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Topic Subject:Resources/FAQ [Modding]
Blood Phoenix
Jedi Knight
posted 01-01-07 08:42 PM EDT (US)         

Welcome to all forummers, moderators and unusual-green-aliens alike. This new thread is a re-release with updates of the previous "Mod Central" and "Modding FAQ" threads. This thread contains all FAQs suggested by the community as well as useful resources to modders for use with their work.

Updates to this will be sparse as most of my time is spent either enjoying the luxury of RealLife(TM) or with other duties at HeavenGames, however I'll check back when I can to abide the wishes of the community.

The following are tutorials that are 'Recommended Reads' for any modder within the community. They cover a variety of areas in the discipline which a modder must master.

Modpack Editor Guide :- Wok
Rank Advised: Beginner
This guide discusses the basics of the 'Modpack Editor' tool. It is a very useful guide, although the images are no longer present. I recommend this to any new modder.

Advanced Modding Guide :- Wok
Rank Advised: Intermediate
A sequel to his previous guide, the guide covers the more advanced subjects included with modding. This is recommended for those who have an interest in studying further. Reading of Modpack Editor Guide is a pre-requisite.

MtM Guide One :- Blood Phoenix
Rank Advised: Beginner
This guide is similar to Woks original guide. It contains similar information but in a different process. The guide takes the user through the creation of their own mod, using the 'learn by doing' method with effect. I recommend this for new modders.

Civilisation Conversion Walk through :- Blood Phoenix
Rank Advised: Advanced
This guide takes the user through the method of creating a civilisation conversion. It is a simplified method, with based staging points of work. It is advised for anyone who is attempting a civilisation conversion, however this should not be undertaken lightly. Please only attempt a civilisation conversion if you are experienced enough to do so.

Genie Editing Guide :- Mace
Rank Advised: Beginner
This guide discusses the basics of the 'Genie Ed' tool. It is useful to anyone entering the world of genie creation/duplication/manipulation, however should only be read by such people. It does not have other benifits.

Graphical Genie Editing Guide :- Mace
Rank Advised: Intermediate
This guide covers use of the 'Genie Ed' tool, however delves into the graphic manipulation possibilities with the tool further. It is an excellent guide, however reading of Genie Editing Guide is a pre-requisite.

Below are links to recommended tools for a modders arsenal. Not all tools are neccessary for all tasks, however they come as recommended. These tools are user contributed and therefore may contain bugs or software issues - use at your own risk.

Mod Installer Advanced v2.0 :- Mace
This tool installs and uninstalls modifications from SWGB. It is greatly useful and is a requirement to run any type of modification. Useful for both designers and modders, both with individual benefits.

Mod Editor v0.8.0 :- Ykkrosh
This tool builds the .MPI files which are used in correlation with the 'Mod Installer'. It has the abillity to anchor units and setup project structures. A must have for any modder.

DRS Viewer 0.6.0 :- Ykkrosh/Kill_Spree
Allows the extraction of .SLP files from the .DRS files. It is used for viewing the game graphics which can be browsed frame-by-frame for animations. The latest version comes with a useful search function and SLP names.

GenieEd v1.0 :- Ykkrosh
This tool is the prime tool for genie editors. It allows more freedom than GenieEd v2.0 however is more unstable and harder to manage. This is advised only for experienced genie editors.

GenieEd v2.0 :- Ykkrosh
This tool is the simpler of the GenieEd tools. It allows editing in a drop-down system making it accessible for all levels of user. Advised for anyone who is interested in starting work with the Genie Editor.

Advanced Genie Editor 3 :- Keisari Tapsa
A much more extensive and refined version of the Genie Editor.


This section covers all the standard questions asked by forummers. If you have a question/answer that is missing from this database, feel free to post it here. In due course I may add it, but the chances are unlikely due to my schedule. Note: These questions/answers have not been updated since the last thread and may contain grammatical errors.

What does this Mod Editor do exactly?
Well, the Mod Editor is the main tool used in modding. It allows you to compile all the aspects of your mod into one, easy to install pack. A .mpi file. You can add a read me file, your graphics, sounds, icons, genie and more here, so its a great tool. The program was designed by Ykkrosh, a good old member of the community who most of you will never of heard of.

How do I get these mods to work after Ive actually installed them?
Once there installed, thats just it, no more work! They should appear in the campaign you downloaded them for, or in the scenario editor if you just downloaded them for fun. There really is no more work. They will have replace the unit that is said in the read me file.

