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Topic Subject:Expanding Fronts Suggestions FAQ
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posted 11-20-19 06:33 AM EDT (US)         
Due to numerous suggestions that we get of similar substance, we've compiled a list of common suggestions and our responses to them:

UPDATED 3 April 2020

1. How about making a ____________ faction/civ?
Pretty much any Star Wars faction you can think of, we've thought of already. We have a list of about 20 candidates that we feel are even possibilities and many of them have rough drafts as to how they could play. As much as we'd like to go down the list of species and factions in Wookiepedia and include them all, there's an eventual limit to the number of factions that GB will allow us to add, and so we've prioritized the ones that make the most sense. Additionally, creating all the unique graphics for a faction is a lot of work that takes time; a lot of time. Unless we get help from many new artists, many of those factions will not be realized.

2. Can you make ___________ trainable in standard games?
Probably not without breaking game balance and giving unfair advantages to certain factions. Sure, it'd be cool to have Death Troopers and every TIE available for Empire, but what do Wookies, Naboo, or Gungans get? Even if we came up with something, would these units make sense gameplay wise? Probably not. There's also a limit to the amount of UI tiles you can use for any single building. If you really want to make an editor unit trainable, you can do so with a custom scenario using triggers. Have a look at our Enhanced Trigger Guide here.

3. How about using the ____________ game engine?
We may someday eventually switch over to an open source remake of the Genie engine, but any other engine just wouldn't be Galactic Battlegrounds anymore. Also, we're not going to remake the entire game's assets for a 3D engine.

4. How about giving each faction their own unique Jedi/Sith temple and unit graphics?
The Jedi/Sith/Nightsisters are not supposed to belong to each faction. You should think of the Jedi/Sith/Nightsister temples as their own franchise that you basically hire into service. So we're not going to add Gungan and Wookie Jedi units that spawn from old Naboo ruins and tree hut temples; that would be ridiculous. The basis we're using for adding new force users is only if the faction has their own established order (ex: Knights of Ren). Otherwise, new factions get the order more closely related to them between the Jedi and Sith, or if they are an underground faction (ex: Zann Consortium), they will get Nightsisters.

5. How about adding heroes to standard matches?
Not going to happen. Not every faction has heroes equivalent to Vader or Yoda. It wouldn't be fun to be stuck with Jar Jar or Poggle the Lesser. Sure, we could balance them out and make them cheaper, but then what's the point? A single unit rarely makes a difference in GB, and having a Jar Jar hero that only costs 10 nova isn't going to be any more effective at fighting the Vader or Yoda that's tearing your army apart.

6. Can you make a Definitive Edition version of the mod?

And finally, please keep in mind that we are a small team of modders with full time jobs, school, or other in-real-life obligations doing this for free. Some things are just beyond the scope of this project. Try to temper your expectations and keep your suggestions to realistic things, such as a unit you'd like to see in the editor, or a terrain type we never thought of, or a location for a Random Map script, etc.

Suggestions FAQ moved to Google Drive:

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