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Topic Subject:Expanding Fronts - New Trigger & Editor Guide
Jedi Knight
posted 06-08-17 10:55 AM EDT (US)         


The Expanding Fronts mod adds a host of new trigger Conditions and Effects to Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, as well as improvements to some of the vanilla ones. This thread contains descriptions of all of them, and how to effectively use them in your scenarios.

Inverted Conditions - You can now invert Trigger Conditions, causing them to activate their effects when said Conditions are NOT met. You can do this by unchecking the tickbox just above the Conditions list.

Off-Grid Placement/Collision Disabling - Units and Objects can now be placed off of the grid, and have the option to ignore terrain/collision restrictions when placed. Using this, you can create more natural looking environments, and complex structures without using Map Copy or external editing tools. The shortcut Ctrl+S activates this feature. Pressing Ctrl+S cycles through following states:
- default
- no terrain/collision restriction, grid placement
- grid placement disabled
- no terrain/collision restriction, no grid placement
(NOTE: Solid objects placed off grid can have negative impacts on the pathfinding of units. Ensure that any areas that units are intended to travel through are wide enough to negate these issues)

New Cliff Types - You can now cycle between multiple cliff types for use in your scenario by pressing Ctrl+Q. There are currently eight new added cliff types to pick from.

More Descriptive Conditions/Effects - Instead of just being listed as numbers, Conditions and Effects within a Trigger now display their names, and a short description of their effects.

New Map Sizes - Six new map sizes can now be generated: Huge (255x255), Massive (320x320), Enormous (400x400), Colossal (480x480), Titanic (560x560), Insane (640x640). NOTE: This feature is still being tested, and generating/playing maps at sizes above Huge (255x255) may cause unpredictable results, including broken unit pathfinding, or crashes.

New Terrain - Over 30 new terrain patterns have been added to the game, including terrain variations for all of EF's new trees and Carbon rocks variants. These can be freely used in your scenarios, as well as in random map scripts.

Alliance State - You can now detect current the state of an alliance between two players.

Area Explored - This new Condition detects when a selected area of the map has been uncovered by a player. By selecting the area, and typing a percentage into the quantity box, you can decide how much of an area must be explored before the Effects activate.

Unit Variable (Equal / Greater or Equal) - This pair of new Conditions detects when a unit has attained a certain quantity of an available variable; for an example, a set amount of HP. Using it, you can make make heavily injured units slower, and other such effects.

Per Mille Chance - Random chance. Enter an amount between 0 and 1000. Entering 0 is no chance that the condition will fire, entering 500 will fire half the time, and entering 1000 will fire every time.

Accumulate Attribute - Over 200 new selectable attributes have been added to this Condition, allowing you to track more properties than ever before, including kills to and from individual players. When combined with the new Tribute Effect, you can create functioning shop and EXP systems with more ease than ever before. The additional Attributes must be enabled via the Expanding Fronts launcher.

Objects in Area - A dropdown list has been added to this Condition that allows you more control over detection functionality. You can now choose if the Condition will detect garrisoned or ungarrisoned units in the selected area.

Give/Remove Ability - These Effects are used to enable and disable special attributes on a unit or object. The values below determine which property will become active.
1. Garrison unit - Unit can garrison other units
2. Ship unit - Unit is classified as a ship
4. Stealth unit - Unit cannot be seen by non-detector units unless attacking
8. Detector unit - Unit can detect stealth units
16. Mechanical unit - Unit can be repaired by Workers
32. Biological unit - Unit can be healed by medics
64. Self-shielding unit - Unit can generate its own shielding
128. Invisible unit - Unit has no visible graphic
You can activate/deactivate multiple properties within the same Effect by adding the values of two or more abilities together. For example, entering '12' will affect both the stealth (4) and detector (8) attributes.

Change Unit Data/Change Unit Property Object - An immensely powerful new trigger Effect, Change Unit Data and Change Unit Property Object put the capabilities of the Genie Editor into the game itself, allowing you to alter almost any property of any unit using simple text commands. These two Effects are listed together because they effectively do the same thing, but by different means. Let's say, for example, you wanted to change a Trooper's range to 20. Using Change Unit Data will allow you to select a single unit, or every unit of a specific type on the map, as many of the default Effects allow. Change Unit Property Object takes this a step further, and universally alters the chosen unit to carry the new stats, meaning that Troopers who haven't even been created yet will spawn with the altered stats. Knowledge of how the Genie system works will help to make the most of this Effect, but the basics are very straightforward.

Change Unit Data/Property Object work using a text prompt, and commands must be manually typed in. These commands are divided into three parts: the Command, Variable, and Value. Some commands require a fourth part to function correctly. We'll cover those as they come up.

Command tells the game how to alter the property you wish to change. There are three available commands:
ADD - will increase the value of the chosen variable by the value you enter
SET - will overwrite the default value with the exact number you enter
MUL - will multiply the current value by whatever you enter

Variable is the property that you wish to change; be it Range, Speed, or any number of other values. A list of these Variables and their descriptions are provided in the first post of this thread.
(NOTE: The Change Unit Data/Property Object entry prompt is case-sensitive. Commands and Variables must be written exactly as shown to work. Not every variable is applicable to every unit).

Value is simply the amount you wish to change the Variable by. This number works differently depending on the Variable you select. For example, Speed can be altered in decimals (1.340), while Accuracy is measured as a percentage (0-100).

Change Unit Variable - This Effect functions very similarly to Change Unit Data/Property Object, but affects different unit properties; particularly those dealing with health and shields. Some of these carry a special fourth part to their command sequence; Time. This determines how long the Effect will be active on a unit. A list of these Variables and their descriptions are provided in the first post of this thread.

Display Instructions - Display Instructions now has a much broader array of selectable text colors. By using new name tags, you can display text in 20 new colors:
In addition, by using the color tags <C000>-<C255>, you can select a color from any of the 256 available options in the SWGB's palette. Tevious has provided a handy chart here.

Play Sound/Send Chat
When attaching sounds to this trigger, if the target player is set to GAIA, the sound will play for all players in the match.

