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Modpack Discussion
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Topic Subject:Modpack Discussion Forum (Intro, Rules)
Jedi Knight
posted 04-30-13 06:27 PM EDT (US)         
Welcome to the Modpack Discussion Forum. Here you can discuss modpacks with other like-minded individuals. Be sure you read the rules outlined below.

If you are looking for modpack-related articles, please visit the Modpacks page.

Basic Rules of the Modpack Discussion Forum

1. Mod Requests
Mod requests, or posting threads asking others to make mods for you, is no longer disallowed, but is still generally discouraged. There are a handful of guidelines to requesting a mod that you should follow:

A. Keep It Simple
There are a lot of processes that go into building mods. Even for a single unit, numerous hurdles must be tackled like 2D/3D art, lighting, shadows, icons, player coloring, transparencies, language, genie editing, and so on. The more complex of a mod you're looking for, the more time and effort it will take to build. Most people won't want to put forth that level of effort for somebody who just randomly asks for it. If you want to request a mod, the simpler of an item/unit you want, the more likely it is that somebody will be willing to construct it for you.

B. Be Involved, Show Your Work
Let's say you want a mod for a Campaign or Scenario you're building. Show us your work! People will be more likely to want to help if you present a project that interests them. They'll be much happier knowing that they're contributing to an active piece of work, rather than something that could never get finished - or in the worst case, never got started to begin with.

C. Be Prepared to Take 'No' for an Answer
There aren't many active users that have the knowledge to build a mod for you. Those that do are usually busy with their own projects and may not be able to spare the time to do extra work on your behalf.

2. Mod Ideas
"I have a cool idea. What if we made a mod of Mass Effect, or Star Trek, or Spiderman?" Sure, they may be great ideas, but if that's all you've got to show, there isn't much reason to back you. In most cases idea threads are just hidden requests. If you are seriously considering building a mod based on your idea(s), you are much more likely to find success if you present some actual work. Be it concept art, sprites, or models - anything to show that you're serious about your idea.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help!
Everybody starts somewhere, and everybody gets stuck occasionally. Asking for help is fine, and many people will gladly answer whatever questions you may have. Over the years, many users with many problems have passed through. Chances are, whatever issues you may be having have been previously resolved. Use the 'Search' feature located near the bottom of the forum to search for topics related to your issue. If you cannot find a solution, post your question! However, do try and keep the majority of your issues in the appropriate stickied threads.

4. Read The Stickied Threads!
The various threads at the top of the forum with 'Sticky' next to them contain important information to help new players with problems, and tools/resources used by modders.

Good luck, and have fun modding. We look forward to seeing your creations!

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