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Topic Subject:Mustafar: Tying up loose ends
Clone Trooper
posted 01-05-19 08:43 PM EDT (US)         
An adrenaline rush made the sleepy-eyed Imperial Intelligence officer fully awake as his dazzled eyes saw the automated report from his cramped office on Imperial City. An outpost in Tosste had just picked up an absurd revelation -faint signals of nothing less than a Providence-class carrier/destroyer operating in the Mustafar system. Since the late stages of the Reconquest of the Rim, Imperial Intelligence had kept tabs on residual Confederate threats by comparing known signals of CIS machinery with all transmissions recorded by listening stations across the galaxy. Though initially succesful, finds dried up as the last Separatist holdouts were mercilessly hunted down in the most remote corners of the galaxy. By the time the ship had been detected over the hellish mining world, the last holdout of note had been located and annihilated years before. Nonetheless, Confederate remnants remained one of the many threats surveilled by Imperial Intelligence. To find an entire capital ship at this point was bizarre.

Intel commanders soon found themselves in an extensive investigation into Mustafar, where the small Imperial garrison had been transferred away years before. Viper probe droid expeditions, analysis of shipping records into the system, interrogations of spacers along the Tosste Spur and even a mission into Geonosis pieced together the puzzle. By little more than a year before the signal, Gizor Dellso, a veteran Geonosian engineer and diehard Confederate, had amassed enough wealth, contacts and subordinates to take over and reactivate an abandoned CIS-era Klegger Corp war factory on Mustafar, producing thousands of battle droids. With connections in Geonosis and off-world purchases of machinery, he crowned his achievement by retrieving a star destroyer hull in Raxus Prime, dismantling it and reassembling the pieces on Mustafar, forming the core of his own personal navy. He was also known to have several advanced blueprints in his possession, including that of a new and superior battle droid.

I.I. produced a classified dossier on the subject and it spread through high circles of state power in Imperial Center, producing much concern. There were paranoid fears that Dellso would ignite a rebellion in the sector and beyond, though the report found no credible evidence of such a threat, with little to no dormant Separatist sentiment. More realistically, Imperial policymakers wished to avoid a disruption of Mustafar's industrial activity and raids across the Atravis sector and wipe away the embarassment of a Separatist holdout surviving for so long after the Clone Wars.

For this reason, a Navy taskforce of an Imperial-class star destroyer and a Tartan-class patrol cruiser were drawn from sector reserves and dispatched to Mustafar. This flotilla outgunned Dellso's flagship and its two escorts by only a small margin, and thus carefully engaged the Separatists from a distance. Directing the battle from the planet's surface, Dellso realized his naval capabilities were still in their infancy and chose to act with the only thing he had in abundance -infantry, which he sent in the form of boarding parties into the Imperial Star Destroyer. They were fought off at a great cost by the ship's undermanned complement of stormtroopers. The Empire then made him taste his own poison, dispatching its own boarding parties and crippling Dellso's flagship. With its escorts taken out by the Tartan cruiser and destroyer-borne TIE bombers, supremacy over Mustafar's space was achieved.

The Imperial Navy proceeded to impose a blockade over Mustafar and land some of its troopers in the surface, where they inspected nearby facilities and surrounded the foundry. It would still take several days for the raiding party to arrive -a regiment of the 501st Legion, transferred from garrison duty on Carida. They were left with the final task: to enter the foundry, destroy all blueprints of Confederate technology, assassinate Gizor Dellso and leave behind nothing but an orbital strike beacon and a full turbolaser barrage.

This is a scenario based on the Battlefront II campaign mission of the same name. The map layout and flow of objectives closely follow Battlefront, though not the enemies faced. Map style is fixed force (with reinforcements). It was envisioned and created through the past two months. The file has already been submitted to the downloads section. Balance may still be off, though I've playtested it a few times and repeatedly adjusted it.

The map requires Expanding Fronts and includes 3 sound files taken from this site's Utilities section aswell as the Immobile Units AI. I'm grateful for the authors of all of them.

Jedi Knight
posted 01-07-19 10:46 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
File has been approved in the download section. You've made some great use of the floor tile pieces.

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