Transport Mech - Bantha-II Skiff

    Interceptor - Scyk Fighter
    Fighter - HH-87 Starhopper
    Fast Fighter - Dunelizard Fighter
    Adv Fighter - Kimogila Fighter
    Attacker - Krayt Gunship
    Air Transport - Aurore-Class Freighter

    Animal Nursery
    Special - Controlled Rancor

    Jabba the Hutt
    Boorka the Hutt
    Borvo the Hutt
    Borvo's Freighter
    Ziro the Hutt
    Bib Fortuna

    All I've got so far.

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-05-18 01:39 AM EDT (US)     2037 / 2123       
    If they go that way though, it would make it more difficult to create a Mandalorian faction later on.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-05-18 09:57 AM EDT (US)     2038 / 2123       
    Not necessarily. The Mandalorians still have things like the Fang Fighter, the Firespray-31, the Gladiator Assault Fighter, etc. There are also a lot of ancient vehicle designs, some of which the Mandalorians continued using well into the Rebellion Era.

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    Captain Keno
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-06-18 02:24 AM EDT (US)     2039 / 2123       
    Noblenerd, I agree. The Hutt Cartel was actually played around with quite a bit in forces of corruption in empire at war and fairly enough, I think there was a mod that made them a playable race, I think... I am not sure, but if this is true, then it is more than possible.

    If things are really desperate, I wish we could take some of the models from star wars galaxies and have them used as a base design for various units. I've seen quite a few pics and they're more than helpful for ideas. I could be wrong though.

    Also, Mandalorians, I didn't say anything about. I was brain dumping ideas for a old republic theme of Expanding Fronts and saved the mandalorians for that purpose. Along with them, the old republic, sith empire, hutts, Corellians (as a race, yes) and wookiees. I only had six races I could think of, but as for 8 or 9, I couldn't think of much else at all after that.

    ... But that was for something else that belonged in the old republic era at least. I could see mandalorians doing good as a faction. They can still kinda mingle around in the black sun as bounty hunters too.
    EDIT: I just realized after posting this, that you already put Mandalorian Mercs down as bounty hunters for black sun. You sir, are a scholar!

    [This message has been edited by Captain Keno (edited 10-06-2018 @ 02:26 AM).]

    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-06-18 11:58 AM EDT (US)     2040 / 2123       
    I have a habit of editing posts repeatedly, so a lot of the units have changed several times. I only recently added the ST-101 as the Transport Mech and replaced a lot of Ubrikkian designs to save room for the Hutt Cartel.

    Brainstorms galore.

    Anybody have some links to software I can try to lend a hand with? Maybe I can try out some 3D modeling or sprite editing.

    Oh, and another brain dump!

    Spec Ops Center
    A new military building available to all factions. This interesting structure provides exactly what the name implies: units for special operations, including a new set of unique units similar to what the Fortress provides.

    Elite Trooper
    The next step up from Bounty Hunters. These expensive but highly skilled infantry units have detection abilities. They are also capable of firing at aircraft, although not nearly as effectively as AA Troopers.
    Galactic Empire - Death Trooper
    Rebel Alliance - Pathfinder
    Galactic Republic - Clone Commando
    Confederacy - B3 Commando Droid
    Royal Naboo - Security Operative
    Trade Federation - Gotal Infiltrator
    Wookiees - X1 Carabineer
    Geonosians - Armored Guerilla
    Zann Consortium - Disruptor Mercenary
    Black Sun - Red Palace Guard
    Hutt Cartel - Twi'lek Assassin
    Mandalorians - Elite Militia

    Detector unit ideal for long-range sharpshooting. Its shots travel instantly, guaranteeing a hit. Can fire at aircraft with decent effectiveness.
    Galactic Empire - Scout Sniper
    Rebel Alliance - Pathfinder Sniper
    Galactic Republic - Sniper Commando
    Confederacy - B3 Sniper Droid
    Royal Naboo - Sniper Operative
    Trade Federation - Gotal Sniper
    Wookiees - Long-Gunner
    Geonosians - Sniper Guerilla
    Zann Consortium - Sniper Mercenary
    Black Sun - Red Palace Sniper
    Hutt Cartel - Twi'lek Sniper
    Mandalorians - Sniper Militia

    Attack Shuttle
    The middle ground between Attackers and Air Transports. These unique aircraft are fast, able to swoop into combat, deploy a handful of infantry, and provide air support. Although its attack is not as powerful as that of an Attacker, its shots deal splash damage, making it excellent for supportive fire against bunched-up infantry.
    Galactic Empire - TIE Reaper
    Rebel Alliance - U-Wing
    Galactic Republic - Nu-Class Shuttle
    Confederacy - Maxillipede Shuttle
    Royal Naboo - J-Type Star Skiff
    Trade Federation - TF Shuttle
    Wookiees - Oevvaor Jet Catamaran
    Geonosians - ?
    Zann Consortium - RZ-52 Dekard
    Black Sun - Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft
    Hutt Cartel - ?
    Mandalorians - Kom'rk-Class Fighter-Transport

