Garrisoning Buildings and Units by AoErat

Garrisoning is an important aspect of SWGB. Garrisoning means to place units in a building or another unit.

Garrison Icon
Garrison Icon (displayed above buildings)

I. Command Centers

The most important form of garrisoning is in your Command Center. When Workers are garrisoned in it, they will attack any enemies within their range. This is a perfect defense against early rushes. The most efficient way of garrisoning you Workers during an attack is to click on your Command Center, and click the Alert Beacon button (fourth row, third button). This will make all your Workers garrison in the closest building available. If attackers are nearby, they will attack. Garrisoned worker's attack is very high, and can kill almost everything, with the exception of units with very high hit-points or armor, such as Pummels and Assault Mechs. To send your workers back to work, click the Send Workers back to Work button in your Command Center. (third row, fourth button)

II. Towers & Fortresses

Units of any type can be garrisoned in the Fortress or Tower. Twenty (20) units fit in the Fortress, and five (5) in the Tower. Units are slowly automatically healed when in either of the two buildings. When the Alert Beacon is sounded, Workers will automatically head for these buildings.

III. Building Garrisons

The third method of garrisoning involves units being created. If you are low on room, do not want the enemy to see what you are training, or the enemy is killing each of your units as it is created, you can garrison your units into the building they are being trained in once they are created. To do this, click the building, and the right-click on it. This will set the building's waypoint on the building, thus allowing created units to be garrisoned directly into the building. You can garrison a maximun of ten (10) units directly into a building before they start being created next to it. To un-garrison units, select the building and press L or click the Ungarrison button. (fourth row, first button) Once units are un-garrisoned, they cannot be re-garrisoned. (with the exception of Workers)

IV. Transports

Garrison in TransportUnload button (fourth row, second button), and right-click where the units should be unloaded. The Transport will travel to the given location and unload the units.

V. Mechs

Garrison in MechYou can also garrison a unit in Mech Destroyers and Assault Mechs. Click on a unit, and the right-click on the Mech Destroyer or Assault Mech to do this. The usefulness of this function is not very high. However, you can carry slower, more expensive troops, such as Jedi into battle in a Mech Destroyer or Assault Mech which increases the function's usefulness a bit. Only one unit can be garrisoned at a time in a Mech Destroyer, but more can be garrisoned in an Assault Mech.

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