Research Technology - A dropdown list has been added to this effect which allows greater control over how technologies can be applied - including the ability to stack the same research multiple times. By selecting one of the following items from the list, you can activate the following effects:
1. Default - No additional properties
2. Allow Stacking - Ignores previous iterations of the tech, allowing you to stack the benefits by researching it again
3. Ignore Civ Restrictions - Ignores civilization restrictions, allowing you to grant civ-specific techs to any player
4. Stacking/Ignore Civ Restrictions - Applies the effects of both 2 and 3

Tribute - Like Accumulate Attribute, the Tribute Effect now carries the same extended library of properties.

"Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
Expanding Fronts Mod

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Jedi Knight
posted 06-08-17 10:56 AM EDT (US)     1 / 27       
Accuracy - Changes how accurate a units attacks are. Measured in %, max 100.
AccuracyErrorRadius - Changes how badly a missed attack can go off target.
AirMode - A parameter partially responsible for determining when an object is an air unit.
AttackMode - Controls how a unit responds when attacked.
AttackGraphics - Changes the graphics displayed while a unit is attacking.
AttackSound - The ID of the sound file collection played when a unit is ordered to attack or change stances.
BlastDefenseLevel - Changes the level of susceptibility to attacks with blast damage.
BlastLevel - Specifies what types of objects a unit's splash damage may affect.
BlastRadius - Changes the splash damage done by a units attack.
Civilization - Sets what civilization a unit will be associated with.
Class - The Class of the chosen unit, as defined in AGE. Can have interesting effects depending on the selected class. For Example, Setting a Unit's class to 57 (Fambaa Shield) will cause them to project a shield radius around themselves.
CollisionSizeX - Collision area length.
CollisionSizeY - Collision area width.
CollisionSizeZ - Collision area height.
Command ID - Sets the type of interface used by an object.
Cost1Type - Changes the primary type of resource used to purchase an object
Cost1Amount - Changes the primary amount of resource used to purchase an object
Cost1IsPaid - 0=required but not paid, 1= required and paid
Cost2Type - Changes the secondary type of resource used to purchase an object
Cost2Amount - Changes the secondary amount of resource used to purchase an object
Cost2IsPaid - 0=required but not paid, 1= required and paid
Cost3Type - Changes the tertiary type of resource used to purchase an object
Cost3Amount - Changes the tertiary amount of resource used to purchase an object
Cost3IsPaid - 0=required but not paid, 1= required and paid
DeadUnitID - The ID# of the object that will spawn when the unit dies, in place of a body, explosion, or debris.
DeathMode - Determines what happens when a unit dies. 0= transform into dead unit, 1= show undead graphics.
DefaultArmor - The amount of armor applied to bonus attacks that do not apply to a unit. Default is 1000.
DisplayedAttack - Changes the base displayed attack value.
DisplayedMeleeArmor - Changes the base displayed armor value.
DisplayedPierceArmor - Changes the base displayed duraarmor value.
DisplayedRange - Changes the base displayed armor value.
DisappearsWhenBuilt - Decides whether an object disappears when completed
DropSite2 - Sets the ID of the primary object resources can be deposited to by a gatherer.
DyingGraphics - Changes the graphics displayed while a unit is dying.
Flymode - A parameter partially responsible for determining when an object is an air unit.
FogVisibility - Determines whether a unit is visible or invisible within the fog of war. 0= Invisible, 1=Visible, 3= Only visible in fog
FoundationTerrainID - Sets the terrain that appears under a building when built.
FrameDelay - Sets how many frames of a unit's attack animation will pass before a projectile appears.
GarrisonCapacity - Changes how many units a garrisonable unit or structure can carry. Does not allow non-garrisonable units to be loaded.
HeroMode - Determines whether or not a unit is considered a Hero. Heroes regenerate HP, and are immune to conversion. 0=Off, 1=On
HideInEditor - Determines whether a unit will appear in the placement lists within the scenario editor. Has no real use.
HitPoints - Changes the maximum HP of a unit or object.
IconID - Changes the Icon that the unit or object uses. Value is the frame number in the icon slp that you wish to use.
LanguageDLLCreation - Changes the language DLL entry associated with the creation string of an object.
LanguageDLLName - Changes the language DLL entry associated with the name of an object.
LineOfSight - Changes the Line of Sight of a unit or object. The maximum LoS a unit can have is 20. Lowering a unit's LoS below their default value can have adverse effects.
MaxDuplMissiles - Changes the amount of projectiles an object fires when fully garrisoned
MinDuplMissiles - Changes the amount of projectiles an object fires
MinimapMode - Determines whether an object is visible on the minimap
MinRange - Changes unit minimum range.
MissileDuplUnit - Sets the projectile used when multiple projectiles are fired (the first is set by projectileUnitID). If -1, projectileUnitID is used for all duplicates. Otherwise, projectiles will use their own damage values rather than inheriting them from the original object.
MoveSound - The ID of the sound file collection played when a unit is ordered to move.
PlacementMode - Determines whether a unit can be placed on top of others in the Editor. No real use.
ProjectileGraphicDisplacementX - Changes the location a projectile appears at in the X direction
ProjectileGraphicDisplacementY - Changes the location a projectile appears at in the Y direction
ProjectileGraphicDisplacementZ - Changes the location a projectile appears at in the Z direction
ProjectileUnitID - Changes the projectile ID of the unit. -1= No projectile. Darth Kiro has provided a list of SWGB projectiles here.
Range - Changes the maximum Range of a unit. If a unit's Range exceeds their LoS, they will not auto-attack enemies they cannot see.
ReloadTime1 - Changes the Rate of Fire of a unit. RoF cannot be made faster than the unit's FrameDelay speed will allow.
ResearchID - Sets the ID of a research to be completed when the object first appears.
ResourceCapacity - Changes how many resources an object may gather.
ResourceStorageType1 - Changes the primary resource type stored by an object (e.g. Food for Fruit bushes, population for most living units).
ResourceStorageType2 - Changes the secondary resource type.
ResourceStorageType3 - Changes the tertiary resource type.
Resource1Storage - Changes the quantity of primary storage for a unit.
Resource2Storage - Changes the quantity of secondary storage for a unit.
Resource3Storage - Changes the quantity of tertiary storage for a unit.
RotationSpeed - Changes how quickly a unit can turn around when ordered to move in a direction other than their current facing.
SpecialAbility - Changes the special ability of a unit. 1: Block, 2: Counter Charge, 3: Charge. These are holdovers from the AoK Beta; it is unknown if they work.
SpecialGraphic - Changes the graphic used for the special ability.
SizeRadius1 - Changes the collision size of an object, determining how much space it will occupy in the world. For buildings, this determines size along the SW-NE axis only.
Speed - Changes the Speed of a unit or object. Value can include decimals.
StackUnitID - Sets the ID of an object to appear on top of a building when it is completed
StandingGraphics - Changes the graphics displayed while a unit is idle.
TerrainRestriction - Changes the set of restrictions determining what terrains a unit may enter.
TrainButton - Changes the location of an object's icon within the build menu. (1-15)
TrainLocation - Changes the building that a unit can be trained from.
TrainTime - Changes how quickly a unit or object takes to create/build.
Type - Changes the object Type, as defined by the Advanced Genie Editor.
Unitline - Changes the unitline, a grouping defined for AI behavior.
WalkingGraphics - Changes the graphics displayed while a unit is moving.
WorkRate1 - Affects the rate of most non-combat abilities (resource gathering, repairing, construction time, healing).
Attack/Armor - These Variables require an additional parameter to use, Class. This determines which class the attack or armor value will apply to. Class is placed after the Variable, and before Value.