    Spec Ops Unique
    Like the faction-specific units available at Fortresses, the Spec Ops Center can produce more of these units.
    Galactic Empire - TIE Phantom; special fighter with stealth abilities
    Rebel Alliance - Longprobe Y-Wing; special recon fighter with detection abilities
    Galactic Republic - ?
    Confederacy - B3 Melee Droid
    Royal Naboo - ?
    Trade Federation - STAP-2; a unique speeder good at close range against buildings thanks to its torpedo launcher
    Wookiees - ?
    Geonosians - Beam Gunner; deals continuous damage at medium range
    Zann Consortium - MkII Destroyer Droid; good at close range against infantry and mechs
    Black Sun - Savrip Brute; originally suggested for Command Center
    Hutt Cartel - ?
    Mandalorians - ?

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    Captain Keno
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-08-18 02:55 PM EDT (US)     2041 / 2123       
    Actually I wanted to ask real quick; what is the status on the Phantom Menace campaign? How is that going so far?
    Clone Trooper
    (id: The Vampire Slayer)
    posted 10-09-18 05:12 AM EDT (US)     2042 / 2123       
    @Keno Sorry, I haven't worked on it much this year, because I was developing this:,62063,,365

    (Finally released!)

    @)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
    || OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
    || ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||
    Clone Trooper
    (id: The Vampire Slayer)
    posted 10-10-18 05:34 PM EDT (US)     2043 / 2123       
    @NobleNerd If we ever do add Black Sun (or Hutt Cartel) to EF, they will be sharing art assets with the Zann Consortium. Kind of like the differences between Britons and Franks, or Japanese and Chinese, or Aztecs and Mayans in Age of Kings. The reason for this is that SWGB has a hard limit to the amount of resources that we can add to the game and those resources are better spent with other factions. We're also undecided if we want to even go that route of sharing art assets, so Black Sun may never make it in.

    I realize it's easy to get excited about planning out your CIV ideas, but don't expect them to make it in. We already have outlines of several factions.

    @)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
    || OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
    || ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||

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    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-10-18 06:29 PM EDT (US)     2044 / 2123       
    Is anyone working on de-hardcoding SWGB?

    Sorry if I seem obsessive. I tend to become overly attached to my ideas...
    Clone Trooper
    (id: The Vampire Slayer)
    posted 10-10-18 07:23 PM EDT (US)     2045 / 2123       
    No, that's a limitation to the game being 32-bit.

    @)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
    || OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
    || ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-10-18 08:00 PM EDT (US)     2046 / 2123       
    I'm no programmer, so I'm reading as I go...

    Is it possible to convert 32-bit SWGB into a 64-bit application? I'm not sure what kind of scripting would be involved.

    This talks about converting 32-bit applications to 64-bit. Not sure if it's much help. I'm having trouble understanding all of it.

    [This message has been edited by NobleNerd (edited 10-10-2018 @ 08:01 PM).]

    Clone Trooper
    (id: The Vampire Slayer)
    posted 10-10-18 11:34 PM EDT (US)     2047 / 2123       
    I don't think that's possible, we don't have the source code. Maybe if openage (a genie engine recreation project) is ever completed and they support 64-bit.

    But we'll be lucky to even complete the new CIVs that we have planned without a lot more help from artists.

    @)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
    || OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
    || ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-13-18 11:50 PM EDT (US)     2048 / 2123       
    Guess I'll just wait and see if that SWGB HD petition on Steam goes anywhere. It's getting pretty dang popular.

    Best way to describe this is tantalizing... Possibilities just out of reach.

    I do think EF should avoid sharing unit sprites between factions. Even the small differences between the Zann Consortium and the (wishful) Black Sun should be included.

    I still think that a lot of the Galactic Republic's unit sprites need changing to better represent the faction in canon. For example:

    Strike Mech - AT-RT
    Hvy Strike Mech - AT-XT
    While the XT was technically developed before the RT, it's much heavier where both armor and weapons are concerned.

    Mech Destroyer - TX-130 Saber
    Hvy Mech Destroyer - AT-AP
    Although the two designs are very different, they fit the roles perfectly.

    Bomber - NTB-630
    Enh Bomber - BTL-B Y-Wing
    Adv Bomber - PTB-625
    The only potential issue with this is the fact that the PTB-625 is a planetary (atmospheric) bomber, so it might seem slightly out of place from its lower-tech counterparts.

    [This message has been edited by NobleNerd (edited 10-14-2018 @ 09:20 AM).]

    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-14-18 04:23 AM EDT (US)     2049 / 2123       
    Many of those choices break one major rule, upgrades must maintain a point of visual similarity with their base units.
    Clone Trooper
    posted 10-14-18 09:16 AM EDT (US)     2050 / 2123       
    I didn't realize that was a rule... The Republic's starfighter overhaul kind of breaks it already.

    The only potentially confusing thing would be the Saber vs the AT-AP. Maybe a "Light AT-AP" would fit better in the early Mech Destroyer role.
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