Where should I put these .mpi Files?
It doesnt really matter, put them in a folder somewhere of your choice. I prefer to name my folder Download Modpacks for easy reference, but it doesnt really matter. Once you have them in a folder, just open them up in your mod installer and wham your ready to go.

How do you load a picture into 3Dmax and change it (like colour it or something)?
3ds Max is a 3d software, it is not designed for 2d editing. If you are wanting to do 2d editing, I would advise Photoshop or something similar. If you cant get a hold of these, you will have to use paint.

How do I extract the graphics into a mod?
1. use the drs viewer to find the .slp you want to extract.
2. extract it.
3. use the mod editor to view the .slp file.
4. convert it to a bitmap format by using the option provided.
5. then simply edit the bitmaps in paint or a similar software.

I made my mod with the latest mod editor. When I tried to install it, it said it was a corrupted mpi file and that I needed the most recent mod editor, How can I fix this?
There are many reasons why this may happen. Quite often you have not generated the data for your graphics, go back and generate the Data. Or it could be you did not include a word file for a read me.

With the mod editor, is there anyway to remove all mods without reinstalling the game?
Im afraid not, it is a problem with the mod editor which at this point in time can not be fixed. You will have to reinstall your game, make sure to back up your Scenarios and Campaigns first if you need to however.

What are some other programs I can use to mod?
There are many programs you can use to mod. Though there are only a few which are free. If youre willing to spend money, my best choice would be 3ds max which is a 3d software, or Photoshop a great 2d editor which is defiantly worth looking into. if not Gmax may be the best choice for you, or even wings 3d which is preferred by some.

Is there a way to change unit name's without using the resource hacker?
yes, there are other programs but in my opinion resource hacker is best. If youre a good scenario designer however you could always do it with that, but if your compiling it as a mod I would suggest to stick with resource hacker.

Can you use mods and AI files in multiplayer games?
Yes you can, as long as they do not have any genie editing included with them.

When you make mods of buildings or other things, sometimes they go off there spot, how do I fix that?
The building must not have been anchored correctly, this is quite easy to adjust. Go into your mod editor and change the anchor by selecting the center spot of your building when the graphics window is up.

I have seen on the tutorial page something about "poser" Where could I get it? and is it free?
Sadly no it is not free. But you can download the demos and buy poser at Curious Labs. I believe the most recent version is 6.

How do I edit some existing mods?
To edit existing mods are exactly the same as editing ones originally with the game. Just look for the slp number they replace. I advise checking for permission from the original author however before you edit and release a mod of someone elses work.

When I install my mod it makes all the text on the buttons in the game disappear I suspect that it is something with the dll change but I can't figure what. How do I fix it?
It will most likely be your language.dll file. It is probably not reading it correctly. I advise reverting back to your original language file and starting over, its not worth the hassle of fiddling with the messed up one.

How do you get my DRS files into the viewer for uh, viewing?
Click File, then Open, and select the correct DRS file (for graphics, you want GRAPHICS_x1.DRS or GRAPHICS.DRS depending if you have clone campaigns installed or not).

Do you know if there is any way to mod on a Macintosh (Apple Mac)?
Im afraid at this point in time its not possible due to the programs being designed around windows. However, it may become possible some time in the future. Who knows.

Is there any way to make a unit that shoots ground and air?
Im afraid Im not a big genie editor, I would advise asking someone such as Santhos or Mandalorian as they have a better knowledge to answer Genie questions than me.

Where can I get a program to modify the .slx files?
The Mod Editor is the only program that can edit .slx files (apart from a text/hex editor). To edit the actual bitmap files that the .slx ties in with you can use Paint, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, pretty much any 2d graphics editor. You can use paint to edit the frames, most other programs cost a lot of money sadly.

I have downloaded the mod editor but what program do I put it in?
The mod editor is a program, just double click on it to open it.

I want to extract an icon from a mod, but that icon doesn't appear in the DRS viewer. How do I get that icon?
Have a look again in your DRS file, if you cant find it your probably looking in the wrong one. Just have a double check.

Does anybody know where the graphics are for the terrain is?
Yes, the DRS file is located in the directory you installed your game, then Game\Data\terrain.drs .

Where Can you get Gmax?
It is a available for download at would also advise downloading the help files and tutorials as they can be extremely handy when you are starting out.

