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Topic Subject:Starfield Construction for EF
Clone Trooper
posted 01-18-20 01:31 AM EDT (US)         
This is a huge suggestion that might be a little bit iffy for game balance, especially since it only really works for eight of the factions. For this reason, it would be optional for scenario balancing.

I've been wanting to see space construction in the game (in other words, buildings that can only be built in starfield "terrain"). This would have relatively simple mechanics with a profound effect on gameplay, taking inspiration from the game's water and navy mechanics.

Getting Started

When enabled, the player would choose one of eight compatible factions: Rebels, Empire, Consortium, Republic, Confederacy, Trade Federation, Resistance, or First Order. Custom scenarios with the system enabled could still feature all factions in an unbalanced story-oriented manner, but multiplayer and quick matches would be limited to these eight.

The mechanics would also enable these eight factions to engage in space-only battles with the Command Station taking the place of the Command Center as the starting structure.

Bomber units would gain the ability to attack capital ships as explained below. I'm not sure if there's a way to have capital ships in a unique category where units meant for land attacks could also attack them alongside proper AA units.

Expanding the Front into Space

A new unit would be available for production at the Command Center: the Utility Shuttle. Although the Utility Shuttle would be very expensive when initially produced, once a Command Station is constructed by the shuttle(s) in a starfield, the price drops significantly. The shuttles could perform Worker-like tasks, such as gathering resources and repairing buildings and aerial units.

The Command Station is the Command Center of space, able to produce the same Utility Shuttles and act as the shuttles' resource gathering point and upgrade research center. It can also perform Tech Level research, which is especially important for space-only battles. For self-defense, it fires turbolasers at enemy ships.

The shuttles can cunstruct Processing Satellites near resource deposits, serving the same function as the land resource processing centers, but with all resources dedicated to the same structure. They also double as Animal Nurseries, able to accommodate space creatures like Grallocs for food income.

For resource trading, a Starport can be constructed, providing Cargo Freighters and the same tech upgrades and exchange options as the Spaceport.

For defense, shuttles can build Laser Satellites; strong, slow-firing turrets capable of eliminating individual starfighters and Corvettes. It is vulnerable to Space Artillery and groups of Bombers.

Militarizing the stars, the first unit production building that the player will likely construct is the Starfighter Factory, able to produce all Airbase units except for Air Transports and research the same tech upgrades. In a combined surface-space battle, there isn't much use for this structure besides maybe an unexpected source of aircraft production against enemies.

Building in scales to rival land and sea battles, the next level up from the Starfighter Factory is the Capital Shipyard, able to produce Corvettes, Star Frigates, Space Artillery, and Star Cruisers.

Corvettes are the rapid-fire anti-starfighter workhorses of a fleet, able to eliminate whole squadrons. These ships are large enough for Bombers to attack them, but even then, they can hold their own against them. It quickly falls victim to Laser Satellites, Attackers, Star Frigates, and Star Cruisers.
Rebels: CR90 Corvette
Empire: Raider Corvette
Consortium: Crusader Gunship
Republic: Charger C70
Confederacy: Diamond Cruiser
Trade Federation: C-9979 Carrier
Resistance: Resistance Gunship
First Order: Oubliette Gunship

Star Frigates are the durable fire density of a fleet, able to engage almost any target with their turbolasers with decent effectiveness, but are especially powerful against Corvettes and Attackers. Bombers can make short work of Star Frigates, so it is wise to cover them with other units. Can garrison 2 starfighters.
Rebels: Nebulon-B
Empire: Carrack Cruiser
Consortium: Interceptor-IV
Republic: Arquitens Cruiser
Confederacy: Wavecrest Frigate
Trade Federation: Munifex Cruiser
Resistance: Vakbeor Frigate
First Order: Nebulon-K

Space Artillery excels at hitting space structures with turbolaser fire from afar, able to bombard Laser Satellites from beyond their reach and provide decently effective support fire against Star Frigates and Bombers while being able to cripple Star Cruisers. It can easily be outflanked and eliminated by Fighters and Corvettes.
Rebels: MC30c Frigate
Empire: Strike Cruiser
Consortium: Vengeance Frigate
Republic: Pelta Frigate
Confederacy: Modified Hardcell
Trade Federation: Lupus Missile Frigate
Resistance: Free Virgillia Bunkerbuster
First Order: FO Light Cruiser