ADD HitPoints 10
This will increase maximum HP of the target by 10

SET IconID 2
This will set the icon of the target to 2;

MUL ReloadTime1 0.5
This will multiply reload time of the target by 0.5 (divide by 2)

ADD MinRange -1
This will decrease minimum range of the target by 1

ADD Attack 21 5
This will add 5 attack bonus vs buildings (class 21) to the target.

SET Armor 4 0
This will Set the melee (class 4) armor to of the target to 0

HP - Changes unit HP without restriction. Affects the current amount of HP a unit has, and not the maximum HP available to them
HPPercent - Changes unit HP by % of max HP
SP - Changes unit SP
SPPercent - Changes unit SP by % of max SP (=max HP)
ReloadCooldown - Changes unit weapon's (current) reload cooldown
ReloadCooldownPercent - Same as above, except % of reload time is used
HPRegen - Edit HP regeneration. Requires the Time command
HPRegenPercent - Edit HP regeneration, in %. Requires the Time command

SET HPPercent 25
Puts a units health at 25% of their maximum HP

Immediately charge unit shield points by 50

SET ReloadCooldown 10
Unit will not be able to fire a projectile for 10 seconds

SET SPPercent 1000
Set unit shield points to 10 times max HP

SET HPRegen 10 120
Enable HP regeneration for 120 seconds at 10 HP/min

SET HPRegenPercent 10 60
Regenerate HP by 10% per minute for 60 seconds

"Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
Expanding Fronts Mod

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Clone Trooper
(id: The Vampire Slayer)
posted 06-08-17 05:17 PM EDT (US)     2 / 27       
Use color tags <C000> through <C255> before your text to select a color from any of the 256 available options in the (new) EF SWGB palette. See the color chart below for numbers. White border colors are player colors.

Here is a list of numbers to use with the Class parameter when changing attack or armor values with the Change Unit Data/Property Object Variable effects.


ID Class Name
0 Aircraft
1 Heavy Assault Machines
2 Heavy Weapons
3 Base Ranged/Dura Armor
4 Base Melee/Armor
5 Jedis & Bounty Hunters
6 Assault Machines
7 Decimators
8 Shield & Power Units
9 Ships
10 Submarines
11 All Buildings
12 Unused
13 Defense Buildings
14 Troopers
15 Mounted Troopers
16 Cruisers
17 Pummels & Cannons
18 Unused
19 Workers
20 Destroyers
21 Standard Buildings
22 Walls & Gates
23 Air Cruisers
24 Wild Animals
25 Unused
26 Fortress
27 Unused
28 Unused
29 Unused
30 Tame Animals

Here is a list of building and unit IconID numbers. Use the first number as the value with the Change Unit Data or Change Unit Property Object effects.

SET IconID 266
This will change a unit's icon to "Merchant", the former Sio Bibble icon.

SET IconID 375
You could change a "Button" unit's icon to the Unlock icon to use in scenarios where you unlock doors at Control Consoles.

SET IconID -1
This will remove an icon and will appear as a solid black icon.

Buildings and units can only change icons with other buildings or units. A unit cannot change to a building icon or visa versa.


