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Topic Subject:Applying AI to Multiplayer Computers
Clone Trooper
posted 05-16-20 12:47 PM EDT (US)         
Hello all!

I created a gigantic scenario map involving a massive Imperial city that is surrounded by four "good guy" bases. The purpose is to play a multiplayer scenario game where the four "good guys" attempt to destroy the city (4 human players versus 1 computer player).

However, the units of the computer player will move away from the city and attack the other bases. I don't want this to happen, so I attempted to use an Idle AI. It works in all of my Singleplayer testing, but I can't figure out how to apply it to Multiplayer or if that is even possible. I've set the Imperial team's (Player 1's) personality to the Idle AI when I edit the scenario, but it doesn't work when I start the Multiplayer scenario game.

How can I apply an Idle AI to a computer player in a multiplayer scenario game if the only options for player slots are "Open", "Closed", and "Computer"? Is there a way to apply AI to multiplayer scenario games?
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