Star Cruisers get in close and unleash hellfire with their heavy turbolasers on structures and Star Frigates while being able to take a pounding. They are very vulnerable to Bombers and Space Artillery. Can garrison 6 starfighters and repair them over time.
Rebels: Assault Frigate
Empire: Victory Star Destroyer
Consortium: Pirated Acclamator
Republic: Acclamator Cruiser
Confederacy: Munificent Frigate
Trade Federation: Captor Cruiser
Resistance: Nebulon-C
First Order: Maxima-A

Heavy Star Cruisers are a very uniquely-produced unit, being constructed by Utility Shuttles as a structure but being treated as a mobile unit upon completion. They are frighteningly powerful, their only real weakness being large groups of ships or Bombers attacking simultaneously. Being such high-profile ships, all players are alerted to their construction, similar to Monuments. Can garrison 10 starfighters and repair them over time.
Rebels: MC80 Cruiser
Empire: Imperial Star Destroyer
Consortium: Keldabe Battleship
Republic: Venator Star Destroyer
Confederacy: Providence Dreadnought
Trade Federation: Lucrehulk Battleship
Resistance: Resistance MC Cruiser
First Order: Resurgent Star Destroyer

--- Empire Star Cruisers and Heavy Star Cruisers fire faster
--- Rebel Corvettes and Space Artillery move faster
--- Consortium Space Artillery deals more damage per shot
--- Consortium Corvettes have better HP
--- Republic Space Artillery has better HP
--- Republic Heavy Star Cruisers repair garrisoned starfighters faster
--- Confederacy Star Cruisers deal more damage per shot
--- Confederacy Corvettes are cheaper
--- Trade Federation Corvettes can garrison 4 starfighters and repair them over time
--- Trade Federation Space Artillery fires missiles for better range
--- Resistance Corvettes are produced faster
--- Resistance Space Artillery fires faster
--- First Order Space Artillery can garrison 4 starfighters and repair them over time
--- First Order Heavy Star Cruisers have better HP

Advantage of Exploration

While the bulk of the fleets fight it out, it is wise to further explore what might not actually be dull, empty corners of the map. There's a chance you could come across some unexpected advantages to attain that much-needed edge over your opponent.

Merchant Space Docks are neutral, capturable structures that can provide unique unit production options at discounted prices, similar to the capturable Ewok and Tatooine land structures. Units include the IPV-1 Patrol Craft (a weaker but cheaper Corvette) and the R-41 Starchaser (a weaker but cheaper Fighter).

Debris Fields are another type of capturable structure that provide Nova to the controlling faction thanks to salvageable parts.

Asteroid Fields are entirely neutral objects that effectively create natural barriers in space, damaging anything larger than a Corvette that enters them.

Ion Nebulae are neutral objects that provide units within their radius with Stealth, but also reduce their Sight. These are ideal for ambush tactics or careful retreats.

Returning the Front to the Surface

In a battle with land and space development occurring simultaneously, space units could take part in the hectic skirmish over land and sea. These hulking starships can unleash withering barrages on the surface, with Corvettes shattering Air Cruisers and mowing down infantry, Star Frigates incinerating mechs, Star Cruisers melting heavy weapons, Space Artillery bombarding buildings, and Heavy Star Cruisers scorching the land itself.

However, even units as powerful as these quickly fall victim to their surface unit counterparts. They are all large enough for Cannons, Artillery, and Mechs to attack them. Mechs are best used against Corvettes and Space Artillery while Artillery, Cannons, and Air Cruisers are very powerful against Star Frigates and Star Cruisers. Coupled with the already powerful Anti-Air units available, no starship is invulnerable, not even the mammoth Heavy Star Cruisers.

On the flipside, units like Air Cruisers can be brought into the space fray as lighter fire support units. Regular Space Artillery would outmatch it in a one-on-one fight and it isn't nearly as good against Bombers, but it could still provide much-needed long-range fire against larger targets.


In conclusion, I have an overactive brain and thought this sounded cool. No idea if it's a practical suggestion at all.

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