ID Name
0 Temple
1 Troop Center
2 Mech Factory
3 Hvy Weapons Factory
4 Shipyard
5 Airbase
6 Command Center
7 Prefab Shelter
8 Fortress
9 Monument
10 Ore Proc Cntr
11 Asteroid Supply Depot
12 Carbon Proc Cntr
13 Nova Proc Cntr
14 Food Proc Cntr
15 Farm
16 Animal Nursery
17 Spaceport
18 Research Center
19 Shield Generator
20 War Center
21 Power Core
22 Light Wall
23 Medium Wall
24 Hvy Wall
25 Gate
26 Shield Wall
27 Sentry Post
28 Light Turret
29 Medium Turret
30 Advanced Turret
31 AA Turret
32 Adv AA Turret
33 Aqua Harvester
34 Main Terraform Processor
35 Atmosphere Factory
36 Atmosphere Proc Center
37 Bespin Buildings
38 Bespin Government Center
39 Communications Jammer
40 Bunker
41 Endor Shield Generator
42 Landing Platform
43 Ewok Military Structure
44 Ewok Hut
45 Aqua Production Plant
46 Food Storehouse
47 Bespin Building 4
48 Gungan Temple
49 Jamming Device
50 Jedi Ruins
51 Kessel Mining Building
52 Kessel Prison Building
53 Main Reactor
54 Massassi Great Temple
55 Imperial Palace
56 Echo Base Ion Cannon
57 Echo Base Power Generator
58 Theed House
59 Theed Turret
60 Theed Monument
61 Theed Gazebo
62 Theed Arch
63 Theed Temple
64 Theed Hangar
65 Theed Power Station
66 Theed Palace
67 Trandoshan Building
68 Tatooine Building
69 Tatooine House
70 Tatooine Tower
71 Tatooine Vaporator
72 Underwater Prefab Shelter
73 Otoh Gunga High Tower
74 Rogoe's Keep
75 Yoda's Hovel
76 Sith Infiltrator
77 Lambda Class Shuttle
78 Colony Ship
79 Lander
80 Landed Rebel Transport
81 Bursa Hut
82 Transmitter
83 Large Energy Collection Repository
84 Jabba's Palace
85 Commerce Guild Trpt (Landed)
86 Coruscant Buildings
87 Freighter (Landed)
88 Tatooine Hovel
89 Decimator (Locked Down)
90 Decimator Facility
91 Decimator Laboratory
92 Decimator Production Yard
93 Interstellar Sail Ship (Landed)
94 Droid Storage Facility
95 Escape Pod
96 Jawa Camp
97 Tatooine Moisture Farm
98 Tatooine Spaceport
99 Mt. Corvast Citadel
100 Large Jedi Ruins
101 Power Relay
102 Republic Troop Lander (Landed)
103 Rocketship (Landed)
104 Energy Collection Repository
105 Drill Platform Collector
106 Landed Slave I (Jango)
107 Tann's Transport (Landed)
108 Battleship Core
109 Mining Core
110 Mining Facility
111 Tusken Tents
112 Wookie Transmission Tower
113 Sensor Buoy
114 AA Battery
115 Muunlist
116 Vaug
117 Echo Base Bunker
118 Abridon Government Building
119 Abridon Building
120 Quebe Luxfause Headquaters
121 Tibanna Refinery
122 Ubrikkan Trade Tower
123 Ord Vaug House
124 Coruscant Diner
125 Coruscant Jedi Temple
126 Death Star Exhaust Port
127 Death Star Deflection Tower
128 Death Star Turret
129 Tatooine Market
130 Tatooine Arena
131 Mos Eisley Wall
132 Theed Building
133 Theed Fountain
134 Turbolaser Turret
135 Artillery Tower
136 Dish Turret
137 Coastal Defense Gun
138 Stealth Turret
139 Baroona Track Barrier
140 Palisade
141 Gas Collector
142 AT-AT (Locked Down)
143 Slave I (Boba)
144 Radiant VII (Landed)
145 Zeta Class Shuttle (Landed)
146 Landed Slaver Ship
147 Rusty Eagle (Landed)
148 Command Post
149 Controls
150 Small Containers (Garrisonable)
151 Supply Crate (Garrisonable)
152 Supply Crates (Garrisonable)
153 Federation Hull Door
154 Death Star Hull Door
155 Death Star Blast Door
156 Tantive IV Door
157 Tatooine Wall Door
158 Echo Base Door
159 Echo Base Gate
160 Theed Door
161 Refinery Door
162 Otoh Gunga Door
163 Yavin IV Door
164 Landmine
165 Tatooine Crashed Starship
166 Tatooine Docking Bay
167 Tatooine Monastery
168 Tatooine Slave Quarters
169 Landed A-Wing
170 Landed B-Wing
171 Landed T-47 Airspeeder
172 Landed Y-Wing
173 Landed AA9 Transport
174 Delta 7 (Landed)
175 Moldy Crow (Landed)
176 LAAT (Landed)
177 Landed Eta-2 Actis
178 Landed Outrider
179 Landed Millenium Falcon


