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Topic Subject:SWGB Monthly resetting League.
Clone Trooper
posted 03-28-16 04:10 PM EDT (US)         
SO across numerous discussions and ideas about how to keep together the community that is already in place and to keep giving those players that show up quite often some more reasons to keep visiting and hopefully to expand into the new streams of players coming through steam/gog and on both platforms Voobly and GR.

So the basics of what the leagues will entail. There will be hopefully 8 league's for the start and expanding beyond that if their is sufficient interest and game play, that's up to all of you/us.

They are monthly. Then they are reset.
Scores etc may be kept if the resources become available.
The first 3 weeks are for the league games to be played.
Once at the end of Week 3 ie the 3rd Sunday all League positions are set.

So 1v1's of course are included, split into 3 levels. Just going to keep them basic for now with a High Level/Medium level and a Low Level. IE Brat/Liam/Rva/Unholy at top standard of high level, Frost/Tricky(just because he lost to peter)/SAB/Tada etc at top levels of the medium league and the likes of Josh/Vlad/TheRealAdam etc at the top of the lower league.In 1v1s The top 8 players from each league at the end of the 3 week league advance into a quarter finals. 1 will play 8, 2 will play 7 etc all to be played on the 4th weekend of each month with hopefully the finals on the 4th sunday.

2v2's there will be 2 formats and 2 leagues in each format.
Firstly standard 2v2 a high division and a low division. You pick whoever you want as your partner if they are from the same divsion. ie Brat and liam can partner etc and myself and josh could be teaming in the lower division. Who's in what division will be worked out based on who signs up to this format.

The next 2v2 format is master and apprentice. So A high level player will need to team with a medium/low leagued player. Think of a team name. The lower League will be a mix of Medium/Low league players.

The second last league format for now will be 3v3's again its a semi master/knight/apprentice style. We would ideally be looking for one high 1 medium and 1 low leagued players in each. However with the way the game is working numbers wise, instead its going to be 1 high 2 medium/2 high 1 low/ 1 high 1 med 1 low for now.

The format for all leagues will be.

Best of 3. eg if i win first 2 games, it wins best of 3
Each player can challenge every other once.
Ie i can challenge Tada, he can challenge me, but only once each.
Amount of Games and players you play and when you play them, is completely up to you so are the map's for now.
3 points for a win.
2 points if both sides agree, it should be drawn (must be with valid reason).
1 point for losing.
-1 Point for refusing a challenge by end of 3 weeks, no gain for challenger.
One name per person. Same for all leagues.
The top 8 players from each league advance into a quarter finals. 1 will play 8, 2 will play 7 etc all to be played on the 4th weekend of each month with hopefully the finals on the 4th sunday.

Once the weekend is finished 2 players or teams, will be upgraded to higher divsion and 2 will be relegated to the lower league. This will not be the case for the moment in the master/knight/padawan leagues. The 3rd last of higher league and the 3rd best in lower league will have a playoff at that stage working off the basis if your good enough in the lower league you should be up higher.If you or your team does not want to move up that is allowed.

All Games are recorded. The best of the 3 is uploaded for viewing on twitch, there is a specific channel will be organized though the hope is everyone will upload, what games they can separately.Every Effort to stream games should be made if possible. The finals will be streamed and as much attention drawn to them as we can, again a bit of that will be up to all of you/us.
Any info required

Play with good spirit and enjoy the change in pace.
The name you sign up with is the one you play with for all games.

The league will record for now Win/Draw/loss/ Score average. So all you need to do is go to the corresponding thread and post Who was playing, Who won and the Average score over the 3 games of each player. The loser should do this if that's not posssible the winner should.

And yes we are working on prizes for the winners of all leagues. Bare with us.

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Clone Trooper
posted 03-29-16 11:22 PM EDT (US)     1 / 11       
This is Vlad D Impailer. I'm in.
Clone Trooper
posted 03-31-16 08:14 AM EDT (US)     2 / 11       
You might
Post on the actual threads for the leagues you wish to take part in vlad please n1
Clone Trooper
posted 03-31-16 08:34 AM EDT (US)     3 / 11       
TaDa in. All leagues if possible.
Captain Keno
Clone Trooper
posted 03-31-16 02:34 PM EDT (US)     4 / 11       
Wait, did you register a twitch account for SWGB? I wanted to do something like that on a similar site for multiplayer purposes as well, but I didn't go through with it because I didn't think there were any online players.

Clone Trooper
posted 03-31-16 03:32 PM EDT (US)     5 / 11       
i did register it for Twitch and a few more yes, do you play voobly or gameranger or both? i find you need both sometimes for games other times either will do. What is your name? Are you playing too?
Clone Trooper
posted 03-31-16 04:07 PM EDT (US)     6 / 11       
Sign me up for everything please thanks sorry not sorry
Captain Keno
Clone Trooper
posted 03-31-16 04:20 PM EDT (US)     7 / 11       
Thanks for the info, but no unfortunately I am not configured for online/multiplayer gameplay. I would've loved to see how this goes, but I don't have the tech to get things started and even worse, I am still relying on a very old computer to keep my computer stuff together.
Clone Trooper
posted 04-01-16 04:52 AM EDT (US)     8 / 11       
This is Vlad D Impailer.
I'm in for 3v3, 2v2, 1v1.
Didn't realize Josh was alone in the 1v1 league

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Clone Trooper
posted 04-02-16 08:50 AM EDT (US)     9 / 11       
No hes not. i just haven't updated everything yet. 3 day session started ay my house on thursday and is still going. updating all list's now.
Clone Trooper
posted 04-02-16 01:18 PM EDT (US)     10 / 11       
Sign me up for all three leagues plx.
Captain Keno
Clone Trooper
posted 04-27-16 02:48 AM EDT (US)     11 / 11       
What happened? I haven't heard from you guys in a long time now. I haven't even seen you guys upload anything to the twitch account. Are you guys still active?
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