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Topic Subject:Some corrections and coherence for EF
Clone Trooper
posted 03-12-20 04:15 PM EDT (US)         
IDK if it's fixed, but in original game:

- Gungan Transport Ship it's neither mechanical or biological, so it can't be healed/repaired. Maybe it have sense that they should be mechanical, although all gungan ships are biological, so healable

- Gungan Air Transport it's mechanical. It could be changed to biological, because other air are biological, and it seems that it's mostly an animal with little "accesories", like other air units. IDK about Gungan Air Cruiser.

- Technicians and Gungan Armour creature gives an % more hitpoints, instead of a fixed value. I think that the game doesn't use base values, and instead takes the current value (for example, researching Advanced Redesign modify the final value). So instead of caring what research first, make a fixed value based on the base unit.

- Wookiees and Confederacy Utility Trawlers are biological. They should be mechanical.

That are mostly coherence improvements, and no gameplay/balance/design at all (well, a little bit). Based on the SWGB wikia documentation work that I have done (mostly writting the Hidden Stats and summarising information and tech trees), I will post some gameplay/design suggestions in another post based on the game analysis, but I think that at least this should be checked.

Give me a message to see if this has been looked and changed. Cheers!

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