ID Name
0 Holocron
1 Padawan / Apprentice
2 Knight
3 Master
4 Trooper Recruit
5 Trooper
6 Hvy Trooper
7 Repeater Trooper
8 AA Trooper
9 Hvy AA Trooper
10 Mounted Trooper
11 Hvy Mounted Trooper
12 Adv Mounted Trooper
13 Grenade Trooper
14 Probot
15 Scout
16 Snoova
17 Strike Mech
18 Hvy Strike Mech
19 Mech Destroyer
20 Hvy Mech Destroyer
21 Tree
22 Assault Mech
23 Hvy Assault Mech
24 Carbon Rocks
25 Artillery
26 Hvy Artillery
27 Ore Deposit
28 Pummel
29 Hvy Pummel
30 Nova Deposit
31 AA Mobile
32 Hvy AA Mobile
33 Utility Trawler
34 Transport Ship
35 Muja Fruit Bush
36 Farm (depleted)
37 Lt Frigate
38 Frigate
39 Adv Frigate
40 Destroyer
41 Hvy Destroyer
42 AA Destroyer
43 Hvy AA Destroyer
44 Cruiser
45 Adv Cruiser
46 Bomber
47 Enh Bomber
48 Adv Bomber
49 Fighter
50 Fast Fighter
51 Adv Fighter
52 Air Transport
53 UU
54 TIE Advanced x1
55 Elite UU
56 Sandcrawler
57 Undeployed Cannon
58 Bounty Hunter
59 Worker
60 Medic
61 Cargo Trader
62 Anakin Skywalker (Episode I)
63 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode I)
64 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV)
65 Darth Maul
66 Qui-Gon Jinn
67 Darth Vader
68 Luke Skywalker
69 Padawan / Apprentice [w/ Holocron]
70 Cannon
71 Yoda
72 Master Echuu
73 Lando Calrissian
74 Han Solo
75 Jar Jar Binks
76 Boss Nass (Mounted)
77 Boss Nass
78 Queen Amidala
79 Princess Leia
80 Sio Bibble
81 General Dodonna
82 General Veers
83 Captain Panaka
84 OOM-9
85 Pekt
86 Rancor
87 Excellency Lathe Parthenian
88 Hanoon Soldier
89 Krantian Govenor
90 Krantian Soldier
91 Moff Darrc/Moff Yittreas
92 Utric Sandov
93 Governer Antes Belladar
94 Minister Transe Decar
95 Zalor Militiaman
96 Viceroy Nute Gunray
97 Tusk Cat
98 Captain Tarpals
99 C-3P0
100 Dewback
101 Opee Sea Killer
102 Webacca
103 Shoran
104 Attichitcuk
105 Chewbacca
106 Greedo
107 Colo Claw Fish
108 Nerf
109 Bantha
110 Faambaa
111 Battle Droid Heroes
112 Falumpaset
113 Kaadu
114 Ronto
115 Eopie
116 Tauntaun
117 Krayt Dragon
118 Gundark
119 Jawa
120 Mynock
121 Tusken Raider
122 Wampa
123 Bongo Marauder
124 Sacred Staff
125 Ore
126 Carbon
127 Nova
128 Fish
129 Fish
130 Fish
131 Fish
132 Vor'na'tu Shard
133 Vor'na'tu
134 A-Wing
135 Bespin Security Guard
136 Bursa
137 Bursa Leader
138 Chief Chirpa
139 Master Echuu [w/ Holocron]
140 Logray
141 Ewok Catapult
142 Ewok Glider
143 Ewok
144 Wicket
145 Luke Skywalker [w/ Holocron]
146 Mara Jade
147 Millenium Falcon
148 Neimoidian Technician
149 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV) [w/ Holocron]
150 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode I) [w/ Holocron]
151 Qui-Gon Jinn [w/ Holocron]
152 Darth Vader [w/ Holocron]
153 AT-AT
154 R2-D2
155 Reytha Soldier
156 Royal Cruiser
157 Slaver Ship
158 Trandoshan Slaver/Jailer
159 Flop Carrier
160 Yoda W/Holocron
161 Anakin Skywalker (Episode I) [w/ Holocron]
162 Droid Control Program
163 Explosive Droid
164 Bossk
165 Boba Fett
166 Aurra Sing
167 Knight [w/ Holocron]
168 Master [w/ Holocron]
169 Mahwi Lihn
170 Boussh
171 Vilmarh Grahrk
172 Emperor Palpatine
173 Emperor Palpatine [w/ Holocron]
174 TC-14
175 Lobot
176 Darth Maul [w/ Holocron]
177 Wedge Antilles
178 Commander
179 Air Cruiser
180 Power Droid
181 B-Wing
182 Reek
183 Nexu
184 Acklay
185 Decimator
186 Dooku's Ship
187 Podracer (Anakin)
188 Podracer (Sebulba)
189 Coruscant Cloud Car
190 Slave I (Jango)
191 Lambda Shuttle
192 Desert Skiff
193 Jabba's Sail Barge
194 Luke's Landspeeder
195 X-34 Landspeeder
196 Outrider
197 Skyhopper
198 Virago
199 Data Droid
200 B'Omarr Monk
201 Anakin Skywalker (Episode II)
202 Anakin Skywalker (Episode II) [w/ Holocron]
203 Luke Skywalker (Episode VI)
204 Luke Skywalker (Episode VI) [w/ Holocron]
205 Count Dooku
206 Count Dooku [w/ Holocron]
207 Gen. Echuu Shen-Jon
208 Gen. Echuu Shen-Jon [w/ Holocron]
209 Tusken Raider Child
210 Tusken Raider Female
211 Jor Drakas
212 Jor Drakas [w/ Holocron]
213 Bib Fortuna
214 Poggle the Lesser
215 Tusken Bantha Trooper
216 Fighting Yoda
217 Fighting Yoda [w/ Holocron]
218 Jango Fett
219 Ki-Adi Mundi
220 Ki-Adi Mundi [w/ Holocron]
221 Stam Reath
222 Stam Reath [w/ Holocron]
223 Mace Windu
224 Mace Windu [w/ Holocron]
225 General Kenobi (Episode II)
226 General Kenobi (Episode II) [w/ Holocron]
227 Plo Koon
228 Plo Koon [w/ Holocron]
229 Zian Finnis
230 Naat Reath
231 Naat Reath [w/ Holocron]
232 Naat Reath [Imprisoned]
233 Padme Amidala (Episode II)
234 Sev'Rance Tann
235 Sev'Rance Tann [w/ Holocron]
236 Plure Barron
237 Depa Billaba
238 Depa Billaba [w/ Holocron]
239 Twi'Lek Female
240 Klaatu
241 Aqualish
242 Quarren
243 Barada
244 Nikto
245 Rand Taylor
246 Kath Taylor
247 General Tal Ashen
248 Senate Guard
249 Imperial Guard
250 C-3P0 (Episode II)
251 Chancellor Palpatine
252 Zam Wesell
253 Jawa Chief
254 Dash Rendar
255 Gamorrean Guard
256 IG-88
257 Jabba the Hutt
258 Boorka the Hutt
259 Jawa (Ranged)
260 Weequay Skiff Guard
261 Bounty Hunter
262 Tusken Raider Rifleman
263 Geonosian Battle Arena
264 Food Stockpile
265 Watto
266 Merchant
267 LE-BO2D9
268 Xizor
269 Guri
270 Acklay
271 Vaapad
272 Massiff
273 Nexu
274 Orray
275 Reek
276 Shaak
277 Sarlacc
278 Womp Rat
279 Rancor
280 Fish (Exhuasted) [UNUSED]
281 Attacker
282 Interceptor
283 Vornskr
284 Transport Mech
285 Captain Daultay Dofine
286 Leitenant Rune Haako
287 Viceroy Nute Gunray (Hologram)
288 Darth Sidious (Hologram)
289 Darth Maul (Hologram)
290 Darth Vader (Hologram)
291 Han Solo in Carbonite
292 Imperial R2 Unit
293 Admiral Daala
294 Captain Eclipse
295 Shmi Skywalker
296 Mara Jade [w/ Holocron]
297 General Mohc
298 General Otto