I have animated my character but how do I get the frames for it so it can go in the game?
You must render your frames. If that is not possible, print screen them. The button for print screening is normally located near Number Lock. Then simply paste into paint. Repeat this for each frame.

How do I uninstall mods?
Click the *remove last Mod* button on the right hand side of your Mod Installer. It should be located there.

How do I take a screenshot?
Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It is normally located near Number Lock. Press Ctrl-F12 to take a screenshot of the entire map. The screenshots will appear in the Screenshots folder which will be in the directory you installed your game into.

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frag dude
posted 01-02-07 09:50 AM EDT (US)     1 / 23       
coolio! do u mind if i get my clan to link to this?
Blood Phoenix
Jedi Knight
posted 01-02-07 09:54 AM EDT (US)     2 / 23       


coolio! do u mind if i get my clan to link to this?

Go ahead.

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THE Fake Bryl
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(id: The Real Bryl)
posted 01-02-07 10:07 AM EDT (US)     3 / 23       
Awesome. Now, get on MSN.

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Jon Rolos
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posted 01-06-07 10:21 PM EDT (US)     4 / 23       
Nice job BP.

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Crazed Ewok
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posted 01-08-07 12:41 PM EDT (US)     5 / 23       
Very nice. Stickied.

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cole 2111
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posted 01-22-07 07:53 PM EDT (US)     6 / 23       
whenever i try to remove mod packs that only change a unit not make a new 1 i get a thing saying there was an error removing the mod. Any help?
IND Master Chief
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posted 03-11-07 06:03 PM EDT (US)     7 / 23       
Bad link on GenieEd v2

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Independent Narrative Designs
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posted 03-11-07 09:04 PM EDT (US)     8 / 23       

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Clone Trooper
posted 05-22-07 06:16 PM EDT (US)     9 / 23       
A new (hopefully working) link to GenieEd v2.0

Clone Trooper
posted 05-30-07 08:57 AM EDT (US)     10 / 23       
nice! i can finally start modding
Clone Trooper
posted 07-13-07 02:38 PM EDT (US)     11 / 23       
Hey I've been noticing lately that a lot of mods are having issues with getting the correct game angle so I've found a pretty decent tutorial on how to set up a perfect Isometric camera in 3DS max (and it may work for gmax)


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Lazer X7
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posted 07-13-07 02:44 PM EDT (US)     12 / 23       
Very nice guide.

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posted 08-31-07 11:58 AM EDT (US)     13 / 23       
gmax is very hard i even can get the program work because that stupid registration code!
THE Fake Bryl
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(id: The Real Bryl)
posted 08-31-07 12:06 PM EDT (US)     14 / 23       
You just have to sign up on the site and they'll send you one.

EDIT: The tutorial Blackie linked to does work, but to view through the camera you must select it and go to Views > Match Camera to View.

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Clone Trooper
posted 10-28-07 03:54 AM EDT (US)     15 / 23       
The new link for Genied 2.0 still doesn't work. Does anyone have a working link?
Clone Trooper
posted 09-26-08 12:44 PM EDT (US)     16 / 23       
Its here, This is the most updated one I could find. It's an upgraded version of Ykkrosh's, With more features.


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posted 10-24-08 07:23 AM EDT (US)     17 / 23       
WELLST that was a year old question

Clone Trooper
posted 10-25-08 04:29 AM EDT (US)     18 / 23       
Questions should never remain unanswered.

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posted 05-02-09 05:29 PM EDT (US)     19 / 23       
"Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"

I got this while trying to use the Modinstalleradv

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Orrion Carn
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posted 10-30-09 10:27 PM EDT (US)     20 / 23       
Hey, mind adding this to the RecommendedRead section, Blood Phoenix?

Guide to setting up Mod Programs on Windows Vista

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Blood Phoenix
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posted 11-05-09 11:12 PM EDT (US)     21 / 23       
Sorry I haven't added any of your new links here guys- I wrote this when I was a global mod (meaning global HTML powers) but, now I'm just a regular angel, I can no longer update it without destroying the styling. Need to get one of the local moderators to add additional content now I'm afraid!

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Orrion Carn
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posted 11-05-09 11:15 PM EDT (US)     22 / 23       
Ah, understandable. I didn't know that was done in HTML, looked like regular BB Code.

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posted 11-06-09 12:39 PM EDT (US)     23 / 23       
We normal people aren't allowed to use the big font. Which is completely understandable. Imagine Moder_Alpha or wookieetrooper with the power of big font. Though you're probably too new to remember wookieetrooper...

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