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Topic Subject:The League 1v1s
Clone Trooper
posted 03-28-16 04:47 PM EDT (US)         
So this is the sign up for 1v1 leagues its goinga to include everyone who wants to sign up for any division. No posts should be posted besides your name and what divsion your signing up for, the sign ups will last until the first league round of leagues finish on the 17th of April.

Again The leagues will consist of 3 levels. Low/ Medium/High High level will be from eg Brat/Liam down to tricky/rasp who are high in medium level and josh /vlad will count as highest in low level.

All Games to be recorded. Games to be checked if problem arises. Best game to be uploaded to twitch. Stream when you can.
All maps in play.
Best of 3. Win two you win.
3 points for winner
2 for draw with valid reason.
1 for loser
-1 for non taken up challenge.
After each month the top 3 will be promoted the bottom 2 will be demoted in each league.
Games can be played on any server. Voobly server should be unrated until we get them to pull fingers from anus.
Scores from all 2/3 games should be combined and posted here.
Play with good spirit and enjoy the change in pace.
The name you sign up with is the one you play with for all games.
Prizes are being looked at. Get the games rolling it be easier.

High Players Estimate 15- 20

Medium players est 20 - 25 IrishDrunk
17_Tada Binks

Low players est 20 - 25
Clipper Revan

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Clone Trooper
posted 04-02-16 01:55 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Buy_Skill won v me average score IrishDrunk = 1715
Buy_skill = 2730

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Clone Trooper
posted 04-02-16 08:11 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
In the 1v1's vs Tada;

Me: 1863, Tada: 1367

Me: 2253, Tada: 1726

In 1v1's vs KaMe;

Me: 2027, KaMe: 2548

Me: 4378, KaMe: 3259

Me: 1862, KaMe: 1494

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Clone Trooper
posted 04-04-16 01:17 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
1v1 v Buy_Skill
1st game IrishDrunk 2381 Buy_Skill 3078
2nd game IrishDrunk 3719 Buy_Skill 5829
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