299 Grand Moff Tarkin
300 Admiral Thrawn
301 Captain Sturn
302 Captain Tulon
303 Jan Ors
304 Kyle Katarn
305 Kyle Katarn [w/ Holocron]
306 Tia
307 Wade Vox
308 Captain Antilles
309 Aayla Secura
310 Aayla Secura [w/ Holocron]
311 Adi Gallia
312 Adi Gallia [w/ Holocron]
313 Alpha-17
314 Appo
315 Rex
316 Bly
317 Cody
318 Fordo
319 Kit Fisto
320 Kit Fisto [w/ Holocron]
321 Luminara Unduli
322 Rachi Sitra
323 Barriss Offee
324 Saesee Tiin
325 Serra
326 Serra [w/ Holocron]
327 Shaak Ti
328 Shaak Ti [w/ Holocron]
329 Anakin Skywalker (Episode III)
330 Anakin Skywalker (Episode III) [w/ Holocron]
331 Stass Allie
332 Stass Allie [w/ Holocron]
333 Quagga
334 Tarfful
335 Padme (Episode I)
336 Handmaiden
337 Radiant VII
338 Charger C70 Frigate
339 BB-8
340 Podracer (Aldar Beedo)
341 Podracer (Ben Quadrinaros)
342 Podracer (Boles Roor)
343 Podracer (Dud Bolt)
344 Podracer (Ark 'Bumpy' Roose)
345 Podracer (Clegg Holdfast)
346 Podracer (Ebe Endocott)
347 Podracer (Elan Mak)
348 Podracer (Gasgano)
349 Podracer (Neva Kee)
350 Podracer (Mars Guo)
351 Podracer (Mawhonic)
352 Podracer (Ody Mandrell)
353 Podracer (Ratts Tyerell)
354 Podracer (Wan Sandage)
355 Podracer (Teemto Pagalies)
356 Mouse Droid
357 Tyber Zann
358 R5 Unit
359 Slave I (Boba)
360 Gunship Fighter
361 Fast Gunship Fighter
362 Adv Gunship Fighter
363 Monitor
364 Hvy Monitor
365 Button 1
366 Button 2
367 Button 3
368 Button 4
369 Button 5
370 Button Activate
371 Button Disable
372 Button Cycle
373 Button Check
374 Button Cancel
375 Button Unlock
376 Button Lock
377 Button Open
378 Button Close
379 Button Alert
380 Button Alarm
381 Button Down
382 Button Up
383 Button Left
384 Button Right
385 Button A
386 Button B
387 Button C
388 Button D
389 Button E
390 1-L Repulsortank
391 1-M Repulsortank
392 1-H Repulsortank
393 TX-130T
394 2-M Sepulsortank
395 TR-FB
396 Troop Carrier
397 XR-85 Tank Droid
398 Infantry Support Platform
399 TIE Mauler
400 TIE Crawler
401 Theta-class Barge
402 Broadside Missile Frigate
403 Dropship Transport
404 Tartan Patrol Cruiser
405 Lancet Aerial Artillery
406 Royal Guard Interceptor
407 TIE Phantom
408 TIE Hvy Phantom
409 Assault Gunboat
410 Hvy Assault Gunboat
411 Missile Boat
412 TIE Experimental M1
413 TIE Experimental M2
414 TIE Experimental M3
415 TIE Experimental M4
416 TIE Aggresor
417 TIE Oppresor
418 Ye-4 Gunship
419 TIE Scout
420 Missile Sub
421 AT-AT Swimmer
422 Dark Trooper Prototype
423 Jump Trooper
424 Navy Trooper
425 Stormtrooper Officer
426 Stormtrooper Commander
427 Shock Trooper
428 Scout Trooper / Scout Sniper
429 Hvy Scout Sniper
430 EVO Trooper
431 Hvy EVO Trooper
432 Shadow EVO Trooper
433 Shadow Trooper
434 Shadow Guard
435 TIE Pilot
436 A9 Floating Fortress
437 TIE Droid
438 TIE Lander
439 Imperial Star Destroyer
440 Dengar
441 Resurgent Star Destroyer
442 Death Star
443 Freefall
444 G400
445 Wyyyschokk
446 Poe Dameron
447 Security Captain
448 Havoc
449 Dropship
450 Bacta Canister
451 Medkit
452 Explosive Kit
453 Power Pack
454 Personal Shield
455 Jet Pack
458 Engine 1
459 Engine 2
460 Hydrospanner
461 Stembolt
462 Power Converter
463 Power Regulator
464 Shield Generator
465 Blaster Pistol
466 Blaster Rifle
467 Blaster Carbine
468 Blaster Repeater (E-WEB)
469 Grenade Launcher
470 Lightsaber
471 DL44 Pistol
472 DC15A Rifle
473 E11 Rifle
474 Thermal Detonator
475 HH15
476 Rocket Launcher
477 Sniper Rifle
478 DLT20 Rifle
479 Double Lightsaber
480 Sniper
481 U-Wing
482 Super Star Destroyer
483 Director Krennic
484 Shoretrooper
485 Deathtrooper
486 Saesee Tiin [w/ Holocron]
487 TIE Striker
488 Imperial R5 Unit
489 Hammerhead Corvette
490 Zeta Cargo Shuttle
491 V-Wing Airspeeder
492 K-Wing
493 Moldy Crow
494 E-Wing
495 T-70 X-Wing
496 Admiral Akbar
497 Rusty Eagle
498 Blockade Runner
499 MAAT
500 Marauder Cruiser
501 AAC-1
502 T2-B
503 T4-B
504 TC9
505 ULAV
506 Rebel Pilot
507 Admiral Zaarin
508 Zoomer
509 C-9979
510 Missile Frigate
511 Sheathipede
512 Acclamator
513 Eta-2
514 Republic Scout Fighter
515 Arquitens
516 Cutlass
517 Pelta-class Frigate
518 Nu-class attack shuttle
519 Juggernaught
520 RX-200
521 TX-130S
522 UT-AT
523 Coruscant Guard
524 41st Clone
525 212th Clone
526 327th Clone
527 501st Clone
528 Arc Trooper (Officer)
529 Arc Trooper (Rifle)
530 Arc Trooper (Rocket)
531 Arc Trooper (Repeater)
532 Clone Assassin
533 Cold Assault Trooper
534 Jedi
535 Jedi/Holo
536 Galactic Marine
537 Clone Sniper
538 Eeth Koth
539 Eeth Koth/Holo
540 Agen Kolar
541 Agen Kolar/Holo
542 Ahsoka Tano
543 Ahsoka Tano/Holo
544 Hex Bomber
545 Sabaoth Destroyer
546 Sabaoth Fighter
547 Toth's Fighter
548 GAT
549 Grapple Droid
550 Magnaguard
551 BX Commando Droid
552 AT-RT
553 AT-XT
554 Defoliator
555 Munificent
556 Providence
557 Red Squadron X-Wing
558 Gold Squadron Y-Wing
559 Catamaran
560 Clone Commando
561 Blaze Trooper
562 Wyyyschokk
563 Aiwha
564 Venator
565 Landmine
566 Seismic Tank
567 Twin-Pod Cloud Car
568 Belbullab-22
569 Hyena Droid Bomber
570 BTL-B Y-Wing
571 Delta 7B
572 AAT
573 NTB-630 Bomber
574 Freighter
575 Pit Droid
576 Cami
577 Carbon Crystals 1
578 Carbon Crystals 2
579 Crait Ore Crystals
580 Plant Aquatic
581 Plant Bamboo
582 Plant Cactus
583 Tree Felucia
584 Tree Fir
585 Tree Jungle
586 Tree Larch
587 Tree Marsh
588 Tree Snow Fir
589 Tree Tropical
590 Snow
591 B1 Battle Droid Recruit
592 B1 Battle Droid
593 B1 Hvy Battle Droid
594 B1 Repeater Battle Droid
595 Nightsister Hunter
596 Gutkurr
597 Silri
598 Silri [w/ Holocron]
599 Urai Fen
600 Nightsister Hunter [w/ Holocron]
601 General Grievous
602 Asajj Ventress
603 Asajj Ventress [w/ Holocron]
604 Durge

