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Topic Subject:I've been developing a genie mod for years
Triden BR
Clone Trooper
posted 12-01-17 10:16 AM EDT (US)         
Hello SWGB Heaven community!
This is the first time I write here on what I believe is the biggest community of SWGB and CC expasion fans that still play the game today.

Well, as the title says I've been developing a genie mod for years...

First of all, I started playing SWGB as long as I can remember but actually started modding it with the Genie Editor for a few years. Did some changes here and there but nothing to submit to a community.
Years passed and all my experience with the Genie Editor was trial and error, test, scenario testing and singleplayer testing, hours and hours doing this until I submited the final and polished edition of what I call SWGB - Revisiting the Galaxy Mod on Feb 27, 2017.
It's a genie_x1 file that includes some mods that I believe are worth for a bigger project of making the game more dynamic, strategically bigger and still balanced, I can explain the whole idea later. It's available for download on a modding site that I believe is well known but still is not a SWGB community.

But I got only 4 comments of feedback since the release and got very disappointed, so I found this Forum.
I want to submit my genie_x1 here, with the changelog, all the changes I made to the game on a proper topic, where I can expect some feedback from users that still play the game!

Can you guys guide me?
I hope we can all immerse on a great SWGB experience!

*EDIT: Thanks for redirecting my topic whoever did that! I read the sticky topics on Modpacks Discussion. I'll soon submit my file in "modpacks" of the download session. Many thanks.

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