There are too many IDs to lists, so to obtain IDs for graphics to be used with the Change Unit Data or Change Unit Property Object effects, you can search IDs using Advanced Genie Editor. Just search for a unit and you can find graphic IDs for Standing, Walking, Dying, Attack, Special, and other related graphic IDs. You can find the latest AGE here:

(NOTICE: Attempting to modify the genie_x2.dat for Expanding Fronts with the public version of AGE will break several terrains and cause crashes. We use a custom modified version of AGE for Expanding Fronts.)

SET WalkingGraphic 13589
This will change a unit's walking animation to BB-8's moving animation.

SET StandingGraphic 15095
This will change a unit's standing animation to an Otoh Gunga Fish Tank.

Keep in mind that changed graphics will not update until a unit's action has changed. So for example, if you changed a unit's Standing graphics, it won't appear until the unit has moved first, then stands idle again. A simple Task Object trigger may be necessary to force the graphics to update. Also, changes will only apply to units under the same faction as the source player. Use the change ownership effect if you want a unit with changed graphics to belong to a player that is a different faction.

(Updated for v1.2.1)

@)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
|| OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
|| ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||

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Darth Kiro
Clone Trooper
posted 06-17-17 01:58 AM EDT (US)     3 / 27       
Dallows has included the new effects about changing armor and attack against different classes. I decided to post a list of the classes in SWGB as well as list of the unit types.

1) I am not sure if the unit type has any application for now.
2) If you set the class of a unit to a completely different one, like turning the trooper into a resource stockpile, the game will crash.
3) Everything here is quoted, so don't wonder if something is strange to you.

10 - Eye candy
15 - Tree(AoK)
20 - Animated
25 - Doppelganger
30 - Moving
40 - Actor
50 - Superclass
60 - Projectile
70 - Combatant
80 - Building
90 - Tree(AoE)

0 - Unused
1 - Nerf/Bantha
2 - Fambaa
3 - Unused
4 - Wild Animal
5 - Monster/Trouble
6 - Wall
7 - Farm
8 - Gate
9 - Fortress/A-A Turret
10 - Turret
11 - Cruiser
12 - Unused
13 - Destroyer
14 - Utiltity Trawler
15 - Frigate 1
16 - A-A Destroyer 1
17 - Transport Ship
18 - Building
19 - Doppelganger
20 - Other/Dead/Projectile
21 - Command Base
22 - Cliff
23 - Fish
24 - Unused
25 - Shore Fish
26 - Game Engine Stuff
27 - Fruit Bush
28 - Holocron
29 - Nova
30 - Ore
31 - Tree/Carbon
32 - Artillery
33 - A-A Mobile
34 - Undeployed Cannon
35 - Pummel
36 - Cannon
37 - Unused
38 - Unused
39 - Frigate 2
40 - A-A Destroyer 2
41 - Unused
42 - Bridge/Eye Candy
43 - Bomber
44 - Bounty Hunter
45 - Cargo Trader
46 - Mixed 1
47 - Scout
48 - Fighter
49 - Grenade Trooper
50 - Jedi
51 - Jedi with Holocron
52 - Trooper
53 - War Machine
54 - Medic
55 - A-A Trooper
56 - Mounted Trooper
57 - Fambaa Shiled Generator
58 - Workers__________________for some reason it is plural
59 - Air Transport
60 - Domestic Animal
61 - Power Droid
62 - Air Cruiser
63 - Geonosian Warrior
64 - Jedi Starfighter
posted 06-28-17 05:57 PM EDT (US)     4 / 27       

Troop Center - 87
Mech Factory - 101
Airbase - 317
Shipyard - 45
Command Center - 109
Fortress - 82
Jedi/Sith Temple - 104
Hvy Weapons Factory - 49
Spaceport - 84
Animal Nursery - 319
Power Core - 12
Food Proc Ctr - 68
Nova Proc Ctr - 323
Carbon Proc Ctr - 562
Ore Proc Ctr - 584
War Center - 103
Research Center - 209
Sentry Post - 598
Turret - 79
AA Turret - 236
AA Battery - 1869
Shield Generator - 335
Monument - 276
Farm - 50

This list shows several useful values for the Change Unit Property Object SET TrainLocation.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Genie Converter - an AKX installer for modern times
Clone Trooper
posted 09-29-17 06:41 AM EDT (US)     5 / 27       
Wow... these innovations are amazing.

I used to post here and build scenarios a long time ago. I was most active round about the time this community seemed to be dying ha. Crazy to see that stuff like this is still going on and that Tevious has made a return and working on a revamp of TPM!
Jedi Knight
posted 09-30-17 05:08 PM EDT (US)     6 / 27       
The work never ends. Welcome back!

"Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
Expanding Fronts Mod
Emissary of the Prophets
Clone Trooper
(id: Admiral Zaarin)
posted 10-02-17 03:10 PM EDT (US)     7 / 27       
The guide doesn't explicitly mention it, so I thought I'd ask: is it now possible to detect whether a player accumulates less than a desired attribute? That's always been the big hitch in having a usable economy. Or perhaps such can be achieved with Inverted Conditions?

Zaarin | Creator of Coruscant Life SE
deviantArt | New Campaign Coming Soon
"But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me,
What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?

"Most forums derails into talking about memes. Here we derail into in-depth discussions about art. I like ours better."--jssf1992
Jedi Knight
posted 10-02-17 04:01 PM EDT (US)     8 / 27       
Yes, the inverse of Accumulate can do that.

"Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
Expanding Fronts Mod
Clone Trooper
(id: The Vampire Slayer)
posted 10-02-17 05:59 PM EDT (US)     9 / 27       
I wrote up a guide to some of the trigger concepts I'm using in my TPM campaign using the new EF conditions and effects. You can view it here. I'll add to it over time. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for other concepts, let me know. I'd like to make this a guide anyone can reference to add these kinds of trigger systems to their scenarios.

@)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
|| OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
|| ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||
Emissary of the Prophets
Clone Trooper
(id: Admiral Zaarin)
posted 10-02-17 07:02 PM EDT (US)     10 / 27       
The implications of these new triggers seriously blows my mind. You guys are awesome. So, who wants Coruscant Life Ultimate Edition? >_> Kidding, but I do have a mind to create something new...

Zaarin | Creator of Coruscant Life SE
deviantArt | New Campaign Coming Soon
"But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me,
What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?

"Most forums derails into talking about memes. Here we derail into in-depth discussions about art. I like ours better."--jssf1992
Clone Trooper
(id: The Vampire Slayer)
posted 10-03-17 06:13 AM EDT (US)     11 / 27       
Updated the guide with more concepts and added tons of notes to explain everything. Now includes:
1. Bacta Canister in Supply Crates Concept
2. Control Switch/Console for Gate/Door Concept
3. Difficulty Settings
4. Hero Weaken Concept
5. Personal Shield Item Concept
So, who wants Coruscant Life Ultimate Edition?
I'm interested in seeing what other people do with all this new EF editor stuff, so I'll play it if you did something!

@)₪₪₪₪ ŤΣVŮS ₪₪₪₪(@
|| OŢ .◊ ŤΡМ ◊. SLX ||
|| ŘĿŦŔ .◊ ŦŚŤĮ ◊. ĶǾŤ ||

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Clone Trooper
posted 12-01-17 12:47 PM EDT (US)     12 / 27       
Whatsup everyone!

TPG how you doing man

B e n d e r s . . . 2004

ex SWGBH scn designer
ex BFME2H cherub
THE Fake Bryl
SWGBH Downloads Admin
(id: The Real Bryl)
posted 12-20-17 10:01 AM EDT (US)     13 / 27       
Wow, great to see so many familiar names ITT. Gotta say Dallows/TVS, I am seriously impressed with your work in the editor and the whole mod in general. I always thought SWGB deserved an HD re-release in the same vein as AoK:HD - now it doesn't need one!

My question is, what has allowed you to tinker so extensively with the inner workings of the scenario editor? I would have thought most of these changes impossible without access to the game's source code. That goes for other changes too such as the ability to play the game in widescreen mode. I'm curious. Forgive my ignorance if this has been explained elsewhere.

The "Real" Bryl
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."
Jedi Knight
posted 12-20-17 01:42 PM EDT (US)     14 / 27       
They were impossible, but we've found somebody that was able to dig far enough into the code to make some magic happen; rva2895.

"Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
Expanding Fronts Mod
obiwan blue
Clone Trooper
posted 12-21-17 07:59 PM EDT (US)     15 / 27       
i was wondering how do you control both players like controling both sides.
Captain Keno
Clone Trooper
posted 12-22-17 04:14 AM EDT (US)     16 / 27       
They were impossible, but we've found somebody that was able to dig far enough into the code to make some magic happen; rva2895.
Wait a minute, You're saying rva was the one who managed to dig around far enough in the game's programming to make this whole concept possible!?

How did he even manage that?

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Jedi Knight
posted 01-03-18 01:26 PM EDT (US)     17 / 27       
The guide has been updated with the new content added in 1.2

"Rhys wins this thread." - Tsavong Lah | "Gen freakin wins." - Jon Rolos | "...Any mercenary force trained by you, Dallows, would be all kinds of awesome." - Flying Ace
Expanding Fronts Mod
Clone Trooper
posted 02-15-18 06:23 AM EDT (US)     18 / 27       
Fantastic work here!

I have been trying to understand the attack/armor classes. Using Change Unit Data, I managed to make a unit especially powerful against mech (SET Attack 6 20). The Attack bonus even displays in the unit's stats in game.
However I just can't make it work for other unit types. I tried (SET Attack 5 20) so this unit could be more powerful against Jedi, or (SET Attack 14 20) so this unit could be more powerful against Troopers... Absolutely no effect.
I checked, the unit is properly selected, the trigger is triggered, but 0 effect.

Could someone else try this? Am I completely missing something crucial about Armor mechanics?
posted 02-15-18 07:30 AM EDT (US)     19 / 27       
What base unit are you using? If it doesn't have a bonus vs the target class to begin with (even if said bonus is 0), the effect doesn't work.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Genie Converter - an AKX installer for modern times
Clone Trooper
posted 02-16-18 01:11 PM EDT (US)     20 / 27       
I was using one of the Federation Troopers Hero. Only managed to change OOM-9 attack against mechs in his war machine.

Thanks a lot! Now it makes sense!
obiwan blue
Clone Trooper
posted 07-23-18 01:46 PM EDT (US)     21 / 27       
Hey gen rey,s dallows how do you put new units in the genie editor.
Clone Trooper
posted 02-14-19 06:19 PM EDT (US)     22 / 27       
The "Unit variable" condition has two input fields for numbers, Quantity and Amount. While working on my last map I found by trial and error that setting Quantity to 1 and Amount to the intended value makes the trigger work as desired. Why is that? What is the purpose of Quantity?

The same conditions don't seem to be working well for ReloadCooldownPercent. ReloadCooldown works fine: when set to a value lower than an unit's reload time, it detects wheter the unit has fired. But as decimals can't be used in the input field, this limits its use to units with reload times larger than 1. ReloadCooldownPercent should fix this, but I haven't managed to replicate the effect of ReloadCooldown. With Amount set to a value between 1 and 99, it doesn't fire when the unit has shot. If the trigger is reversed, it fires by itself without the unit firing. I've tested other settings and they also failed. What am I doing wrong?
Clone Trooper
posted 02-15-19 03:52 PM EDT (US)     23 / 27       
Quantity defines how many units must meet the condition for the effect to fire.
ReloadCooldownPercent is broken and will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting the bug.
Clone Trooper
posted 03-03-19 01:49 PM EDT (US)     24 / 27       
Is it possible to turn another unit in a Jedi? I changed the Class of a bounty hunter hero (Greedo) with the editor but he can't convert the enemies: there is the button for the conversion but it doesn't work. Maybe I lost a step. Can anyone suggests to me how to do?
Clone Trooper
posted 03-03-19 05:06 PM EDT (US)     25 / 27       
You could try taking a Jedi unit and giving it Greedo's graphics and sound.
Clone Trooper
posted 03-07-19 07:49 PM EDT (US)     26 / 27       
I made it! Great idea. Thanks! Is there instead any possibility to give the heal ability to a Jedi unit?
Clone Trooper
posted 03-24-19 04:02 AM EDT (US)     27 / 27       
Can i transform a jedi/sith into an anti-air unit somehow?
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